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Barton Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by musketeer1, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. musketeer1 New Member

    Dear All,

    As some of you may know, Barton Miniatures has seeming dissappeared off of the face of the figure industry for many years. We have not, as some have put it, been bought by a man in Hawaii in a shed who has send all of our moulds into a black-hole.

    Barton Miniatures was purchased off of James Barton many years ago by a company now called Kitney and Company. Kitney and Company are also the legal owners of a smaller scale miniature company called Battle Honours which many of you may also have heard of.

    Kitney and Company is a small family business which is mainly a manufacturing-silversmith business who make solid silver photograph frames. As a consequence the Barton Miniatures side of things has been put on the back-burner up until now.

    My name is Tom Kitney and I am the son of one of the owners of Kitney and Company, Christopher Kitney. I have grown up in the wargaming/miniature world and as such, that is my passion. Having seen what is on offer elsewhere, I have realised the quality of Barton Miniatures' 90mm white-metal models has been unavailable to the modelling community for too long.

    Therefore, as of this moment, Barton Miniatures will rise anew and reclaim its place as one of the premier manufacturers in this field. To do this I need your help. Please contact us using the contact details below to help me revive this company, without the orders this will be impossible. In the near future, we will also be realeasing a previously unseen range of 54mm white-metal models to help to expand our customer base.

    Please spread word of our return as word of mouth is some of the most powerful advertising we can have.

    Contact Kitney and Company (Barton Miniatures) on Tel: 01304 611 968

    Yours faithfully,

    Tom Kitney
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  2. DEL A Fixture

    Good to hear.
    On of my all time favourites is the 90mm figure of a Viking swinging his axe.
    The figure is beautifully balanced back on his heels, counterbalancing the weight and momentum of the blow being delivered.
    Look forward to seeing some images of range.
  3. Tommi A Fixture

    Is there or will there be a web link to your products?
  4. Mark S Guest

    This does sound good.
    And as Tommi says a link to some images would help to spread the word.
  5. Roc Active Member

    I have painted many Barton 90mm. miniatures. if your quality is as good as the originals, I will be ordering kits from you.
    Good luck with your venture, hope you do well.

  6. busso_boy New Member

    Tom, I have sent you a PM
  7. Guy A Fixture

    I hope to see you come up with a web-site where we who live too far away for a phone call can purchase these from you. I still have a few Barton's in my Gray Army collection. Outstanding quality which I hope you continue.
  8. Steve Well-Known Member


    Well Mr. Kitney, I think is safe to say you have added a ray of sunshine in an otherwise sad day in the miniature world. Barton was where it was at at one time and the return of the name is fantastic. Please provide us with something to order from and I trust you will be pleased with the results. I personally am looking forward to your 54's. --
  9. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    This is terrific news I still have one or two Barton 54mm figures in my grey army. I too hope that you develop a website, for those of us that don't live in the UK
  10. musketeer1 New Member

    Thankyou all very much for your enthusiasm.

    At this point in time the only order facility is over the phone, however we are developing a full colour catalogue and hopefully after that a website. Hopefully before a full website is set up, I will post all of the range on photobucket or something similar. When I have done this, I will post details in this thread as to how to find them.

    Yours sincerely,

    Tom Kitney
  11. IIICorps Active Member

    I am very pleased to hear of your intended return. I have collected Barton miniatures for years and the quality was always outstanding.

    Good luck.

  12. marios1 Active Member

    nam 1/35 figures

    Fine Musketeer1....i have various nam figures in 1/35 of your father old firm Barton miniatures.....do you ll realize also them again?I hope yes ,becouse they are very fine indeed.....do you have a list with pictures of your nam figures? Do You are located in usa or in england?Do you have an email address?Thanks Mario.
  13. godfather Member

    sounds really good!!
  14. godfather Member

    this is good news!
  15. godfather Member

    Good news looking forward to the releases.
  16. godfather Member

    this is good news.
  17. musketeer1 New Member

    New Pictures

    Hi everyone

    Once again thankyou all very much for your support for Barton Miniatures. I have taken some new picture of a small section of the range so far and they are in my gallery:

    Link: http://www.kitpic.com/ag.php?fid=2246&mid=588

    Please browse the gallery, and if anything takes your fancy feel free to call us on 01304 611 968. Unfortunately the factory is closing for a two week summer break as of today, but in a couple of weeks time we will be back up and running so please call us and order ;)!


    Tom K
  18. Monstie Member

    Barton Miniatures ..

    Good to see Barton miniatures are going to be produced again,a brave and welcome decision and good luck with your venture. All we have to do now is to encourage Ceremonial Studios and Almond Miniatures (or who ever has the moulds) to reproduce the range of figures again and boy will we figure painters have a superb choice of figures across all ages to pick from ..
  19. beford52 New Member

    I look forward to seeing these models produced again,especially Richard Almond's work and the Mounted figures.Are you thinking resin or metal again.Thanks for your time.
  20. musketeer1 New Member

    As a company we pride ourselves as producing high-quality white-metal figures, as a consequence all of our miniature are white-metal and we have no resin components in the range.


    Tom K

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