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Atlanta Show '17 Results (Pt.1)

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by DOswalt, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. DOswalt Member

    Atlanta 2017
    Atlanta Cup ------- Mike Blank ---- "Cry God for Harry"
    Phoenix Award --- Aaron Lovejoy --Road to Morheim
    Grand Master ----- Rusty Nail
    Best of Show ------ Mike Blank ---- "Cry God for Harry

    Historical Open Gold
    Mike Blank- Cry God for Harry
    Matt Springer- Tsar P.Poot
    Alex DeLeon- Iron Horse Cossack

    Historical Open Silver
    John Jefferies- Irish Galoglas
    Dave Peschke- Martin Hill Conversion

    Historical Open Bronze
    Stephen Weibe- 2nd Chasseue/2nd Cuirassier
    Robert Prokop- Door Gunner

    Historical Painters Gold
    Sabrina Ferguson- Cardinal Richelieu
    James Cox- Storm Trooper
    Bob Bethea- Viking
    Ernesto Reyes- Bust Display
    Gilbert Moreno- Don Hernandez
    Henry Nunez- SS Officer
    Rod Curtis- Entire Display
    Kurt Hollar- Highland Light Infantry
    Gary Beetley- Celt
    John Long- Lancer
    Mike Stezel- Phil. PA, Princeton Associates
    David Hood- 7th Hussar
    Mike Blank- Confederate Officer
    Chris Fontenot- Geisha
    John Jefferies- Hanibal

    Historical Painters Silver
    Lou Coroso- Entire Display
    David Wiggins- Angry One
    Sturgis Payne- Confederate Officer
    Jack Muldoon- Musketeer ECW
    Scott Miller- 42nd Officer of Foot
    Robert Marquinez- Mongul Archer
    Greg Mix- Hawker
    Pete Garrison- 42nd Highlander
    David Oswalt- CS Bugler Flat
    Dee Moore- ACW Demi-rondes
    Mike McCord- 82nd Airborne
    Dave Farris- Muse
    Paul Davis- 26th Dragoon
    Scott Shablin- Civil War Display

    Historical Painters Bronze
    Terry Martin- GMI Cadet
    Whitney Thompson- Bust Display
    Randy Riley- Adolph Galland
    Allen Priest- The Few
    Robert Blum- U.S. Dragoon
    Tom McCoy- Mountain man
    Mark Sprayberry- Confederate Soldier
    Tim Norman- Entire Display
    Bruce Sundstrom- Mamaluke
    Mark McGinnes- Napoleon Flat

    Fantasy Open Gold
    Laura Dandridge- House Elf
    Alex DeLeon- The Reaper
    Rhonda Bender- Waiting for her Lover

    Fantasy Open Silver
    Bob Bethea- Revenge

    Fantasy Painters Gold
    Elizabeth Beckley- Entire Display
    Rusty Nail- Swine
    Rhonda Bender- Entire Display
    Aaron Lovejoy- Road to Morheim
    David Hood- Hulk
    David Bennett- Conan Vs Medusa

    Fantasy Painters Silver
    Sturgis Payne- Mountain Giant
    Sabrina Ferguson- Anonymous Bust
    Gilbert Moreno- Shhh... Be Quiet
    Gary Beetley- Orc Bust
    Whitney Thompson- Lord Zander

    Fantasy Painters Bronze
    Bob Bethea- Albanian Dwarf
    Pete Garrision- Zombie Miniaur
    Greg Mix- Lara Craft
    Jack Muldoon- Goblin & Hog
    David Wiggins- Veni, Vedi, Voro
    David Oswalt- Alice
    Dan Kornegay- Sniper
    James Runyon- Citadel - Maggoth Lord
    Rebecca Hettmanssperger- Grey Knight Terminator
    Robert Martinez- Grey Knight
    Ron Leker- Standard Bearer

    Fantasy Painters Bronze
    Libby Brut- Red Hawk
    Tim Norman- Nightwing
    Mark McGinnis- Ghoul #2
    Mike McCord- Master Jedi
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  2. Nap Moderator

    Well Done to everybody

    Is there a link to pictures ?

  3. DOswalt Member

  4. YongA01 Active Member

    Thanks for sharing

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