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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Reddo, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Reddo Active Member

    I'm going to start this 90mm beast from AC models. It's something I pick up, fiddle with the bits, them put in the too hard basket for later. But now I think I'll have a go at it.

    The problem for me here is the rather rough cast - I think it will need a different painting style to bring it to life. Nothing fits, there are chunks of resin missing and there are mould lines and flash all over it.

    Ad to that an uncertainty of the uniform colour - is he NZ or Aussie - no cap badge.

    Poor fellow is even mussing the fingertips and fag in his right hand.

    FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_1466.JPG IMG_1467.JPG IMG_1468.JPG IMG_1469.JPG IMG_1470.JPG IMG_1471.JPG
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  2. DEL A Fixture

    Bloody hell :eek: that is rough.
    I've seen a few of Andy Cairns pieces in their boxes and none have looked anything like this.
    To be honest it looks like a recast and a poor one at that, I'd be looking for my money back.
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  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I have to agree with Derek. I have a hard time believing Andy Cairns would put such a poor casting on the market.

    All the best,
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  4. Reddo Active Member

    Hi Del - I bought it from Military Miniatures Warehouse. It was part of a biggish order, however arrived alone as everything else was out of stock. I haven't used them before but i'm sure people here will be quick to say if they are reputable. I must say, it put me right off AC models. Perhaps if Andy is a member here he could let me know if its a dud. Having made a few vac form models in my time I just thought this was par for the course for small miniature companies.
  5. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Agree with Derek & Dan, that is a real poor cast & my initial thoughts were "recast" but the box looks right. Never used MMW as a supplier but I have had AC figures from SK who I know to be very reputable and the castings are nothing like this.

    If you've not had the kit long like Derek says I would ask for my money back. The quality is not what we have come to expect from manufactures today.

    If you do go ahead and paint the figure,good luck.
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  6. yeo_64 Active Member

    Yes, in answer to your question, Reddo, Andy is indeed a longtime member of the "planet" (y). Why don't you drop him a PM about the matter? I am pretty sure that he will be able to clear things up for you with regards to the very poor cast quality of the kit :meh:. I certainly have to agree wholeheartedly with the rest here: that is one horrible looking kit :confused:.
    However, we are all modelers here, so what's a "little" resin flash and missing bits, eh ;)? I am almost certain that you will be able to make something great out of it.
    Looking forward to the next steps, my friend. Cheers!
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  7. Reddo Active Member


    I have sent him a message. I'll let you all know the verdict if I hear back.

  8. amcairns A Fixture

    Hello All,
    It is one of my kits ,an older one , when I had someome else do the casting before I took it on myself.I can send you another kit at no cost if you like.
    My previous caster did not combine vacuum and pressure to the process hence any "missing parts".
    I use both these processes to give a much better result (all going well).
  9. DEL A Fixture

    That explains all. This bears no comparison to Andy's current offerings.
    Probably worth the effort to work with this one, good learning curve.
    All of his pieces ooze atmosphere, so you will get a great end result.
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  10. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Hi Reddo

    I'd take Andy up on his offer of a replacement kit, his castings today are top notch.

    With regards subject ANZACs often didn't have badges on the peninsula & were hard to tell apart when in undress like this.
    Once differentiator was boot colour - Aussies, brown boots & Kiwis black.
    Though given cleaning boots was not always a priority & the way they swapped stuff even this would have been hard to tell apart.

    Have fun mate, these guys became rugged individuals during this campaign.

    Some good inspiration sources on line search NZ Te Papa & Great War Exhibition museum displays.

    Trust that helps.

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  11. Reddo Active Member

    Thanks for clearing that up Andy. I appreciate you kind offer of a replacement and will message thru my details.
  12. Reddo Active Member

    Thanks for the info mike. I do guess we have all been spoiled with the great quality product on offer these days.
    Would the uniform tend to be a light brown toned khaki or more of a green toned khaki - or is it essentially like german kit where colours varied alot during the war.?
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  13. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Colours varied but in the main were light tan/brown Khaki.

    Attached some clean reenactors which show the motley appearance.
    Think of these in sun, dust, mud & blood for 3-4 months, then you'll know what they look like.
    Check out my Chunuk Bair vignette, as trying hard to get this sort of look.

    For your consideration

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  14. Reddo Active Member

    Thats a great picture. It probably explains why so many of us get confused when it comes to ANZAC uniforms. Oh well, 4 months of filth is the most forgiving uniform filter there is. :)
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  15. Reddo Active Member

    An update: today a replacement kindly arrived courtesy of Andy - thank you very much, its tip top. Excellent customer service.
  16. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys,

    This is nothing short of top notch customer service from Andy , I have painted some of his great busts and always enjoyed the process and pleased with the casting .

    Nice one Andy and Reddo we all look forward to seeing the new version

    Thanks for sharing


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