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Review Austro-Hungarian Hussar Officer WWI from Vice 75

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi one and all

    Time to get back to my keyboard and share what I have here to look at , this time we will continue with another AustroHungarian subject release from VICE 75 in the mini bust series ( there are also 75mm full figures available)

    Here are the links to my previous reviews




    Details of the release

    For those that don't know Vice75 are company based in Hungary with a PF member Gergo_Vice75 , the yellow square above being his and the company's avatar

    Release details

    Title: Austro Hungarian Hussar ( Oberleutnant (Főhadnagy) of k.u.k. Husarenregiment "Graf Nádasdy“ Nr. 9 )


    No of Parts: 9

    Scale: 1/16th

    Casting: In house

    Box Artwork: László György


    As you can see ... wearing the full dress headwear ,there is also a 2nd version option wearing the covered shako

    hUSSAR 2.jpg

    HUSSAR 1.jpg

    The review item was sent without a box as this was not available but I can safely say packaging will be the same as previous releases , well packed and with a full colour image as above on the lid of the box


    Here is a picture from site of the box lid H.jpg

    This is a high level packing with contents wrapped well and a distinct box as well ...so easily seen !!

    One thing to note is that there are lots of references on the website including this excellent one


    Here's a couple from me :


    HU.jpg HU1.jpg hu5.jpg



    Some books to look at ...all really good referenece's of course

    2 Books that are without doubt a must to get hold of if your interest is this


    Some more that are very good as well

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]


    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the resin

    General comments
    • Resin is of a high quality very smooth and no blemishes or air bubbles
    • Definition of the lacework across the body are sharply worked as is the details on the full dress cap
    • Very good folds and creases
    • Casting quality is really good
    • Perhaps Vice 75 could look at the way they position the casting posts
    • No casting lines
    • Formers to remove from head and cap ( these will need careful removal due to the peak )
    • The cap needs the plume and raquettes added
    • Arms need adding , I would prefer these cast on
    • There is a large round base cast on this puts the torso at a strange angle in my mind ...personally having seen all the bust releases I would prefer I would removed as most will use a brass rod
    Lets look at the pieces which consist of torso, head, 2 arms, 2 headwear options and plume ands raquettes ( 2 are provided ..1 is needed )

    Vice Hussar 001.jpg


    The hussar wears the M1892 attila , the details on the cording , olives and the rounds across the chest is really very good , and no miscasting , for such a scale the accuracy is very sharp and this will make painting easier for sure

    The standup collar has the rank of a oberleutnant (1st Lt) consisting of 2 stars , looking under my optivisor these are very nicely sculpted , the actual neck area is ready to take the head with ease , a cut out is provided matching the neck underside

    The accurate cording design continues on the rear and on the collar

    The left shoulder has the twin corded epaulette , very cleanly done

    You can see the angle of the casting if you leave the resin base on ...as I said I not keen on it , but everyone to their choice

    Vice Hussar 007.jpg Vice Hussar 002.jpg Vice Hussar 005.jpg

    Vice Hussar 004.jpg Vice Hussar 008.jpg Vice Hussar 003.jpg
    Vice Hussar 006.jpg


    Separately cast ..I would prefer cast on but as with previous releases easy to fit into place by using the formed location area's

    Natural folds matching those on the torso

    Vice Hussar 009.jpg Vice Hussar 010.jpg


    Vice Hussar 014.jpg Vice Hussar 013.jpg Vice Hussar 011.jpg

    Scale features are good , nice eye definition and easy to get at for painting , sporting a moustache with the nose above having the nostrils well worked , same applies to the ears , nicely shaped

    Note Regt numbers are worn on the eagle crest which we see in this case is #9

    The upper forehead is angled to take the peak of the headwear

    Hair is textured

    Headwear and accessory's

    A choice of 2 , full dress and the covered version , the shako was known as the "kommode" , covered in a oilskin

    The details on the shako plate and the rank bands is really good and easily seen , making painting even more of a pleasure , on the right side a cutout to take the raquettes , nice touch is the resin has been cast with indents to fit into

    The cords are sitting well onto the shako

    The plume is positioned into the top via a tiny hole

    Applying to both the peak is good but be careful removing the former underneath

    The covered version is very smooth on the surface with the cockade at the top

    The plume is separate , good texture, and he cockade is detailed as well ...I would pin this piece into place

    The small raquettes are easy to position onto the right of shako ...nice thought to provide a spare

    Vice Hussar 021.jpg Vice Hussar 019.jpg

    Vice Hussar 022.jpg Vice Hussar 020.jpg

    Vice Hussar 023.jpg Vice Hussar 024.jpg

    Vice Hussar 015.jpg Vice Hussar 017.jpg

    Vice Hussar 016.jpg Vice Hussar 018.jpg

    There we have it ...# 4 so far in the series I hope to share the 5th !!!

    Final Thoughts

    A very flamboyant subject , casting is well up there in quality , not keen on the way its cast resulting in more prep than needed, perhaps Vize75 could look at this .

    The subject provides a colourful addition

    This is a piece I recommend ...remember all 1/16th releases are available in full 75mm figure

    Personally I would love to see 1/12th series in bust releases as well

    Its a big (y) from me [IMG]

    Thanks to Vice75 for the review piece

    To order this and other and future releases go to:

    Website: http://www.vice75.com

    or via: www.sbsmodel.com.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vice75miniatures

    Email : contact@vice75.com

    Thanks for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Just to finish this look off some pics from the website of the piece and the artwork from the talented ....ENJOY

    Vice hus art2.jpg

    Vice Hus art 1.jpg


    H10.jpg H9.jpg
    H1.jpg H2.jpg H3.jpg H4.jpg H5.jpg H6.jpg H7.jpg H8.jpg

    Happy benchtime

  4. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    Ordering from Gergo in Budapest is very easy, always excellent communication, delivery to the UK takes about 2 weeks.

    But worth noting that El Greco Miniatures are stocking these in the UK, under the name of Zone Models.
  5. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Another on my list, thank you for the review.
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