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Review Austro-Hungarian General WW I. Vol.I. k.u. Honvéd General Alexander Freiherr Szurmay

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone,

    Following on from my previous look at mini busts released alongside 75mm figures from


    links here :



    In this review I will look at the 3rd release ( there is also a Austro-Hungarian Hussar which I will look at very soon also )

    we are looking at this:

    v general.jpg

    The subject is a General namely Alexander SZURMAY

    You can also see the full figure version here:

    For those that don't know Vice75 are company based in Hungary with a PF member Gergo_Vice75 , the yellow square above being his and the company's avatar

    Onto the release and the resin

    Details of the release

    Title: Austro-Hungarian General WW I. Vol.I. k.u. Honvéd General Alexander Freiherr Szurmay


    No of Parts: 3

    Scale: 1/16th

    Casting: In house

    Box Artwork: László György

    Interesting to see this is "Vol 1" ...WILL WE SEE MORE GENERALS ??

    As with previous releases I have seen the resin was held in clear bags and wrapped carefully in bubble wrap , sellotaped up and then in a good cardboard box with the distinctive yellow wording and a colour picture on the top ( which you can see earlier )

    Vice Gen 002.jpg Vice Gen 003.jpg Vice Gen 001.jpg

    The model depicts the general in the long coat of high quality secured at the neck wearing the peaked cap of a general officer ( I will put some references at the end of this review )

    Parts consist of just 3 , torso , head and cap

    Vice Gen 004.jpg

    General comments
    • Resin is of a high quality very smooth and no blemishes or air bubbles
    • Definition of the collar details are sharply worked
    • Very good folds and creases
    • Casting quality is really good
    • No casting lines to deal with
    • Formers to remove from head and cap ....easy to get to
    • Large former on the torso which will need a bit more work to remove
    • There is a large round base (?) cast on ...personally I would remove and use a brass rod
    lets look at the pieces


    Wearing as I said the long greatcoat buttoned fully across , at the neck there is a toggle securing the coat fully together ...this small detail distinctive of the coats could easily have been left off but accuracy is so important for Vice 75

    The edging is lined as are the seams on the shoulders , sleeves and down the rear middle, these are well defined

    Collar detail of the gold lacework and one of his stars of rank show on each side of his uniform underneath the main coat collar ...on this we have the shaped tab ...all are sharp

    Its good to see the arms actually cast onto the torso ...something I prefer to see rather than separate

    The arms are angled well in line with the torso lower edge

    The neck area is spotless , well done ready to receive the head

    Vice Gen 005.jpg Vice Gen 008.jpg

    The dot on the rear is infact a tiny piece of putty from my bench and no actually in the cast

    Vice Gen 010.jpg Vice Gen 006.jpg
    Vice Gen 009.jpg Vice Gen 007.jpg


    Despite the scale being small the features of the face are very good and IMO he certainly looks like the actual man , lovely details work on the ears , cheek bones and eyes are all well shown

    He has a moustache sitting fully in position textured finely after looking through my optivisor

    The head is cut ready to take the cap , slightly rounded as is the lower neck area

    Vice Gen 015.jpg Vice Gen 011.jpg
    Vice Gen 014.jpg Vice Gen 013.jpg
    Vice Gen 012.jpg Vice Gen 016.jpg


    First thing to say is this is a great bit of casting with the peak being well shaped and undamaged after casting ...and in scale in thickness

    2 version in colour were in use you can see these in the references ...a simple , plain cap , high in form with the details on the front being good , running along the cap at the front a strap again lovely detail on the buckle and buttons

    Fit is cleanly done with the cap cast to take the slightly rounded head accurately

    Vice Gen 022.jpg Vice Gen 020.jpg Vice Gen 018.jpg

    Vice Gen 021.jpg Vice Gen 019.jpg

    There you have it release #3 from Vice 75 in the 1/16th

    Final Thoughts

    Despite the plain looking uniform , this paints up well , full of charcter and a really good likeness , its a great period of history with colourful and interesting uniforms being worn echoing a past century and a very impressive army of Austro-Hungarian uniform

    Casting is excellent and this is a piece I highly recommend as well as the full figure ...remember all 1/16th releases are available in full 75mm figure

    Personally I would love to see a piece full of awards and decorations as well showing off the uniform colour as well and for a 1/12th series in bust releases as well

    I am working on all these pieces and will share them all together

    Its a big (y) from me zx.jpg

    Thanks to Vice75 for the review piece

    To order this and other and future releases go to:

    Website: http://www.vice75.com

    or via: www.sbsmodel.com.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vice75miniatures

    Email : contact@vice75.com

    Thanks for looking in

    Happy benchtime


  2. Nap A Fixture

    As promised references

    2 Books that are without doubt a must to get hold of if your interest is this


    Some more that are very good as well

    [IMG] x.jpg [IMG]


    xx.jpg x.jpg

    Some images of the bust from Vice75


    Happy benchtime

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  3. clrsgt A Fixture

    Excellent review as always Nap. I have completed two of the 75mm figures and could not agree more with your comments about casting quality. The fit of the parts is also excellent. I look forward to more releases from this company.

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