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Assault Engineering Sapper Brigade (ShISBr).1943-1945 USSR

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Ogr, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. lock-n-load Active Member

    Hello all:
    I ordered one of these kits @ 45 days ago via e-mail from russtank and it has not shown up yet. I have not heard from them in several weeks. I understand shipping from Russia to the United States may take some time...but I am concerned. I did pay via Paypal. Has anyone had any dealings with these folks? Anyone have any advice? I really was looking forward to this kit.
    Thanks. Mike
  2. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    I ordered a bust from the same source on April 11 and haven't received anything neither, not even a tracking number to follow the parcel. Member Ogr is in the Russian military on the far side of the Urals, but the retail side of his operation surely could be improved. See my posts on http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/kaiserliche-marine-obermatrose-wwl.71586/
    Patiently waiting is one thing, but I filed a complaint with Paypal nevertheless.
  3. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Mike....Same story as Piet. I ordered this bust as well as the Rorke's Drift 24th Regt bust approx 6 weeks ago. No show after 4 weeks. Ogr responded to my email and stated he would send a replacement shipment. Two weeks later still nothing. I understand the demands of small operations and other countries mail systems but......well thats another story. Seems to have happened to enough of us that I would say hold on to your money. Really too bad. Patience wearing extremely thin:whistle:

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  4. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    Our patience might last a little longer if we got at least some reaction from Ogr, preferably with a very valid explanation and tracking numbers! Mishaps happen, but not all that goes wrong can be blamed on the system or the post office or customs or the weather, regardless of the country one lives in. After all, we're not dealing with some forlorn island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific!
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  5. lock-n-load Active Member

    OK, thanks for the response. I just did not want to overreact. I try to be patient.......
  6. 1stguards New Member

    Unfortunately Russian post services working badly year by year. Even internal parcels may takes couple weeks shipping time! But communication with customers it's just important part of good business relationship!
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  7. Constantin67 Well-Known Member

    Gentlemen, I'm afraid that you are not worried in vain.
    In Russia, the same story to yield bust. We think that it was a fraud.:(
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  8. lock-n-load Active Member

    Ok, I filed a dispute with Paypal. Hopefully they can help me resolve this. The sad part is...I really don't want my money back...I want the KIT!!! I was pretty excited about this one.
    I will keep the site here updated if we make any progress.
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  9. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Thanks Konstantin. Like everyone else I was excited about this piece. Looks like I'll be filing a Paypal complaint also
  10. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Konstantin,
    Thank you for raising this, I also paid for a bust and purchased a master figure from him and have not received anything, even after contacting via e-mail and PM on here.
    Therefore I have opened cases against him with paypal. I would have rather had the pieces also, especially as I had commissioned him to do some additional figures for me.

  11. Gaudin A Fixture

    This is painfully reminiscent of a case few years ago, with Alexander miniatures ( I MUST stress, NOT Alexandros, NOT Alexandre Cortina!) and a basturd called Francesco Mellone.
    You may remember a splendid Markos Botsaris kit by Palmielcore.

    Please open pay pal case as soon as possible, I was lured into hoping that this is a decent person and whilst I waited, the Pay pal due date has lapsed.

    The most offensive thing I find is whilst owing a lot of people money for goods he didn't send, he then sold same masters to some other company and pocketed more money before disappearing for good.
  12. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    After the at times heated discussion on this forum about wether to name recasters or not, I wonder what could be done forumwise about frauds and participants on the Planet who after gaining some sort of trust posing as bonafide modellers/sculptors for some time , then turn out to be frauds. Or, in the case of the smaller and as yet unknown sculptors/producers, should we eager buyers restrain ourselves until a product was reviewed in the flesh by one of the wellknown members of this forum? In this age of 3D rendering the traps are more and more alluring and anyone with the necessary computer skills can "offer" a splendid new bust or figure, which we enthusiasts are willing to buy, often on impulse.Any thoughts on this?
  13. billyturnip A Fixture

    I know of at least one other forum which has a bad trader section which in itself seems like a good idea, however there are a lot deleted posts and climb downs/apologies from customers who probably posted before knowing the full facts or posted in the heat of the moment.
    If there was to be such a forum here I think there would have to be a strict set of guidlines.
  14. Gaudin A Fixture

    Not sure that will work. People usually shoot from the hip when emotions are high, and there is often 2 sides of the story. Like you say, parcel will often arrive much later, retraction of posts must happen, but damage has been done etc.

    Another thing would be to track IP's of the dodgy sellers, because there is nothing to stop Org from creating Shmogr account and start it again with something equally exciting.
    But no one is going to do this.
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  15. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    Yes of course, we wouldn't want a place to start flame wars, would we? But remember years ago in all the ranting about Moz not delivering the goods there were always enough members to speak up in his defense and rightly so, while in this case even the voices coming from Russia speak of fraud. Clearly, a bad trader section should be closely monitored by a moderator to not turn in a free for all ranting place. On a byline, modern technology read 3d rendering has made the "what you see is what you get" a tricky business even in the case where no fraud is involved.
  16. billyturnip A Fixture

  17. billyturnip A Fixture


    I completely agree, that's why I suggested a strict set of guidelines, to differentiate between proven and alleged bad traders, there is a huge difference.
  18. Gaudin A Fixture

    I remember that :)
    Hey, don't touch Moz, Moz can do no wrong! The Mozzites (? Mozzies??) will be after you and you will not hear the end of it.

    Bad trader thread will flop as soon as Tommy gets board with it.
  19. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Well opened my first Paypal dispute....never had to before. Very unfortunate.
  20. ask40000 Member

    hi mates
    Who could cotact the seller in recent days?
    l bought 3busts from him and pay 117 euros
    Best regards

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