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Review Austro hungarian Uhlan from Vice 75

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 30, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    Following on from my look at the first bust release from Vice 75 here:


    They have now released a 2nd in the series which I will look at here

    Vice 75 Lancer 001.jpg

    There is also a 75mm full figure which was announced here:


    The piece comes with a choice of 2 heads the soft cap and the czpska

    Plenty of opportunity to paint up as different regts based on the facings

    Lets have some reference pictures

    XPIC.jpg XAAAAAAAAA.jpg XAAA.jpg xxxxxx.jpg


    xzzz.jpg x.jpg xx.jpg xxx.jpg xxxx.jpg xxxxx.jpg XAAAAAAAA.jpg


    M95 Carbine
    xaaaaaa.jpg xaaaaa.jpg xaaaa.jpg Distinctive Steyr pouches

    Here are a few books to look at as well :

    xbook1.jpg XBOOK.jpg xbook2.jpg

    x book.jpg 0000000.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the release and the resin

    Details of the release

    Title: Austro-Hungarian Uhlan Trooper WW1


    No of Parts: 12

    Scale: 1/16th

    Casting: In house

    Box Artwork: LASZLO GYORGY

    As the scale was small this is a large box but still a lot of care was taken in the packing as you can see ,surrounded by bubble wrap in the central , the box is thin card type . it looks professional and its certainly eye catching from the outside

    Vice 75 Lancer 001.jpg zzzzz.jpg

    Parts were themselves contained in a plastic bag consisting of the torso , 2 arms , 2 heads , 2 headwear , carbine, small strap, pouches , the lance cap top and the Horsehair falling plume ,

    Vice 75 Lancer 002.jpg

    On the box the piece is on a different base , the buxt comes with a cast on one


    Torso: Clean away the casting remnant from the base itself and sand edges ..or cut this off and drill to take a brass rod, slight sanding of the cast on base
    Arms: Remove from former and fit to torso ...no filler needed
    Head: As with the arms
    Helmet: Remove your chosen headwear from formers and asseble the helmet by adding the top and the falling plume
    Carbine: Remove from former and fit into place at the rear ( for some reason the carbine does not show on the box art , add the carbine strap on the left shoulder joining the weapon itself

    General comments

    • As before the resin is very smoothly cast
    • Arms separate , both have resin cast in different directions so fitting is easy to the correct side ...nice thought to include
    • Facial features are the same on both heads
    • Good to have the 2 headwear option as well
    Lets look at the resin


    This is a pleasing piece of resin to look at , wearing a belt which has accurate cutouts to fit the pouches into , buttons are well formed with creases in pace , not overdone which I like , the rifle strap pulls into the torso

    At the rear the sheepskin/wool collar is lifted slightly to fit the rifle strap into , this collar is nicely textured

    The edging of the coat is well defined , making painting easy

    On the underside there is a cast on base ...for me I will remove and fit a brass rod....purely my preference

    Vice 75 Lancer 008.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 003.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 004.jpg

    Vice 75 Lancer 007.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 006.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 005.jpg


    Not cast onto the torso but easy to fit into place with the different direction , as with the torso the folds are good , no filler is needed

    Vice 75 Lancer 015.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 016.jpg


    2 available both have the same features , these are strongly defined with sharp features , a very nicely presented moustache this and the hair is textured , really nice features , the head fits well into the torso

    Vice 75 Lancer 010.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 011.jpg
    Vice 75 Lancer 009.jpg


    2 choices both are really good , the helmet will I am sure prove popular , it shows a nice doucle headed eagle on the front with the chin scales tied up above the peak again nicely detailed

    The soft cap is the correct shaping ( this was in fact the same as the infantry peaked version but obviously without the peak !!! )

    The undersides of both are smoothly cast and fitting well onto the head

    Vice 75 Lancer 013.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 012.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 014.jpg


    Vice 75 Lancer 018.jpg Vice 75 Lancer 017.jpg

    The plume is well styled to fit onto the helmet with ease as is the squared top piece

    The small belt fitment has the attachment point clip well sculpted the same goes for the distinctive angled pouches ...good to see these cast together making fitting easy


    Certainly a well detailed piece where painting will bring these out well , fitting in sinple by positioning into the depression at the rear of the torso

    Vice 75 Lancer 019.jpg

    Final thoughts

    A nice addition to the range and fitting in well with the Dragoon , very colourful uniforms , sculpting is good and despite the smaller scale presents a interesting piece to display

    I would still like to see a larger bust scale as well as 1/16th

    Vice 75 are a new company but are providing good releases , well sculpted and cast and I recomned you bookmark them

    Lets have a couple of pictures from Vice 75 showing the artwork from LASZLO GYORGY

    ZXX.jpg ZXXXXX.jpg ZX.jpg

    Thanks to 0000000.jpg for the review piece

    To order this and other and future releases go to:

    Website: http://www.vice75.com

    or via: www.sbsmodel.com.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vice75miniatures

    Email : contact@vice75.com

    Thanks for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    As ever mate, a very nice review.
    I can see me doing this one.
  4. Banjer Well-Known Member

    Good review.
    Personally I find 1/16th too small for a bust and too large for a figure.
    Nicely sculpted though.


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