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Review Austrian-Hungarian Dragoon from Vice75

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Always nice to see a new company come to light especially when they release a bust from a often neglected army and period ...this being the Austro-Hunagrian in the early days of WW1

    The subject was first announced here as a full figure in 75mm by both Martin Rohmann and then later in the same thread as a bust by Vice75 themsleves

    Vice75 are a new company based in Hungary with a PF member Gergo_Vice75 , this being his and the company's avatar

    vice Logo.jpg

    In the early days of WW1 Austro-Hungary were still wearing the colourful uniforms , all very bright and distinctly not a good idea for the conflict

    Our subject depicts a Dragoon Officer in such a uniform


    Vice dragoon art b.jpg

    I am going to use the excellent references posted by Martin in the 75mm announcement ...so a BIG THANK YOU to him

    Here are a few books the first I heartily recommend its packed full of original uniforms

    v1aa.jpg v1.jpg v1a.jpg
    v1aaaa.jpg zaz.jpg

    Some uniform pictures

    Vice Dragoon1.jpg Vice Dragoon 1a.jpg v1aaaaaaa.jpg v1aaa.jpg v1aaaaaaaa.jpg zaz.jpg

    One showing the medals being worn on the bust itself ( Thanks Martin )

    Vice Dragoon 2.jpg

    The officers helmet

    Vice Dragoon.jpg ZAAAAAA.jpg ZA.jpg ZAAA.jpg ZAAAA.jpg ZAA.jpg

    Later the helmets were painted a gray colour as can be seen here in this period picture shows


    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the release and the resin

    Details of the release

    Title: Austro-Hungarian Dragoon Officer WW1


    No of Parts: 5

    Scale: 1/16th

    Casting: In house

    Box Artwork: Oliver Kovacs

    After a simple purchase process , delivery was very quick and well packed into a transit packing ...surviving even the British PO !!!

    On opening the package I was greeted by a very brightly decorated black box with yellow details on it , on the lid of the box was a very clear full colour picture of the painted version by Oliver

    As the scale was small this is a large box but still a lot of care was taken in the packing as you can see ,surrounded by bubble wrap in the central , the box is thin card type . it looks professional

    Vice 75 dragoon 001.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 002.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 003.jpg

    Parts were themselves contained in a plastic bag consisting of the torso , head , helmet and 2 half arms

    The boxart shows a tall base in use but as you will see a small base was cast to the torso

    Vice 75 dragoon 004.jpg


    Torso: Clean away the casting remnant from the base itself and sand edges ..or cut this off and drill to take a brass rod
    Arms: Remove from former and fit to torso ...no filler needed
    Head: As with the arms
    Helmet: Carefully remove former from helmet comb

    General comments

    • The arms being separate was a surprise as I was expecting them cast to the torso but no matter
    • Resin is very smoothly cast
    • The head has a cut out in neck matching a lug in the torso neck area
    • Care will be needed when dealing with the helmet
    Lets look at the resin


    Wearing the 2 medals as in the references , these are despite the smaller scale very nicely sculpted with good definition

    There is no pouchbelt sculpted on but you could easily add one if wished

    At the collar there are on either side the rank stars of a Lt, on the left shoulder there is the double cord , both of these are sharply worked

    The material has soft and natural folds with the buttons pulling the material at the location , the rear has the seams of the jacket

    The collar itself is the high rise type angled at the front to reveal the underneath shirt

    Vice 75 dragoon 005.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 008.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 006.jpg

    Vice 75 dragoon 009.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 010.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 007.jpg


    Separate as I said , easy to fit into place ...make sure you get them the right way !!!, as with the torso the folds are good , no filler is needed

    Vice 75 dragoon 012.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 013.jpg


    A nice sculpt with a serious face on him , despite the smaller scale access to the eyes is good , he has quite a full nose , mouth shut above this a moustache of which this has good surface detail , the same goes for the hair .

    On the underside of the neck we have a cutout that matches with the locating lug in the collar itself

    Vice 75 dragoon 015.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 017.jpg
    Vice 75 dragoon 014.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 016.jpg


    This was the thing that attracted me initially to the bust so I was expecting a lot ..even in 1/16th !!! ...was I happy...certainly was , the details are really very good indeed , the lions on each side , the double headed eagle, the details on the chin straps...spot on

    You will need to VERY CAREFULLY remove the casting post

    Vice 75 dragoon 022.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 019.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 020.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 021.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 024.jpg Vice 75 dragoon 018.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    A nice first bust release from Vize75 , a lot of packing for a small scale but it keeps the resin safe , its a good subject , with you taking the time prepping you will have a really nice piece for the display cabinet

    I might suggest that a larger scale ie: 1/12th would be even better
    A good introduction to our hobby from them

    Thanks to Vize75 for the quick shipping and updates on my order

    To order this and other and future releases go to:

    Website: http://www.vice75.com

    or via: www.sbsmodel.com.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vice75miniatures

    Email : contact@vice75.com

    Thanks for looking in

    Happy benchtime

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Some details and pictures from the Vize 75 website

    Quote "Our figure is based on a picture of Dragoner regiment Erzherzog Joseph No.15 but can be painted in any of the 15 Dragoon regiment member by changing the facing colour of collar and cuffs, and the buttons.

    Further reading of the uniforms: Verlag Militaria - Stefan Rest (Editor) The Emperor’s Coat in the First World War

    The helmet was black the eagle and decoration were brass, but can be painted to pike grey entirely as from the outbreak of the war the shiny bright looking helmets were overpainted for better camouflage." UnQuote

    zaaaaaa.jpg za.jpg zaa.jpg zaaa.jpg zaaaaa.jpg


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  4. Gary_81 Active Member

    Nice review Nap and a interesting subject. The scale reminds me a bit of the old Nemrod busts, a nice start from a new company.

  5. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Great review! I'm definitely going to have to add this to my collection.
  6. grasshopper A Fixture

    I believe the maker is affiliated with SBS that makes aircraft kits..and resin upgrades..and some 1/35 lines..the bodi? Anyway the aircraft kits are good, but likewise have large casting gates to remove..nice stuff..but if the aircraft line is anything to go by, wear your breathing mask, sand wet..there will be lost of dust..I’ve enjoyed the kits tho...
  7. Nap A Fixture


    Hi there

    You are correct Vice75 are affiliated with SBS and The Bodi ( I put the SBS website details on the review )

    Hi Gary

    It is a interesting subject and the same size as the Nemrod busts

    You should do ...look forward to seeing your version

    Happy benchtime one and all


    PS Link to another members SBS ..references there as well ! https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/imperial-guard-chasseur-or-not.202899/
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