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Review Ares Mythologic -Samnite Warrior

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all in this great community,

    It always a pleasure to hear about something from Ares Mythologic , so I opened the lock on my wallet and bought this bust from El Greco Miniatures .

    Arriving well packed in a padded postal packet (jiffy bag) only 2 days afte I had ordered it . On opening the bag up I found the model I had ordered namely a Samnite warrior from the 2nd Samnite wars .

    Lets have a history lesson first on these warriors ........

    The Samnites were composed of at least four tribes: the Pentri (the most important tribe), the Caraceni ,the Caudini and the Hirpini .

    They had a dominant warrior class which trained in the Spartan manner, and the Romans fought a long series of wars against them between 510 BC and 85 BC. The Samnites defeated the Romans in 321 BC and forced the Roman legions to pass "under the yolk," a symbol of submission. But the Romans got their revenge nine years later, in 312 BC, and finally broke their power ca 290 BC. The last gasp of Samnium came in 82 BC, when the general Sulla ordered a general massacre of their warriors that brought their independence to an end. The Samnites wore a distinctive type of armor, with a chest plate consisting of three cojoined disks in a triangular shape, and a separate wide bronze belt. This type of armor proved popular and was also worn by Etruscans, Greeks and Carthaginian forces in their wars against Rome. Much after the heyday of the Samnite peoples, in ca. 100 BC, the Romans adopted the term "Samnite" for a class of heavily armed gladiator. In fact the terms "Samnite" and "gladiator" were interchangeable for awhile. The earliest Samnite gladiators may well have worn the triple-disc cuirass and bronze belt in imitation of Samnite warriors, but by the mid-first century AD the chest plate had become essentially vestigal. Curiously, the Samnite class of gladiator seems to have died out before the Empire really got going.

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Moving onto the model now ,

    Subject: Samnite Warrior

    Reference: Ares - BU3


    Material: Resin and white metal

    Sculptor: Phillip Damont

    Box Art: Jose M. Palomares

    It was very well presnted in a strong cardboard box with a colour image of the finished piece on the front, on opening the box pieces were found sealed in bags and packed in an envelope of foam sponge....no chance of any damage from this company I think (y).

    The model consists of a total of 6 pieces , 1 resin (the one piece casting of the torso and head) and a further 5 white metal parts (these make up the helmet crest and decorations )

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the subject itself:

    Firstly the Torso :

    Sculpted as one piece which includes the torso, head and helmet , in a light gray resin . He wears the 3 disc armour on both his front and back held in place over his shoulders with detailed pieces , underneath he wears a tunic .

    Detailing is very good in all areas , the armour is nicely defined with good folds on the clothing , all of this looks like it is being worn with the armour pushing into the material under.

    The facial features are nicely done , with the helmet covering the main part of the head including the cheek sides leaving only the front of the face to paint . The helmet has some good decoration on it which together with the white metal pieces of the crest etc makes for an imposing helmet .

    Continued in next post:


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  4. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the helmet and the facial features :

    The helmet is a fine piece of sculpting , lots of details which will benfit from washes , this is enhanced by the really nice sculpting of the face , in particular the beard and the hair .

    The helmet crest consists of a main central piece , 2 feathers and 2 wings both which fit onto the sides (there is a small amount of clean up to do but a matter of minutes to do , once prepped up the pieces all fit into pre cast holes , I would suggest that a quick swipe of filler is used at the base of the feathers . Personally for me the "wings" are too much , no doubt historicallay correct , but a little bit of a fantasy feel. The feathers and the crest are finely detailed and cast which will only serve to make the painting even more enjoyable.

    Continued in next post:


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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Finally lets have my final thoughts ;

    As with all products from this company , presentation is 1st class with all pieces protected , sculpting is very good , as is the subject matter . This will give the painter hours of fun and of course make a fine addition to the display cabinet .
    A bust I have pleasure to recommend to one and all.

    The bust can be obtained direct from Ares via their website www.aresmythohogic.com at a cost of 26.50 euro's or...

    In the UK it can be got from El Greco of course at a cost of £22.50 plus shipping

    Phone: +44 (0)1280 840364

    Email: info@elgrecominiatures.co.uk

    Home Page: http://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk


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  6. brian A Fixture

    Good review Kevin.I bought this bust not long ago and it's a brilliant sculpt and casting.I didn't attach the wings and just filled the holes with magi-sculpt.
  7. gordy Well-Known Member

    Thanks again for another review Kevin, Fascinating bust, the feathers look really nice
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Excellent revieuw Kevin.


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