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WIP Attack on La Haye Sainte at Waterloo in 28mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Waterlooman, May 9, 2021.

  1. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Nap, I dont use the AK varnish - I use the Mig Ammo eqv , its their Lucky Range I use.

    I just went down the route of using a darker Blue by adding Black to the bottle - then darkening even more by mixing inmy wet dish enough that I needed, into a mainly Black shade with a wee bit of Blue added then mixed together to get the right shade.

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  2. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Just thought of an idea - I have a few figures primed with my Vallejo Acrylic Surface primer (it dries to a satin look on my figures) wonder if brushing over a couple of coats of my Ultra Matt varnish before adding my Acrylic paint layers will help to get a more flat - matt finish, as I have a feeling my problems with shiny paint might be down to a satin shiny surface from the primer.

    I have used a rattle can primer before and it gave a really flat finish (you could even feel the flat texture of the surface) then paint layers over the top stayed flat.

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  3. Merryweather A Fixture

    I had the same problem with my Fusiliers. I've been told that many blues have a naturally satin finish, so you may still have trouble , even with a highly matt base layer. I just matt the sh!t out of it after everything lol
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  4. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Yep I will add a few light brushed on coats.

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  5. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Good day all, some more progress - I am attacking my British Cavalry, I added a light flat coat over both with my new bottle od Lucky ultra matt (it seems to go on fine from a fresh bottle as long as I shake it to death) still more detail painting to do.

    W. IMG_0415-Edit.JPG IMG_0416-Edit.JPG
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  6. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Interesting, I use the Matt Lucky Varnish, especially to seal in true metallic before it decides to migrate into the colour paint. I find it works best brushed very sparingly onto the paint, too much and ot doesn't work as well. Also adding it as a mixer when brush painting gives good results. Must say though mine is very liquid not at all thick and pasty. Then again I had an absolute nightmare trying to airbrush it.

    Cheers Simon
  7. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Yes indeed others have suggested mixing it in with the paint being used, I will deffo try that aswel.

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  8. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Morning all, moving forward I am trying to decide how to leave the horses shade finish - I know most real horses bodies and tail and mains has a certain amount of sheen in them due to oils etc, even a shade comparison sheet I found shows this. But after watching a few videos the real horses taking part all seem to show a dull matt look to their bodies and hairs.

    Not sure what to do - make them full matt, or give them a subtle sheen with my satin varnish.

    W. Horse-Colors-Chart-1024x711.jpg
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  9. Nap Moderator

    Hi W

    Nice start on the cavalry, uniforms look nicely matted down , look forward to seeing more

    I would put a satin on the horses

    Happy benchtime

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  10. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    I'm not going to be very helpful here, sorry. By all accounts it wasn't very pleasant weather on the day and the Cavalry would have been out in it for days or weeks so the condition of the horses wouldn't have been all "Horse Guards Parade" spit and polish. They would be groomed daily though so wouldn't look abandoned. Best bet, dig out the film and watch it, see what those horses look like because they wouldn't all be stable fresh every day. Sorry I did say it wouldn't be helpful.

    Cheers Simon
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  11. NigelR A Fixture

    Definitely a sheen on horses coats. You may find that just the normal Vallejo finish is enough (that slight sheen you have been struggling to eliminate). But not matt, the sweat and oil on an active horse's coat will create a sheen that reflects light differently to cloth and other true "matt" items.
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  12. MarquisMini A Fixture

    I think a sheen on the finish of the horse is fine.
    I generally brush the entire horse or some selected areas with Vallejo Satin varnish.
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  13. Waterlooman A Fixture

    I brushed on my Vallejo Satin but I think they came out a wee bit too shiny, so tomorrow I will mix some ultra matt with Satin to calm it down a wee bit.

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  14. MarquisMini A Fixture


    Ha!, i sometimes do the same and they come out pretty good.
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  15. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Evening all - "Horse varnish project stage Three" I think I have just about pulled it off and got the subtle sheen I was looking for.

    W. IMG_0418-Edit.JPG IMG_0419-Edit.JPG IMG_0420-Edit.JPG IMG_0421-Edit.JPG
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  16. MarquisMini A Fixture

    When you get the chance and the $$, buy AK ultra Matr varnish to just mix 1 drop onto your paint mix, seriously, you will solve all of your issues, trust me.
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  17. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Thank you kindly mate, will give that a think over, I think I have sorted out the right shade on the horses though - I am quite pleased with it.

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  18. Oda A Fixture

    Excellence continues.

  19. Waterlooman A Fixture

    Thank you so much for saying that.

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  20. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Good job you didn't listen to me advocating duller looking horses cos these look great.

    Cheers Simon
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