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WIP Attack on La Haye Sainte at Waterloo in 28mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Waterlooman, May 9, 2021.

  1. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Hi all, I decided to pull the trigger and ordered a spru of Three Victrix Polish Lancers to go in my dio, I will probably just make up the one as room will be getting a little sparse on my dio.
    Here is pic showing one of Victrix own - gives an Idea how they make up and paint.

    W. 28mm-napoleonics-french-napoleonic-imperial-guard-lancers-3_2048x.jpg
  2. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    That's a really nice figure,I have often looked at them and wondered they'd look. It'll be interesting seeing them with the Cuirassiers.

    Cheers Simon
  3. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Thank you Simon.

  4. Nap Moderator

    Hi W

    That's a nice Lancer , looking forward to seeing your version , be interesting to see where/how you position him/them

    Happy benchtime

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  5. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Thank you Nap, I so couldn't resist getting one of these, they are the latest sculpts by Victrix and have so many improvements over their older ones.

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  6. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Check this out -


  7. theBaron A Fixture

    I wish stuff like this was available to me when I was a kid and painting Airfix sets. The selection was relatively limited. Every time I read the American Heritage book on Waterloo, and looked at the pictures, I'd say to myself, "Where are all these other figures?!"

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  8. Waterlooman A Fixture

    I also used to collect the Airfix 1/72 scale Waterloo soldiers - starting with the LHS attack set and adding more boxes of figures with my pocket money, I wasn't very good at painting back then so I just played with them all over the living room floor, giving something for my mum to tread over lol.

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  9. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Its arrived -

    W. Polish.png
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  10. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Actually get quite a lot on just the one sprue, looking forward to seeing them built up and painted.

    Cheers Simon
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  11. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Thank you Simon.

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  12. Waterlooman A Fixture

    I was doing some reading up on the fate of the Luneberg Battalion that met their fate at the swords of the French Cuirassiers when they marched down the slope in line formation to attack the 54th and 55th Ligne that was attacking LHS, I understand over 300 hundread tropps who was lead by a Leutenant Colonel marched down that day, the question I do not have the answr to despite much searching - was he killed in action or survived - did he take shelter in LHS - was he dis mounted or still on his horse?

    Will be interesting to find out as he could possibly be another addition to my build .

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  13. Martin64 A Fixture

    The Luneburg Batallion was led by Oberstleutnant (Lt Col) von Klenke. He was wounded while trying to stop his troops on the flight when they were ridden down by Cuirassiers from the Travers brigade. The withdrawal of the Luneburg Batallion took place before they reached the orchard of LHS and so they withdrew to the allied lines.
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  14. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Pretty awesome pony and rider!
  15. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Yep I understand some made it into the garden of LHS and the rest of the survivors ran back to the lines on the ridge.

  16. Martin64 A Fixture

    I quoted from a summary of reports and accounts from survivors available in German. If some made it to the orchard the majority did not and was caught in the open field. Oberstleutnant Klenke survived his wounds but did not join the defenders of LHS. Anyway it is up to you to go so close by the accounts or use some artistic license.
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  17. Waterlooman A Fixture

    I was talking about the farmhouse kitchen garden (the other end away from the orchard) which was closer to the ranks on the slope, several written referemces including the one from rifleman Friedrich Lindau 2nd KGL speak about the confusion and how the troops that where not killed either tried to reach the line on the slope or ran towards LHS garden as LHS was all locked up, I am adding a few Lunebergs that I have already made and painted and planned to add them in or close to the garden - but was toying with the idea of adding a figure of (Lt Col) von Klenke either on his horse or dis mounted and injured or not - hence my question.

  18. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Just a couple of pics that I had taken last year - just showing a close up of the orchard wall and a scene from the 55th Ligne perspective.

    W. IMG_0379-Edit.JPG IMG_0380-Edit.JPG
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  19. Martin64 A Fixture

    There is an eye witness account about the destruction of the Luneburg Batallion by the CO of LHS Baring who went back to the ridge with them ( probably by this causing a misconception by Wellington that LHS was lost) and then returned with the light companies of the KGL. He tells that the French infantry attacked the orchard with one column - another column attacking the buildings and other elements had entered the kitchen garden when the cuirassiers broke loose. At that moment Baring had contact with elements of the Luneburg Batallion at the orchard! He likewise tried in vain to rally them. The retreating remains of the Luneburg Batallion that Baring had joined suffered from French infantry fire that had occupied and bypassed the kitchen garden during their retreat to the ridge. It seems therefore unlikely that some Luneburgers fled into the direction of the enemy troops that temporarily took the kitchen garden.https://kgl.info/geschichte/waterloo/ The source is again in German... As said, it is all I know for the sake of answering your question. For the variety of uniforms in your dio I support some Luneburg troops and the presence of their Lt Col. The memories of Lindau are excellent btw. but were put on paper by an admirer 30 years after the events.
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  20. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Some Excellent reading here - a very long piece of reading but very precise - http://www.kgl.de/KingsGermanLegion...iederlande_waterloo/beamish/beamish2_17_4.htm

    So here is my take on the event directly around La Haye Sainte around mid afternoon how I will display it with my dio -

    The 2nd KGL had been forced inside the courtyard after loosing quite a few men defending the orchard, the 2nd KGL had met up with the Luneberg Battalion but came under attack by the Cuirassiers and most tried to reach the lines on the slope - a few made it back into the courtyard including a small handful of Luneberg, the 2nd KGL re entered LHS along with some 1st KGL and 5th Line KGL and the KGL made a few charges on the French through the main door on the road, while the Cuirassiers and the odd Lancer are around on the other side of the orchard.
    Not 100% fully accurate but not far off taking into account my space limitations with my dio area, and the time since the batttle happened details can get mixed up slightly.


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