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Australian Bren Gunner/Pacific WW2

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by John Belcher, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. John Belcher A Fixture

    Hi guys,i have been painting one of ozmods latest releases.The figure is of an Australian Bren gunner in the pacific in world war 2.it is a 120mm resin kit.The figure was sculpted by Phil Walden.Phil has given the figure alot of character and the choice of two different heads which gives the modeller a totally different look with each.I have been painting the figure in vallejo acrylics.Still in the process of painting as you can see by the photos.Hope you like him so far.


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  2. dArtagnan A Fixture

    Excellent paintjob, John! Very nice indeed!
    I love everything about him!
  3. tonydawe A Fixture

    G'day John,

    Great to see your latest WIP pics of this excellent figure. I really like the fine hairs on the forearms. The face is very expressive. I really like the trickles of sweat running down his face.

    Just wondering if the way he's holding the barrel of the Bren Gun is practical and comfortable. It doesn't look very balanced. A Bren Gun is bloody heavy and carrying it like this would be extremely painful on his shoulder after a short period.

    If you haven't already glued the gun in place, could I suggest you move it forward a bit to give it more balance.
  4. Guy A Fixture

    I can only echo what Tony has said. Beautiful work John!
  5. JasonB A Fixture

    A very nice figure of a subject thats under done in this scale for sure. I agree with the Bren, it should be moved forward a bit for better balance. If I were doing it, I would turn the Bren around and have him holding on to the butt end. As its is, all of the heaviest parts are hanging way off the back, and would likely just slide off the shoulder. An easy change it appears.Good stuff and well done.This guy is definitely not a happy camper!
  6. 1969 A Fixture

    The painting so far is very nice and convincing for this enviroment, i love the fact you have painted hairs on the arms which are very realistic.
    I totally agree with Tony reference the Bren being carried in this manner it would put a massive strain on his left arm as that is where all the effort is being applied by pulling againgst all that rear counter balance, to look natural the bren should rest on the shoulder around the area of the magazine and carrying handle.

    look forward to seeing more of this figure.

  7. megroot A Fixture

    Good work so far.
    I echo Tony and Steven about carrying the Bren. If you can, correct it. Then it looks more natural.

  8. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    What a great paintjob! Love it. The figure is very well sculpted as well, the balance, or rather the off balance is brilliant. Also really like the curves that are sculpted into the piece.
  9. John Belcher A Fixture

    Hi Guys,many thanks for the positive feed back.I totally agree with the Bren gun.I ment to say that I dont have the Bren in the right position yet.:eek:It just seems to balance there for the photos.Have to do some more painting on the Bren and will post some more pictures then.Good to see that there are some good keen eyes out there.

    Regards to all,John
  10. John Bowery A Fixture

    This looks really good.
  11. amcairns A Fixture

    He,s coming along nicely.Like the facial and arm painting especially the sweat.
  12. PHIL WALDEN Member

    Morning gentlemen,..
    John,..mate hes looking just as he should,not happy, as Anders said off balance out of sorts, the Bren Gun, as we talked on the phone, turn the weapon upright and slide it forward couple of mill,so as the forward site is in between thumb and first finger and the legs rest on his shoulder,perhaps removing the mag would even up the balance...l was fortunate in having a little inside help from an old digger,he work a Bren through the entire war, allways took off the mag while just moving up into the line,a loaded mag was very heavy,..quote "shove the bloody thing up your A####%% if it made things easier " a real top old bloke....
    It may not be the done thing for this figure brother....once again great stuff cob...

  13. unknown01 New Member

    Great figure and amazing painting.
    I liked it very much.
    I congratulate completion.

  14. YongA01 Active Member

    Hey John

    Masterpiece..like the face expecially the weary look and the sweat... also the hairy hand.
    Well done

  15. Maki Active Member

    Great painting of a wonderful figure... Perhaps Ozmod would consider adding the photos of your finished figure as Bren Gunner box-art photos. This painted masterpiece would definitely help sell even more of Phil's wonderful figures.

  16. sirhogr Member

    Awesome paintjob, John!
  17. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi John,

    I like it very much, you do a fine job with him.
  18. Ernest A Fixture

    Looks so great, this guy is very tired...

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