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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi folks ,
    After a chaotic couple of weeks I am back with a review ...more to follow!!!! .

    This time we will look at a new venture for Nuts Planet at least in scale and in their words:

    "We have tried to reduce the scale so that you could approach easily with lowered price of course".

    The release was announced here:

    The Box art here:

    The release:

    00.jpg 000a.jpg

    Looking at the subject as you can see we have a rather full bodied female barbarian warrior , even without seeing the box art it looks like it was inspired by the Red Sonja comic book character and with the artwork certainly seems so .

    Lets have a bit about this character , as well as the classic comic books from Marvel in 1973 she featured in a 1985 film bringing a new name to the cinema certain Miss Brigette Nielsen , along with Arnie of course . There are plans to remake the film more recently .


    a00aa.jpg a00a.jpg a000000.jpg a000.jpg a00.jpg

    Details of the release:

    Title: Barbarian

    Reference: NP-B030

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts:

    Sculptor: Jun-Sik Ahn

    Box Art: Myeong-Ha Hwang

    Presentation this time is something different instead of the blue cardboard box we have a very nice silvered metal tin with the resin packed solidly between really substantial foam layers.
    Nuts Barbarian 001.jpg

    On the top we have a colour label of the box art useful as a reference of course and when the model is painted the tin can be used to store those oh so vital modelling bits .

    Perhaps an addition of a colour card with more views of the box art might be considered for future releases .

    Parts consist of 3 pieces the main torso and sculpt , an axe, and a tusk/tooth, no separate base .

    Nuts Barbarian 003.jpg


    With so few parts what was the Prep like...

    Very little to do on the resin :

    Main sculpt...Remove casting excess from underneath

    Axe...Remove from former and fit into place when you wish to

    Tusk...Remove small plug of resin and fit into shoulder armour

    Continued in next post


  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets rumble with the resin

    Main Sculpt

    Consisting of the upper part of the body with the arms showing a little on either side cut just below the shoulder, the lower body is angled nicely reveling her female form to a very good effect as you will no doubt notice !!!

    Nuts Barbarian 002.jpg

    The face is looking slightly right and there are cutouts to fit the tusk on the left shoulder armour and one in the rear to fit the axe shaft .

    Beginning with the head , the hair itself a a really well detailed bit of sculpting cascading down in swirls and finishing on her shoulders with some strands sneaking into the depths of her cleavage with it being parted centrally on the top .

    Around the forehead we have a must have accessory ...a studded headband ...perhaps giving her super powers ...or maybe just holding her hair in place !!!

    The facial features are very female but strong in sculpting style , good eye work , cheek definition with the nose also being very good and the end slightly raised exposing the nostrils .

    Around the neck there is a cord with a precious stone hanging on the end , this sitting nicely at the centre of her cleavage .

    Draped over the shoulders is a fur cloak which displays excellent texture work , plenty of opportunity to do washes and effects

    On the right shoulder we have a couple of straps the cross one has teeth hanging on cords ...all very cleanly worked and sharply cast .

    Loving down the right arm a little there is a well detailed bracelet , good patterning and shapes , adding more interest to the piece.

    Nuts Barbarian 010.jpg

    On the left shoulder there is a great skull of one of her victims , packed with teeth , the skull itself is not of this world , lovely shaping on the piece , there is a cut out for the tusk to fit to , under thsi on the arm we have a couple of straps .

    Nuts Barbarian 004.jpg

    Moving down the torso we come to a couple of very well sculpted and totally in keeping with the character ..yes I am going to say it ...boobs...LOL this certainly is a bust sculpt !!! they are well rounded and "straining" a little in the armoured "bra" .

    Her bust area is partly covered by a armoured bra , the details on the individual plates are really sharply sculpted , excellent undercuts on every one .

    The underside is perfectly smooth , this also applies to the cast parts with no blemishes at all so credit to the casting of this piece.

    Nuts Barbarian 012.jpg

    The sculpting overall is well up to the standard and translates well into the smaller scale .

    Nuts Barbarian 008.jpg Nuts Barbarian 005.jpg Nuts Barbarian 006.jpg Nuts Barbarian 011.jpg
    Nuts Barbarian 007.jpg

    Now to the Axe

    This consists of the upper half of the shaft with the very large double axe head looking just as dangerous in resin , its a great shape and very much fantasy in style and suits the piece of the release well and is of course seen in some pictures of Red Sonja as above.

    The actual cutting edges on both sides are very well done with the axe itself being held in place by strapping ... criss crossing the head and securing off on the handle ....all of which is well done and cleanly edged

    Nuts Barbarian 013.jpg Nuts Barbarian 015.jpg Nuts Barbarian 014.jpg


    This is the smallest of the pieces and has had just as much care and attention in the sculpting carried out on it ...well textured , consisting of 5 sections leading to the point , fit is easy to do using the provided cutout on the shoulder skull

    Nuts Barbarian 017.jpg Nuts Barbarian 016.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it a rather full bodied young lady warrior well sculpted , minimal prep needed and in a nice presentation tin , casting is excellent and its in a new scale , plenty of details to get the brushwork going on .

    A fantasy piece where you can really enjoy the different challenges the materials present , fur, bone , female fleshwork , armoured ...plenty to give you a great bit of bench time .


    For more details on this and other releases from Nuts have a look at their website
    or follow on FB and here on PF
    Thanks to Nuts for the Review model and for you all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets have some pictures from Nuts Planet of both the unpainted resin and the box art ....ENJOY

    00000.jpg 000000a.jpg 0000a.jpg 000.jpg 0.jpg 0a.jpg

    Nap :)
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  4. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for the review Nap:).
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  5. REMOVED Guest

    Good review..but I can’t say the likeness is all that compelling.
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  6. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi guys


    Thanks for looking in always good to see you


    As in my review I said " Looking at the subject as you can see we have a rather full bodied female barbarian warrior , even without seeing the box art it looks like it was inspired by the Red Sonja comic book character and with the artwork certainly seems so "

    That's my thought looking at it for review not that t's actually meant to look RS

  7. Wayneb PlanetFigure Supporter

    Not too much into fantasy so for me this sculpt really doesn't have to look like anyone. It just looks like an excellent sculpt and one I might consider. Other than that it's another excellent review and good to see Nap come out of retirement.

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  8. REMOVED Guest

    Understood Nap, wasn’t a knock..more the challenge of depicting ..which may not apply here. I do think the slightly anime representation succeeds admirably. And a skilled painter will have lots to work with. It’s a brand I have bought and will continue to ..
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