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Ares Mytologic "Old Rome"

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by pmfs, May 18, 2010.

  1. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi guys,

    another precious on the market, this time this gourgeous bust from ARES 1/12 white metal for your consideration.(y):)

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  2. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Thanks for sharing!

    But my opinion:

    Very beautifully conceived character in very poor quality!

    The cast is really "underground" - as far as one can see from the photos ...

    And for I do not pay with low-quality money, this bust will not purchased!

  3. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    I might even have to agree with Martin. The face looks pitted and rough. Could it be just the photos? Concerning.

    Jay H.
  4. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi guys,

    well, my humble opinion is: I expected more... because I saw here this great sculpture by Romain some time ago and it is awesome.
    Jay, the pictures are the best I can do right now, if you want, I posted another pictures tomorow night.
    Unlike others, this will take some work in preparation for painting, but I think that worth the money.
    Thanks you both(y)
  5. housecarl A Fixture

    It looks like he has a cross between leprosy and smallpox, not good look. Shame as it looked a brilliant sculpt.
  6. JoseJarque Active Member

    Lamentably the photo is not very good, and it gives pain to see this me,
    I am the proprietor of the mark and can assure that the quality of cast is good, does not have those imperfections that are appraised in the photo, this behind schedule we will put photos of the metal model so what is sold so that they appreciate the quality.
    moan to see this and if they have a defect in the model, please, changed we it quickly.

    Best Regards
    Jose Jarque :)
  7. Michael Tse Active Member

    I believe this is an isolated case and does not reflect the average quality of this release. I hope you manage to obtain a better one from whoever you bought it from.

    Speaking of nasty shocks like the one shown in this picture, a big name like Andrea Miniatures comes to mind. Their busts could have a similar effect on me sometimes.
  8. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Fractures and cracks in the surface (see the back and mantle in the front shoulder area) are not due to bad foto-shots, but on bad casting!

  9. Willem Member

    I ordered mine from El Greco last week.

    Tbh, I am not sure I would have ordered if I had first seen the photos above.

    I will get mine next week and will post here what the quality is like.

    /keep thumbs crossed

  10. JoseJarque Active Member

    Pardon to take in responding,
    we have been reviewing 100 copies and all the we found correct, is certain that some we have seen dirty and perhaps the photo of the beginning the impression that is this. to say that this bust has the particularitity that this plenty of wrinkles and textures, reason why the photo of the metal never will be faithful to the reality. we have taken to 2 figures at random that we taught to you, in hand they are correct.

    Pedro send your direction of shipment by private, so that we will send a new copy to you. we feel this problem, we have spoken with our smelter and next all the polished copies would be given


    Willem, we waited for your result, we are convinced that she will be perfect. I repeat that the problem is that this bust is full of textures.

    Jose Jarque
  11. pmfs A Fixture


    Hi Jose,

    like I said before, this bust worth the money(y)The photos are true and show us only my copy that I bought ...maybe, the quality control forgot this one:(
    With a good polish I think it will be ok, but if you want, I sent this one for you to see that my sadly copy have these minor defects like the pictures shows.
    PM sent pm to you with my adress. Send me another copy and I make other review with the both busts, after, I send you my copy, ok?
    Kind Regards,
  12. JoseJarque Active Member

    Hi Pedro.
    I have not received the p.m., sends your addres and tomorrow I send the new copy to you.
    Jose Jarque
  13. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    What also must be said:

    I find it very positive, how quickly Jose has responded to the criticism here.

    As other editors can still learn something!

  14. pmfs A Fixture

    Another shots

    Hi guys,

    first, I would like to express one more time that in this particulary review it is only my bust that I purchased last week.
    I have here more works from ARES the figures are top notch, with this one I have bad luck, but the kindness from Jose Jarque the owner of ARES is one great gesture for those who want to buy this precious bust in future because they were undone any doubt about the quality of this work...:cool:

    Here another pictures:
  15. JoseJarque Active Member

    Do not like this copy, we want I to change on the other new.
    thanks to send your direction, today go a new copy to your house,
    I feel much the problem. but you accustom some not good escapes , luckily are very not very often.
    although this last photo this extended like 10 times:)


    Jose Jarque
  16. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Jose i think that the problem might be in the mix of metal and the finishing process used to take the copy from the mold.
    One easy solution more cheap for you , giving perfect quality and selling in lower price is to cast in resin. Most compani3es have already turned there and the results are amazing ,

    Best Regards

  17. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    I agree!

  18. JoseJarque Active Member

    The mixture is good, is the same that Enigma miniatures and Latorre, uses, Young miniatures, etc, lamentably in photo the metal view is very bad, since they do not reflect everything well, we have reviewed all the copies and we found them acceptable, but you are right we are thinking that to initiate the series of resin busts all of them
    but always we will be kind to our quality, they can have failures sometimes can happen, and we assured to you that they will be solved to the benefit of the client quickly.

    With this we want to later express that we passed 2 quality controls, first the one of the smelter and ours.
    The metal mixture, is of identical quality to the mixture of the different powerful marks.

    I insist the subject of the resin begins I has to like much. From we could here make a referendum metal o resin .
    Thank you very much,
    :) Jose
  19. housecarl A Fixture

    Jose. I prefer resin, I have difficulty in getting paint to adhere to metal. Even with washing the casting, and good undercoat.
  20. JoseJarque Active Member

    We have been reviewing more copies and I believe that already I know what is the problem (not of the figure of Pedro, that I do not like that copy).

    I believe that because has all the wrinkled face full of wrinkles and in addition with texture, it gives a sensation in the photos very rare. now we are calmer, by we have studied the problem and we are convinced that this is only the unique bad copy.

    Pedro today we have sent your copy to your house, I wait for pardons this problem.

    We have spoken with our smelter and the BUSTnº2 already will leave in resin.

    thanks to all by your understanding.


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