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Review Bader + Cockpit from RP Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there resin rumblers ,

    RP models have established themselves in the last couple of years with many releases all using 3D sculpting focussing on extreme detailing and quality , the desire to do so is led by the owner Hugo Pereira who has had a particularly busy year in his military career as well as working to release to the market .

    This item was released at the new Euro Miniature Expo recently and those that went ( do go next year !!!) saw this and Hugo's amazing personality !!

    RP announced the release here and on FB


    The subject is of course Douglas Bader the pilot who fly both Spitfire and Hurricane planes , lost both legs as a result of aerobatics , got replacement ones and continued to fly during the Battle of Britain , eventually getting shot down .
    0 hurricane.jpg

    0 Spit.jpg

    [IMG] 0000000.jpg 00000.jpg 000.jpg 00000a.jpg 0000.jpg 00000000.jpg [IMG] 000a.jpg
    Some of his log book entries

    0.jpg 0 dunkirk.jpg 0.jpg

    .............and his medal group and ribbons

    00.jpg 00a.jpg

    Medals awarded :

    Distinguished Service Order and Bar
    Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar
    1939-1945 Star with clasp BATTLE OF BRITAIN
    Air Crew Europe Star with clasp ATLANTIC
    Defence Medal
    War Medal 1939-45 with Mention in Despatches
    Legion d'Honneur, Chevalier, badge
    Croix de Guerre 1939-1940 (France)

    He survived the war and went on to create the Douglas Bader Foundation helping those affected by limb loss and other disabilities , knighted as a result he went on to live till 1982 .

    His life story was imortalised in the film "Reach for the Sky" , Bader was played by actor Kenneth Moore.

    Books are available here are a few you might like to look at :

    0bbbbbb.jpg 0bbbb.jpg 0bbbbb.jpg 0bbb.jpg 0bb.jpg 0b.jpg
    The release is this :


    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    As we also have a Spitfire cockpit included in the release here are some references of this Mk 1


    Continued in next post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the release:

    Title: Doglas Bader , Spitfire Cockpit, WW2

    Series: War Machines

    Reference: RP-WM-001

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 30

    Sculpting: 3D techniques by RP sculptors

    Casting: RP Models Team (limited run)

    Box Art: N/A

    The release is the first in the new series called WAR MACHINES with more subjects planned covering many different materials .

    Bader 070.jpg

    On opening the good quality box we are greeted by a area packed to the brim with resin in bubble wrap and bags , there are a total of 30 resin parts of this 22 are the cockpit parts and the remaining 8 are the figure .
    Bader 001.jpg
    The figure consists of torso , lower legs , head, 2 arms , goggles , parachute .

    The cockpit consisting of sides ( one being the spars only to view inside ) the front and back pieces , seat , and the remainder being the instruments including gun sight and compass , pipes , the foot pedals etc and also the main seat belts .

    There is also a information sheet on the cockpit items and a set of instrument transfers
    Bader 071.jpg Bader 072.jpg Bader 073.jpg
    Prep/General comments
    • I suggest you be careful when opening the packages up as there are delicate cockpit parts on formers , there are casting blocks to remove and flashing to cut away from the pieces , there are small blocks to remove from the lower feet and the neck , the goggles and you will need to remove the harness from a former .
    • There is a casting line to remove on the arms and the inside of the legs themselves
    • On the review piece the lower part of the harness on the torso had broken off ( see parts picture ) this was easily repaired .
    • This is a big kit with a lot of resin to deal with before painting ...plan your build very carefully , I would suggest you obviously build the cockpit first then paint and then the figure fitting the full harness last .
    • This release is certainly a groundbreaking one and you do get a lot of parts for your money , one thing I have noticed is that there is no O2 mask included , although you could easily scratch build one , saying that if it was fitted the face would be covered .....you could have it hanging loose as it is rumoured that Bader liked to smoke his pipe in the cockpit when flying !!!!
    As we have so many cockpit parts you will be able to see them individually in the meantime here are the pilots :

    Bader 002.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the Figure first

    As I have a lot of pictures we will look at the main body parts less the head first

    Upper Torso

    Wearing the distinctive flying clothing as seen in pictures with the large collar our pilot is all strapped in , the clothing is very detailed from the buttons to the textures of the collar itself , good folds and creases are in place with the harness strapping again having the textures and stitching running up the middle , the release mechanism has the details on it , under the clothing at the neck we see the scarf he wore and this makes a nice bit of interest when painted

    Bader 003.jpg

    Bader 004.jpg Bader 005.jpg Bader 006.jpg Bader 007.jpg Bader 008.jpg Bader 009.jpg Bader 010.jpg
    Fit to the legs are very good with belts matching up well and no filler needed .


    These are cast together and fit to the torso well again the straps matching very nicely .

    The right leg is slightly out stretched with the trousers hanging open at the rear , the other foot is held back a little with the result being the opening is at the front .

    Again its all about TEXTURES , from the boots to the overalls to the belts , you have to handle the piece to fully appreciate these

    Bader 013.jpg Bader 011.jpg Bader 014.jpg Bader 012.jpg

    Bader 016.jpg Bader 015.jpg


    The arms are again well detailed from textures of the sleeves to the long gauntlet type gloves he wears , the left hand is positioned ready to fire the guns the other grips the controls .

    Bader 021.jpg Bader 022.jpg
    Bader 017.jpg Bader 018.jpg
    Bader 019.jpg Bader 020.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining figure parts


    Bader has been sculpted wearing the flying helmet of course as he is in action , as I said no O2 mask , the details on the helmet are really good the straps all pulling correctly , the earphones the correct type in shape , the helmet is held close to the face under the chin , on the helmet the outline of the goggles has been worked in ,again we have the texture of the leather itself .

    The face is one of a determined man looking straight ahead concentrating on the job in hand , features are good , particularly the eyes , the mouth is held shut tightly .

    As he is helmeted it could also easily be any WW2 pilot in my opinion and I would have perhaps liked the option of a bareheaded subject with his distinctive hairstyle allowing more visibility of the face , saying that quality is always evident on the supplied item.

    Bader 023.jpg Bader 024.jpg Bader 025.jpg Bader 026.jpg Bader 027.jpg Bader 028.jpg Bader 029.jpg


    These are held on a former so be careful taking them away , the lens are filled but you might wish to remove this and use a product like Kristal Klear to make the lens , or you could paint the lens effect if you prefer

    Bader 030.jpg Bader 031.jpg

    Parachute/ Belts

    On these parts we have them also on former's , both parts show good details the parachute surface is suitably rumpled up with the harness/strapping , again having textures and good buckle definition .

    Fit of both of these are simple to carry out thanks to the clever sculpting and casting .

    Bader 034.jpg Bader 033.jpg Bader 032.jpg

    Bader 053.jpg
    Bader 054.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the cockpit

    This is as I said a lot of parts and all are well cast , I salute the caster as there are some very complicated parts .

    The thought and skill needed in engineering such a project can only be imagined .

    Suffice to say the details are all there particularly impressive is the work on the dials and controls on the front bulkhead , everything is there and of course you have the transfers as well to use as well as the exploded diagram of where to locate the other parts .

    So without further ado ...lets have the pictures of the main resin parts !!


    Bader 036.jpg Bader 038.jpg
    Bader 035.jpg Bader 037.jpg Bader 039.jpg

    Front and rear bulkheads

    Bader 040.jpg Bader 042.jpg

    Bader 041.jpg

    Bader 043.jpg Bader 044.jpg


    Bader 045.jpg Bader 046.jpg

    Bader 047.jpg Bader 048.jpg

    Under supports

    Bader 050.jpg Bader 049.jpg Bader 069.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining pictures of cockpit parts;

    Including instruments such as compass and sight and pedals

    Bader 051.jpg Bader 055.jpg Bader 052.jpg

    Bader 068.jpg Bader 056.jpg Bader 066.jpg Bader 067.jpg Bader 064.jpg Bader 063.jpg Bader 062.jpg Bader 065.jpg Bader 061.jpg Bader 059.jpg Bader 058.jpg Bader 057.jpg Bader 060.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    This is a very brave release aiming not only at the figure modellers but also the aircraft guys , as in previous releases we have the RP QUALITY and this time also a engineering being very much considered both for casting and for the actual build , the 1st in a series ..we wonder what will be next and from what period ...worth waiting for !!!

    You will need to plan your build and paint but the end result will be a display to be proud of .

    Remember RP only cast a limited amount and sells to their distributors ( in UK this includes SK Miniature who RP were next to at Euro)

    A lot of work for all the RP team and also for this review and the guys should be applauded for the end result...something for a new market place .


    Special thanks to you all for looking in and to RP for the review model...looking forward to the next one

    For more information on this and future work and release have a look at the website as well as following on FB and of course look out for posts on this forum.

    Website: www.rpmodels.pt
    E Mail: sales@rpmodels.pt
    FB: www.facebook.com/RPmodels
    0aa.jpg 0aaa.jpg

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  8. megroot A Fixture

    It's breath taking.
    Saw this amazing figure at Euro.

  9. Sgt. Red Active Member

    Beautiful figure.
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  10. garyhiggins A Fixture

    What gets me is that you can even see the texture of the material. Of his flying suit. Really great reviiew Nap, and all I can say to Hugo is WOW (y)(n)(y)(y).

    Best wishes, Gary.
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  11. Perseas Well-Known Member

    Excellent and detailed review (as always) for an 1/10 amazing project !
    Congratulations to RP Models!!!
    Waiting for the box art.
    Thank you Nap!!!
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  12. mark31 New Member

    thanks for the revieuw imlooking forward to see that one in real life.

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  13. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello my GOOD FRIEND Kevin

    Congratulations for The excellent review... This was a tremendous project... It was a real challenge. When Its The first time that You do something like this, Its very difficult, because everthing is new... Many times we have to start again, and to telling The truth, sometimes passed in my mind give up of this and put inside of table... But The truth dont talk of people that give up... And like someone says... "The only easy day was yesterday"...

    For RP and for me, Douglas Bader isnt just a pilot... Its a symbol... If a men want something with very strenght, Its possible get it... We want, we can, we got it...

    Thank You só much... And there are more cockpits and airplanes details coming... Stuka, Lancaster, B17 gun tail is coming, and ww1 bomber will arrive too... Lol... Lol... What a cruise projects... Lol... Lol...

    Thank You só much.
    Big ugg and take care
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  14. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Gary

    Thank You só much for your kind words. Its was a project that belong to us... To all that participate and help us in this tremendous task...

    Thank You só much Sir.
    With best regards
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  15. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Perseas

    I just want let You my special Thanks to your kind words...

    Thank You Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
  16. valiant A Fixture

    Stunning work and an unusual subject. This will make for an eye catching piece. I think the dials would benefit from drilling out, decals applied to plastic card discs and blobs of Micro clear for the lenses - I think it would give depth, IMO. Lovely piece(y)
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  17. Sgt. Red Active Member

  18. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Red

    It will be a surprise... lol... lol...

    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
  19. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
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  20. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Saw this at Euro - simply superb. It just needs an aircraft to go around it!

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