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WIP Banovic strahinja

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Akritis, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Akritis Active Member

    My new creation is a Balkan (Serbian Hero) Banovic Strahinja...for those how have seen the film "ïl falcone" with Franco Nero.
    I made some research of cource to make his appearance more accurate than the film, and to give hime a Medival balkan air.
    There is of cource a lot of work to be done.

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  2. housecarl A Fixture

    Looks an impressive start.
  3. redhorse Active Member

    Great start, looking forward to more!
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  4. John Bowery A Fixture

    Great start,
  5. megroot A Fixture

    I follow this one closely and looking forward to your next post.

  6. Elaphus Active Member

    Absolut great start, i hope to see more !!!
  7. jenghiz Active Member

    I like the way you have framed the figures with the trees,what horse have you used?Ian
  8. milten2004 Active Member

    Well, when I saw "Banovic Strahinja" link on the Planet figure I could not believe !!! I do not have to say how much touched I am with a subject. This is one of 3 films that depicts Medieval Serbia. This one is made according very old folk song that existed in our oral tradition for generations. Will you make him with armor from the film or you will do some changes?
    He had a falcon and a dog also.
  9. milten2004 Active Member

    Me again:)
    I just check my private message box and I have found some very old from 2006 that we exchanged. You told me than that Banovic Strahinja is your next project. Princ Lazar comes after that and than something from the battle of Angora. I am waiting to see all this done. Kip a good work. The was a possibility for me to come to Athens model show a month ago but I did not due to a lack of money and nervous wife. I will try to come next year when this figure is finished.
  10. gordy Well-Known Member

    Fabulous George (y)
  11. Akritis Active Member

    Thanks for your comments my friends. Marc sure you going to see this at Amss 2012. Karsten thanks alot
    Djordje iam very happy to see that i have Serbian suport on this project. I will try to use the face from the film, but i did not like Franco Nero's armoure in the film. Very poor without modeling interest. The film is very accurate in clothing but i would like to make somithing impresive like the photos. Thanks to God there are many frescos from this period. I would like to add a falcon but if a find time to sculpt one because it is dificult to fint one is this scale (about 75-80mm). If i will find a dog that gould be very interesting. For the moment sculpturing his wife...(i canot speal her name).
    Prince Lazar is one future project in a viniete about battle of Kosovo... Serbian Medival Cavalary is of my favorit subjects. We hope to see you next year in Athens Show 2012 together with your figures and the works of other friends form Serbia..
  12. Akritis Active Member

    Strahinja Banović or Strahinjić Ban (Serbian: Бановић Страхиња) is the name of the unhistorical nobleman and knight depicted in the Serbian epic poem of the same title.
    As stated in the poem, Strahinja ruled a small feud in Kosovo prior to the Battle of Kosovo (1389). His wife Anđelija, daughter of noble Jug Bogdan gets kidnapped by Bashi-bazouk Vlah Alija after Turks ravaged absent Strahinja's castle. Strahinja asks Jug Bogdan if he and Anđelija's brothers (the Jugovići) could help him rescue her, but Jug Bogdan refuses, presuming that Anđelija had slept with the kidnapper, which is a great shame to the family. On his own, Strahinja seeks for Anđelija in the fictional Goleč mountain, where Vlah Alija is stationed. Strahinja finally finds them, but Anđelija openly betrays him for Vlah Alija. Strahinja slices Vlah Alija's throat with his teeth, as a wolf would kill a sheep and returns to his father-in-law's estate with his wife where her brothers wait to kill her. Strahinja steps in front and tells them that he had forgiven his wife.
    The greatest significance of the song is in the contrasts that arise between traditional and human: Representatives of traditional morality in the poem are members of the Jugović family (brothers and father of the abducted Andjelija), while Strahinja is a figure that goes beyond the limits of the laid down norms and relies only on his own humanity. Whether the addultery was intentionally committed or the woman was abducted and raped, the penalty for the adulteress has traditionally been the death. Banović Strahinja condemns the inhumanity and primitiveness of such understanding, and shows a deep knowledge of the human psyche seeing that his wife has betrayed him not because of the love of the kidnapperr, but out of fear for her own life, knowing the traditional punishment.
  13. milten2004 Active Member

    I think I have falcon with open wings in this scale somewhere...

    About her name: If you can say "Angel" in English you can say shorter version of her name spoken in the film - Andja. I know one Greek that can.
  14. Akritis Active Member

  15. milten2004 Active Member

  16. Marcel Active Member

    Great start George!

  17. Akritis Active Member

    The progres of the base. It was difficut , but i think the result is nice.

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  18. milten2004 Active Member

    Result is excellent. Solution with a base and plate with inscription is original.

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