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Award winning Figure painting commissions

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by Chris Kelm, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Chris Kelm Active Member

    I was just wounding if there are figure painters who would do award winning commissions for people who can't paint figures?
    Reason,I ask is that I have a friend who loves figures but just don't have the knowledge or the patience to do them. He is looking to hire figure painter(s) to do his figures that he has.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.
  2. megroot A Fixture

    Well I call that competition forgery if he is putting those figures into contest.
    I know somebody who also do this, never touched a brush, but he is calling himself a master.:D

    I really hope nobody is doing that for him.

  3. pgarri27 Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of artists that paint toy soldiers on commission. Some paint stock figures, some sculpt figures from scratch. For painters whose work receives gold metals, the price range is very varied, and your friend would have to contact the artist. Did Marc misunderstand your question? These artists would not allow your friend to enter their work in competition in his name. He could enter the artist's work in their name and receive the medal.
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  4. John Long Active Member

    Chris, there are lots of award winning artists who do commissions. Your friend might be well served to attend a show and pick out a display he likes and reach out to the exhibitor. Your friend might also find something he likes already completed and in the exhibit hall.
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  5. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    I get the impression that his friend is a collector who only wants to purchase from artists who are willing to sell figures that have won awards. This ensures the quality of the work upfront. No where does Chris mention that his friend wants to enter them into contests. As mentioned above, lots of figure painters sell their work. His friend will have to factor in material costs, labour, shipping etc. but I suspect he already realizes that. ;)

    Gary D
  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    "I was just wounding if there are figure painters who would do award winning commissions for people who can't paint figures?"

    Chris could have been clearer in the way he worded it, but like Gary I also took this to mean "figures painted to a very high standard" (i.e. by the top guys in the hobby who regularly win medals at shows). I don't see any chicanery at play here. At least I'd hope there isn't.

    - Steve
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  7. Alex Long A Fixture

    I paint figures for commission Chris. I am a full time painter with Gold medals at Euro Militaire and multiple other competitions. I am also a boxart painter for a number of manufactures. Please PM me if you are interested, I can send pictures of my recent work if you like.
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  8. Chris Kelm Active Member

    OK everyone!
    Now as I said my friend is looking to hire an artist to paint figure(s) for him,and for you mark NO he is not going to put the artist figure(s) in a contest. He is unable to do so because of his disability and all he wants is to collect these works of art. Like I said in my first posting he just don't have the patience or the knowledge to do figures. He is a good friend of mine as well as a fellow veteran.I'm just trying to help him out with this problem he is having.
    That is all.
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  9. Jay-BFG Active Member

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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Chris

    All credit to you for trying to help your friend out , a collector of course who appreciates the highest quality painting .

    Would be great to see his collection of pieces if he is happy to share them

    As for painters Mr Long ! .......Alex a very talented artist and certainly his work would be of the highest standard ...and he's a blooming nice guy as well!! ..lol

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  11. Richie A Fixture


    Hi Chris,
    I know Alex and have seen some of his work, your friend would be in good hands here, a superb artist.
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