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Any one speak Russian?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by renarts, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. renarts Active Member

    Hey guys, need some russian translated. Simple phrase.
    Please, no babelfish, online dictionary help etc, just someone that can speak and write russian.
    Looking for the correct cyrillic for
    "Kitty Killers"
    "Kitty Killer"
  2. Vik Active Member

    I badly know the English language, but if correctly has understood your text, in Russian it will look so:

    Убийцы Кати.
    Убийца Кати.

    Best regards. Viktor.
  3. je_touche Member


    if you mean a kitten by kitty, in Russian this should read:

    Убийцы кошки

    Убийца кошки

    Кати would imply that someone kills a girl by the name of Ekaterina (Katya - Kate), if that's what you want to say.

    Regards, Andreas
  4. DrLutz Member

    Who is Kitty?
    If Kitty - is a female's name - you could lrft it as is - Китти
    If Kitty means kitten - so t could be котенок

    The whole frase you can translare as: Убийцы Китти (plural; Kitty - personal name) or Убийца Китти (singular)
    or Убийцы котенка (plural) or Убийца котенка (sing.)
  5. Opsofficer New Member

    Let me guess, Mike, this is for WW2 Soviets? ;)
  6. renarts Active Member

    Thanks guys, yup, the inference is kitty as in kitten. You can see my concern as there are variances even in these answers.
    I appreciate the help.
    You nailed it Justin. Slogan painted on the side of a tank. ;) :)
  7. Opsofficer New Member


    Andreas's translation would be the most correct/appropriate!

    Shoud I remain ever-hopeful that it's for a large-scale piece or dare we venture into Flames of War? ;) :lol:

    Justin :)

  8. renarts Active Member

    Thanks Justin. This is for something large scale. I can't see that small to do anything smaller than 54mm...... :lol:

    Nothing is worse than doing something like this and having the whole thing overlooked because you spelled or translated something wrong.
  9. Opsofficer New Member

    Mike, I understand completely! :lol: I have to use magnification for most of what I paint these days, too. :( <sigh>

    I look forward to the final result!

    Justin :)

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