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Review "Archer" from Altores Studio

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 7, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to all

    Time for a look at the latest I received from Altores Studio in their bust releases .

    The release was announced her on PF and naturally in social media



    As you can see we have a rather pretty looking hooded female archer , wearing clothing that acentuates her body form...rather nicely!!!


    0aa.jpg 0aaaaa.jpg 00a.jpg

    Now purely in the course of the review I googled many things amongst them see thorough clothing .....its a rough life eh!!

    .....I will leave that to you to look at further !!!! or you could use these ..lol
    As we have a female subject and painting the flesh is always a concern ...for me at least here are a couple in different languages from Andrea ( other publications are available!!)

    00aa.jpg 0aaaaaaa.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Onto the resin itself

    Details of the release from Altores

    Title: Archer

    Reference: B-039

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 8

    Sculptor: Alexander Deryabin ( PF member zippo)

    Box Art: N/A

    The piece has a fantasy feel to it for sure but no pointed ears are visible !!!
    On the box top we have a unpainted version of the contents with the Altores " yellow" text
    Archer 001.jpg 00a.jpg
    As with all the Altores releases they are received in a strong cardboard box with the parts in bags and sandwiched between foam layers with the parts consisting of the upper torso , lower part (thighs) ,2 arms , a bow (with hand) , the quiver , a arrow and a strap end , no base is included.

    Archer 002.jpg


    Upper Torso....Sanding needed on inside of hood and left front side and underneath torso , remove fine casting lines on both sides at middle and on left upper arm

    Lower torso....Sand off excess resin from underneath and fit to upper .

    Arms....Remove casting line on wrist protector , general sanding on arms and fingers of right hand to smooth off fine casting lines

    Bow...Remove casting post from top , slight sanding on hand and inner of actual bow.

    Arrow/strap ...Cut off casting post and fit in place ( check arm position first ) , cutt off post on strap and fit

    General comments

    Prep is required but its only minimal

    The hood is very thinly cast so be careful

    You will need to fit a bow string if you wish to do so

    This is IMO a small 1/10th , closer to larger 1/12th

    All parts fit together with no filler needed

    This is a 3/4 figure but the option of leaving off the lower torso , I can also see legs being added by modellers.

    Upper Torso

    Sculpted with a hooded garment , this being worn over her head , sitting nicely onto the shoulders in drapes and folds , the hood itself is well sculpted and well cast with really good undercuts , folds are natural and look good.

    Archer 003.jpg Archer 008.jpg Archer 006.jpg Archer 007.jpg Archer 005.jpg

    Across her front there is a strap for the quiver , sitting rather tastefully in between her breasts , the strapping has a texture on it , nice simple belt buckle , the belt is pulling on the material making her very attractive female form more noticeable ( cough cough!!) , the whole of the garment has folds that have been clearly researched by Alexander when sculpting so nice on there .

    Archer 010.jpg
    Arms are cut just below the shoulder with good locating holes for the arms themselves

    At the waist there is a nice bit of detail on the belt studded all the way round in flower type shapes , all are really well done .
    Archer 004.jpg

    The face ...one word really ..pretty .......features are delicate though not goddess like , the nose , pointed is full at the lower nostrils visible and with the lips being full and together and well shaped , the eyes are full in shape and wide , upper and lower lids are sculpted with the upper slightly more noticeable for the eyelashes I presume.

    Archer 009.jpg
    The hair is long and well kept , pulled back at the sides revealing her face to its full advantage , the ends flowing down inside the hood , all the texture features are very good , the strands being nicely shaped where they fall to the body with the neck being long and thin

    This is a piece I would love to see Pepa Saavedra and Anastaysia paint up .

    Lower Torso

    This is the upper thighs , the left leg forward in agreement with the pose , the clothing is away from the thigh and falling very well inbetween her legs , needless to say the folds are continued to be sculpted in a really fine way , these are noticed at the back where the body form is more than noticed.

    Archer 011.jpg Archer 013.jpg Archer 012.jpg

    Firstly the fit is excellent , no filler needed , both upper arms are sleeved to above the elbow with a really good armlet ( metallic band ) at the top , well sculpted with nicely defined decoration in the form of laurel leaves .

    Archer 014.jpg Archer 015.jpg

    The left also has a wrist protector , nice work on the retaining straps , there is only a hand on the right side , the finger details are good and thankfully quite female in form , nails are sculpted , the hand is inthe position of taking the arrow from the quiver .

    Archer 016.jpg Archer 017.jpg

    This has been sculpted with the hand in place resulting in it looking like the subject is gripping the bow , same good finger details , under her hand we have a central band which has some good cording holding it in place .

    The bow itself is a really nice shape not pulled back or strained , the shape is most pleasing to the eye , no bow string but there are cutouts to fit one , fit of the hand to the arm is accurate and easy ..I would suggest pinning as well .

    Archer 021.jpg Archer 023.jpg Archer 022.jpg

    This is shaped as you can see with decoration worked into the edges , I would have liked perhaps to see more arrows inside .
    On the rear we have the locating plug which sits well into the cutout of the upper torso at the back , and there is also a edged cutout at the lower edge of the quiver to fit the strap to

    Archer 018.jpg Archer 019.jpg Archer 020.jpg

    The arrow displays nice feathering , you will I suggest need to drill the quiver to fit , but do check the position of the hand as well .

    Archer 024.jpg

    The strap will need to be fitted , I would suggest sanding down the edge to fit to the torsostrap end the other end fits to the cutout on the quiver ...if you loose this piece to the carpet monster ..easy to replace using putty of lead sheeting .

    Final Thoughts

    This is the first fantasy type bust and first female that Altores have released and as such is breaking new ground for them , its worked well , the piece has a real charm about it , lots of painting options especially on the clothing ..perhaps see through ....displayed moving through water or a swamp taking the arrow out ready to strike .

    A good subject for those modellers that prefer fantasy and a challenge of painting female flesh ..Recommended

    Altores are busy and I will be sharing both new and past releases with you all so stay tuned in .

    For more details on this and others in the series why not visit the website at:


    Of course they are members here and on Social media as well

    Thanks to Altores for the review piece and to you all for looking in 00a.jpg

    Happy bench time to all of you

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi folks

    here we have some more views of the unpainted version from the Altores website

    Looks great even unpainted!!!



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  4. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    A very thorough review, and a nice figure to add to the stash, if ever it could be reduced... (The stash, it is! :))
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  5. Jimbo A Fixture

    Great review Kev & a nice looking kit(y)
  6. garyhiggins A Fixture

    An absolutely beautifull sculpt of a classically posed archer, the only thing I think needs changing is more arrows but that is easily fixed :).

    The real problem is Nap drooling at the thought of all those nubile beauties with powerful bows
    (must be the penetration).
    To get in the mood for archery just watch some videos over on YouTube. A tip for making bowstrings,three or four strands of pictures I've twisted together is just about right.

    Best wished, Gary :).

    PS the bow in the fifth picture down is one of the types I used to shoot. That thought should put an end to Nap's drooling :p

    CAN'T SEE ANY PCTURES mate ?????
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  7. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Picture wire.

  8. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another one Nap:).
  9. franck edet A Fixture

    just got mine in the mail today ... WOW the sculpting is above greatness and the casting is simply excellent, such fine details and the head cover is so thin without any lack of material !
    i just can't wait to start this pure beauty !

    thanks Altores for producing it and thanks V.Martin for selling it :)

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