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Auguste Piccard first Astronauts FNRS1

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by gpldsl, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. gpldsl Active Member

    This is the first 1:10 scale miniature of the explorer, scientist, physicist
    and cosmonaut Auguste Piccard (28. January 1884 – 24. March 1962).
    Auguste Antoine Piccard is acknowledged by NASA as the first astronauts
    to have crossed the stratosphere aboard a pressurized capsule.
    NAme was FNRS1
    He invented the spherical gondola to study ionized states,
    cosmic rays and radioactivity in the atmosphere.
    It was constructed in 1930 and after several ascents,
    with his twin brother Jean by his side, in 1932 Auguste Piccard rose
    to an altitude of more than 16.000 m. Auguste is also
    well-known for building not only the first bathyscaphe,
    but his second vessel, nicknamed Trieste,
    reached the deepest known point on the Earth's surface.

    This is a 12-piece model in unpainted resin. scale 1/10

    Auguste piccard foto testa busto.JPG
  2. gpldsl Active Member

    other photos:
    Auguste piccard foto testa particolare viso.JPG Auguste piccard foto testa cesto.JPG Auguste piccard foto testa vista laterale.JPG Auguste piccard foto testa busto senza casco.JPG Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-10382,_Prof._Auguste_Piccard_mit_Forschungsballon.jpg particolare strumenti.png
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  3. Len K. Active Member

    Not sure why, but I find this very cool. The painting is awesome.
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  4. gpldsl Active Member

    thank you...well is part of the story of science in this world, we can fly in stratosphere for this guy, Star Trek captain piccard comes from him..as Tintin professor... :)
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  5. Gary_81 Active Member

    This really has to be one of the most charming models I have seen. When I first saw the pictures my mind instantly went to Tintin, I absolutely love what you have done great work.

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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Incredible story

    Sone nice releases being shown from this company

    The headwear is really intriguing as well ....definately something to add much interest to a display

    Thanks for sharing

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  7. gpldsl Active Member

    thank you at all...the "helmet" has a strange story....we are in the middle between 1° and 2° War world, and Germany didn't allow him to pass airspace with that stratospheric baloon...they request aviators suits. Piccard was in trouble, was impossible to increse weight with aviator suits...and so the genius comes... he decided to use his basket as aviator helmets...then the story was that FNRS1 arrived on Swiss mountains but....they found a way to jump German's rules...
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  8. gpldsl Active Member

    thank you...we are trying to "jump" the classical military figures and we are trying to giving an overview to all that people that change world in a "different way"...many rifles and sword in modellisms...we are pushing knowledge and heroes... :) (we are not against military be clear, just something of different ;) )
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  9. franck edet A Fixture

    it's something that i think of very often, humanity have always been turned on developing weapons to kill each other ... rather than to find a way of growing to another level. Actually my thought is that we, as a species, have progressed but not evolved !
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  10. gpldsl Active Member

    well sometimes behind weapons there is in anycase Science related knowledges, regarding Auguste Piccard technically he was "paid" to develop a new way to flight above stratosphere, from his knowledges the modern airplaine was born....
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  11. Reality in Miniature Member


    Excellent subject choice! Interesting both historically and visually. And yes, a very refreshing change from military subjects.

    There is a wealth of non-military heroic subjects yet to be addressed. Carry on!

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  12. Ferris A Fixture

    I immediately thought “steampunk”, but then it turned out to be historical!

    Very original piece. Like the subtle painting as well.

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  13. gpldsl Active Member

    thnak you Tom we have already about 5-6 different subject almost ready....you will see some super strange and 100% REAL subject that nobody knows, but their invention are used all day...stay tuned... ;)
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  14. gpldsl Active Member

    100% original that guy was totally a MAD professor! :) Schermata 2019-06-17 alle 10.56.44.png
  15. Oda A Fixture

    Is there a Nicola Tesla coming our way????Your new line is innovative,refreshing and brilliant in every possible way.I am more inclined to have a go at the 1/35 vignette as I prefer my figures with legs and because I like the Strato Gondola.
    Speaking of great inventors that changed the world,does Leo Fender apply for membership;)?

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  16. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    Can someone provide me with link as to where I can purchsse this bust?
    and please, let it not be fleabay or farcebook, please
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  17. Henkm Active Member

  18. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

  19. gpldsl Active Member

    yes Tesla, Gabriele D'annunzio, Jesse Owens, Tipputi are just some names that are incoming, we already draws sketch,and we are applying physionomical shape....just takes time because we don't use just photos to made them, Usually i start with a story, trying t read books about them , taking more infos, looking into archivies, and after these i am coming to pruduce it..i am a scientist so my aim is too strictly...i know i am super crazy but it is how it works...sorry :)
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  20. gpldsl Active Member

    www.scientificmodels.shop, but you can write also here i can help you in some way...thank you at all for your comments... :)
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