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[Aug 3, 2012] Artist Prrservation Show Aug 3-5 2012 (Fredericksburg, VA)

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by IronMike, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. IronMike A Fixture

    The Artist Preservation Group will be hosting it's 2012 model, miniature, and art show
    Aug 3 (7pm) - Aug 5 (11am) at the Hospitaility House in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We'll have awards, auction, vendors, a seminar by Anders Heintz, and guest speaker Mr Frank O'Reilly Historian from the National Park Service. Mr O'Reilly will also be conducting a tour of the Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville Battlefields from 8-5 on Friday Aug 3rd. The tour will be conducted by bus and you must preregister for the tour. Cost is $10 plus the cost (TBD) of the bag lunch. The APG will also host a tour of the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico Sunday afteroon at 1pm. No registration is required.

    The origimal Terms of Surrender Document written by Gen Grant to Gen Lee at Appomattox will also be on display Sat 11-4.

    For more info go to http://www.artistpreservationgroup.com/2012-APG-Show.html or contact Chairman David Oswalt at oswalt2310@comcast.net
  2. Wigdog Active Member

    Should be a great show!
  3. moore Active Member

    The deadline is getting close to get your reservations in
    for the show. July 19th.

    We will of course have a APG table and it will have items from
    the APG "Store" so you can pick up anything you see on the
    website store. Also, please remember, you can become a member
    of the APG for $25.00 a year. Membership forms will be at the table.
    If you want to order anything from the 'store' and have it held for
    pick up, let Mike know and he will put is aside.

    If anyone has any questions, please post.

    We are on the home stretch and the show will be here in no time.

    I will be back on this thread to note things about the show.

    I will tell you this, it would be a great place to bring the family,
    while your at the show there is a lot to see and do, AND there
    is a ton of shopping around the hotel. it's pretty much walking
    distance and there are restaurants around the hotel also.

    Hope to see everyone there.

  4. moore Active Member

  5. moore Active Member

    Just a reminder that this will be the first APG show with awards.
    We will have the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Certificates.

    We will also have a few specialty awards, so get painting and
    maybe one of the specialty awards will be yours.
    We have:

    Michael Roberts Ltd. Award
    For the most creative use of a Michael Roberts kit or accessories
    $50.00 M.R. gift certificate.

    The Campaign Award
    Sponsored by Kevin Dunne
    For the best depiction of ACW soldiers "on campaign"
    A professionally matted and framed print of Greg DiFranco's watercolor
    of 3 members of Wheat's Tigers

    The Lone Star Spirit Award
    Sponsored by the Lone Star Miniature Society

    Best Napoleonic Award
    A framed Giclcee by Keith Rocco titled : French Artillerist
    Sponsored by Lloyd Passafume
    (picture of this print is on the APG website)

    Best SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Award
    A painted figure titled Dark Ivory donated by Lloyd Passafume
    (picture of this figure/award is on the APG website.

    The APG Certificates of Merit Awards
    Sponsored by the Long Island Historical Miniature Collectors Society

    This is on the APG website but thought I would post it here for you.

  6. moore Active Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Want to remind everyone that we have a lot of things going on
    at the show. will just post the schedule and just add a few things
    to this.

    We will have door prizes at the show.
    We have a Hospitality Suite on Friday and Saturday night.
    Ladies, you can still sign up for the Ladies Tea, or you can
    just show up on Saturday.

    Please remember to download the Exhibitors form off the APG website.
    NOTE: This is not "pre registration". We hope it helps speed up the
    registration process.
    COST: Registration : $20.00

    Hope to see a lot of you there.

    Artist’s Preservation Group
    Show Schedule August 3-5 2012

    Thursday, August 2, 2012
    Workshop - Doug Cohen/Painting with Acrylics 9AM-5PM

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    8am-@5pm Battlefield Tours of Fredericksburg
    and Chancellorsville.
    (Both tours require sign up in advance. $10 plus the cost of lunch.)
    Vendor Set-up 5PM
    Registration begins Miniature Show opens 7:00PM – 9:00PM

    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Miniature Show open from 9:00AM - 5:00PM
    11:00AM-4:00PM Appomattox Surrender Document will be available for viewing.
    Registration Ends 12:00
    1pm Seminar- Seminar by Anders Heintz on building his 54mm auction figure of Major John Pelham.
    Women’s Tea. 1:30
    3pm Figure Auction
    Cocktail Hour 7-8
    8PM Guest Speaker- Mr. Frank O’Reilly Historian Fredericksburg National Battlefield Park. Frank will speak on the death of Jackson.

    Sunday, August 5, 2012

    Miniature Show continues 9AM-11AM
    Awards Presentation. 11AM

    1300 Tour of the National Museum of the Marine Corps
    1500 Vehicle storage building will be opened up to us at Quantico.

    For more info contact David Oswalt at oswalt2310@comcast.net
  7. schley Active Member

    Hi Guys any photos of the APG Show available yet ?
  8. PeteC Member

    The APG show was a big success! The auction raised $12k for historical preservation! The battlefield tours of Fredricksburg and Chancellorsville were worth the trip alone. Although I didn't make it for Doug Cohen's painting class, I heard that was great and even went into overtime. Anyone else have a good time?
  9. Robert Dominick Member

    Dang! I cant believe I missed the show. I live right down the road now!
  10. penster Active Member

    Congratulations from the SCAHMS club to David Hood for winning the SCAHMS sponsored award for "Best Western Expansion" with his "Lewis and Clark" vignette.
    Hey does anyone have photos yet? I particularly need a photo of this piece by David Hood. I would like to post a photo with the award on the SCAHMS website.
    Thanks for your help! Wish I could have been there!
  11. moore Active Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I am just going to post a short note to say this was the best
    show the APG has put on so far.
    Having awards, actual medals, was nice.
    Thank you for your kind words, It was a lot of work but it was fun.
    David Oswalt did a great job as show chair. John Jefferies was
    great as Vendor chair and Mike taking the lead on the tours and
    the guest speaker on Saturday night was fantastic. Frank did the
    tours also.
    We had some volunteers, which really helped us out and I hope I don't
    forget anyone.
    Kevin Dunne for getting some guys to 'man' the door into the Surrender
    Document, so we had no food or drinks go in.
    Vern Minkwitz's wife Margaret for helping us out a bit at Registration/General
    Admission, Michael Saggs's, wife, Michelle for also helping us out at the table.
    Dave Peschke filled in for Bob Langenberg for Judging.
    For all of those folks that sponsored Speciality Awards.

    Thanks Kevin to you and your wife helping David and I break down the
    tables. oops... thanks to John J. also for helping .

    The tables were full and some really great pieces.

    Sorry, I said this would be a short note.
    We will try to either post here or on the APG website the awards list.

    Thank you everyone who attended and made this a great show, of course,
    could not have done it without you. Thanks for the support.

  12. moore Active Member

    Sorry, made a mistake on the note for judging.
    Dave filled in for Jon Harbuck. Sorry Jon.

    Our 'Security" detail for the Surrender Document was:
    John Espy, Richard Rock, Bart Muller and of course Kevin Dunne.
    Thanks guys.

    Also, I did leave out Dave Wiggins for helping us out also at
    the Registration and General Admission table. sorry about that Dave.

  13. moore Active Member

    Here is a list of the winners.


    Michael Behnke -- Land Rover
    Katelyn Rothschadle -- ME-163


    Graham Matlock -- Sherman

    Michael Luedke -- Spitfire Mk. XII
    David Wiggins -- Type 97 Chi-Ha
    Ed Schaefer -- LVT

    Alan Weller -- Marine M4A2, Saipan

    Nathaniel Beaver -- Redwall
    Michael Behnke -- Letter Home

    Trevor Rothschadle -- Lost in Time

    Lloyd Passafume -- HMS Titanic

    Gary Beetley -- Carin Wrath

    Nicolas Bast -- Gargoyle
    Patti Luedke -- Caught in Change Circle
    Michael Luedke -- ULMD

    David Wiggins -- Jongleor
    Warren Yaun -- The Violinist
    Chris Fontenot -- Victorious
    Angela Fisher -- Pirate Sophie
    David Oswalt -- Night Crawler

    Mike Hall -- Trolger
    Matt Fontaine -- Chaos Knight
    Joy Schoenberger -- Brothers in Arms

    Ron Sanders -- Marine Scout Sniper
    Bill Henry -- Mighty Mite 1967
    Jeff Geis - Roman Victoria

    Stephen Weibe -- Recon
    Mike Drew -- The Emperor's Campaign
    Chris Fontenot -- Duryee's Zouaves
    Kurt Hollar -- Jabo's: Death From the Sky
    Ed Schaefer -- Uncommon Valor

    Mike Cramer -- The Passion
    Michael Saggs -- Lynchburg Rifles
    David Vickers -- Flowers from Angels
    Pete Culos -- Scott's Regulars

    Doug Cohen -- Fredericksburg
    Dan Capuano -- Ambush on the Spree
    Jon Harbuck -- 54th Mass.

    Patti Luedke -- Clara Bow
    Michael Luedke -- Lion Heart
    Jim Smith -- Pirate
    Rev. Bart Muller -- Tobruk
    Dean Hoffman -- Heading for Home
    Graham Matlock -- Teddy
    Jenny Young -- Transylvania Infantry
    Andrea Fisher -- Robert E. Lee

    Lloyd Jacobs -- Iwo Jima
    Richard Rock -- Mountain Man
    Warren Yaun -- Capt. Jack
    Mike Cramer -- Franz Joseph I
    Victoria Geis -- Medieval Lady
    Jeff Geis -- Walking Point

    David Wiggins -- Charlie Chaplin
    Mike Drew -- Marshall Murat
    Patrick Kirk -- Prussian Officer
    Bobby Sarnowski -- US GI , Ardennes
    Michael Saggs -- Landsknect Standard Bearer
    Chris Fontenot -- After the Battle
    Vern Minkwitz -- Officer 51st Foot
    John Espey -- Trumpeter Chasseur
    Kevin Dunne -- The Veteran
    John Jefferies -- The Ruin
    Gary Beetley -- Shiloh
    Mike Davidson -- Crusader
    Jason Whitman -- Robert Capa
    Brian Ford -- Zulu
    Mike Hall -- Capt. john Smith
    Kurt Hollar -- Taking Ivan's Guns
    Jack Muldoon -- Blucher
    Ed Schaefer -- Pacific Joe
    Dee Moore -- After the Battle
    David Oswalt -- Marse Robert
    Joy Schoenberger -- St. Bridget

    Bob Sarnowski -- Reinhard Heydrich
    Penny Myers -- The Astronomer
    Dan Capuano -- Sgt. John Rosengrant
    David Hood -- Lewis and Clark
    Greg DiFranco -- Dragoon d' Orano
    Rod Curtis -- King George III
    Pete Culos -- William Washington

    Best Napoleonic -- Jack Muldoon, "Field Marshall von Blucher"
    Best Irish Brigade/Confederate Irish
    Gold -- Doug, "And dash across the bloody space"
    Silver -- David Oswalt , "Irish Jasper Greens"
    Bronze --Mike Drew, "Earl of Connaught"
    Michael Roberts, LTD. Award -- Ed Schaefer, "Uncomon Valor"
    The Campaign Award --Mike Drew, "Remnant's of the Grand Armee"
    Lone Star Award -- David Wiggins
    Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Award -- Mike Hall, "Trolger"
    Best Westward Expansion Theme Award -- David Hood, "Lewis and Clark"
    The Story Tellers Award -- Jason Whitman, "Frank Capa"
    Best Marines Corps Subject -- David Vickers, "Saviors of Saipan"

    #19 [IMG]
    [IMG] Yesterday, 02:01 PM
  14. moore Active Member


    As you can tell I cut/pasted from the other forum.
    Picture links are on the other forum, posted by a couple of people. So check it out there please.

    Working on a show in another locations can be challenging, but it was fun. We had a lot of support and everyone pitched in
    to make is a great success. it has not been decided yet about another show and where it will be. So stay tuned.
    Frank O-Rilley did a fantastic job on the tours from what I hear, he was also our guest speaker on Saturday night,
    and WOW I was so impressed with him as a speaker. He really holds your interest.
    Frank did the tours and I heard only rants and raves about it.

    The Surrender Document was really something to see. Uniforms were in the same room along with the Medical box from the
    National Park Service. Great artifacts to see up close.

    Heard nothing but good things about Doug Cohen's class and it was nice he was able to go back after dinner to continue to paint.
    Mike Hall's seminar was full also.

    I think everyone had a great time and I met a few new folks too.

    Thank you everyone who attended, YOU made the show a great success.


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