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WIP Critique Australian SAS Vietnam, Bravo 6, 1/35th scale

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by tonydawe, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi guys,

    This is the best photo I have of this little gem of a figure from Bravo 6 that arrived at my place last Friday afternoon. I only wish it was a larger scale - 1/35th is too small for my eyes to cope with. I'll try to take some better pics tonight.

    I've spent most of the weekend painting this little guy and unfortunately the photo doesn't do him any justice.

    The pants are painted in US ERDL pattern, while the shirt is South Vietnamese Tiger Stripe cam pattern (John Wayne Style). I have a plan for a base that involves lots of jungle vegetation. I intend to give this figure to my mate Chris, who is ex-SAS and helped me with the research on the camoflague patterns on the clothing. IMG_0459.JPG
  2. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Tony, very nice figure, the quality of the pic don't let it appreciate the neat details that i am sure are there.
    Maybe try a different size ?
    Best regards
  3. tomifune A Fixture

    You got that much done since last Friday??.....nice work. I'm sure the Vet is thrilled by it.
  4. Gellso A Fixture

    Very nice mate.
  5. kempie Member

    Love the subdued camouflage patterns. Hope I can do half as well when I get around to mine.

    Cheers, kempie
  6. StefanBerlin Active Member

    Hi Tony,

    very nice Figure at all. Good work with the cammo of the Equipment, realy SAS style in Vietnam. The sling for the M60 is a very nice feature and good Detail often forgotten. Your work at the special Australian M60 ammunition "bandoleer"(cut off air mattress) is also great done with nice shading. Also the boots looks realy worn and dirty. I never have seen a Tropical Combat Jacket with tiger stripe pattern. I think in this case it represents a localy made Vietnamese Version ;-). The mix match of these camoflague patterns is a nice touch and looks great.

    I love your older work at the big scale naked Army SASR Figure a lot too. The Bravo-6 ones in this scale would be awsome but i think very expensive too.


    Stefan (y)
  7. tonydawe A Fixture

    Thanks Marquismini, I'll try to take a few more pics tonight and see if I can get the figure in focus.

    Thanks Tomifune, yes a pretty quick paint job and a lot of late night hours spent listening to Led Zep. I know Chris will love the figure once it's finished.

    Cheers Gells.

    G'day Kempie, thanks for your comments mate. I look forward to seeing your version one day.

    Hi Stefan, thanks very much for your comments. Yes, the tiger stripe pattern shirt would have been a locally made South Vietnamese version, not standard issue equipment. SAS were renowed by scrounging gear from wherever and from whomever they could beg, borrow or steal it from. Thery were also allowed to personalise their equipment and took camoflague and concealment very seriously. The Viet Cong called the Australian SAS "the phantoms of the jungle" for their ability to move undetected.

    This little figure is so small when compared to the 1/6th scale Naked Army figure, and yet both are challenging in different ways. This figure is hard to paint because the details are so small and precise, and yet you can get away with so much. With the large scale figure you have to paint absolutely everything in minute details because everything is visible.
  8. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi guys,

    As promised, I've taken some more pics of this little bloke, and hopefully these ones are in focus and a little sharper.

    Hopefully now you can see some of the little details I've added, such as every fifth round of ammunition in the belt of link painted with a red tip to indicate a tracer round, and the intricate details of the ERDL and tiger stripe cam patterns.

    Attached Files:

  9. NickM Well-Known Member

    Was great to see this little guy up close at the club last night, Tony.
    You managed to cram so much detail into this tiny figure. Awesome job, mate.
    tonydawe likes this.
  10. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Really well done Tony,
    The Camo' combo works nicely for him.
    tonydawe likes this.
  11. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Nick, thanks for your comments mate. Looking forward to catching up again next week.

    Thanks Keith, I did try to make the camo stand out, which is why I chose two contrasting patterns. Unfortunately once you weather it, camo has a tendency to look rather fuzzy and indistinct, which is precisely what it is supposed to do. Glad you like him.
    Wings5797 likes this.
  12. Jeff T A Fixture

    Nice work Tony!...he looks great.

    Yeah mate, I've got a couple of these figures and they are awesome, but like you I'm having trouble with doing figs in this scale these days.I wish Vladi, (I think I have his name right), would do them in 120mm, thay would be fantastic!

  13. plasticbattle Member

    Hi Tony. Great job on the camo. They look perfect. The bullet belt appears to look somewhat light ... should it not hang more, to indicate weight? :cool:
  14. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Always good to see your work,
    and liking how you freely give your efforts away to those who served (y)

  15. specmod Active Member

    Nice work Tony, looks good, see what happens when you work on the big stuff, lol, you go blind, lol

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