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Review Anubis - Battle of Gods from OMEN MINIATURES

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    I received the latest release from The Portuguese company OMEN MINIATURES , they are as most will know set up by the owner of RP Models Hugo Pereira

    I reviewed the previous bust release from OMEN

    here: https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/anubis-from-omen-miniatures.218407/


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    As you will see Omen continue to be inspired by mythology and the ancient gods and we stay in the land of the Egyptian gods this time with a duo of Anubis ripping the heart out of a mummy

    This is the release


    I have to say I am normally more military in my painting but this has certainly changed my journey

    Little bit of info on the subject :

    In ancient Egyptian religion, Anubis is the god predominantly associated with death. As an embalmer, he is associated with mummification and viewed as a protector of graves. He also guides souls into the afterlife.


    The most common symbol attributed to Anubis is the canine. In Egyptian hieroglyphs, he is usually depicted as a canine (jackal or dog) or as a man with the head of a canine. He is also often pictured in black, a symbol of death, and the color of a corpse after it is embalmed.

    His black jackal head had a pointed muzzle and long, alert ears. One of the possible reasons for depicting Anubis as a jackal is that these animals were often seen skirting cemeteries.

    He was also, at times, pictured carrying a flail or crook and flail. A crook is a stick with a hook at the end of it, and a flail is a stick with long tassels or ropes that hung from one end. Another item he is sometimes seen carrying is an ankh – an Egyptian symbol that meant life or immortality.

    Most famously, Anubis is portrayed weighing the heart of a deceased person in the Book of the Dead, an ancient Egyptian funerary text. If the heart was heavier than a feather, the soul would be abandoned to Ammut, a female demon. If it was lighter, the soul would ascend to heaven.


    First mentioned in the Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom (c. 2686 – c. 2181 BC), Anubis was most prominent during the Early Dynastic period in Egypt. The center of his cult was in Hardai (Cynopolis) in Upper Egypt. A shrine and a cemetery of mummified dogs and jackals were discovered at a place called Anubeion.

    After the Early Dynastic period and the Old Kingdom, Anubis was overshadowed as god of the dead by Osiris. Tomb paintings of the Roman era (starting around 30 BC) show him taking the dead by the hand and guiding them to Osiris. He gained the title as inventor of embalming after practicing the art on Osiris’ body for the first time.

    xxxxxx.jpg xxxxx.jpg xxx.jpg xx.jpg x.jpg

    As bit of teaser here we have a picture of a painted version by the artist RICARDO PISA :)


    As you can see from the 3D there are 2 busts in the box , lets have the full details:

    Details of the release are

    Title: Anubis bust ( Battle of Gods )

    Reference: N/A

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Light Gray Resin

    No of parts:16 in total

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting YS Castings ( Yiannis )

    Box Art: 3D

    All parts were packed by the Omen team in clear bags and then in a mass of bubble wrap ...no breakages here from them

    In a good strong box with a sinister black slip over cover with the unpainted 3D picture

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 001.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 002.jpg

    There is a insert inside which is the same as the first bust , there is a image of what has been also released a diorama ( I will look at that as soon as it arrives!)

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 004.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 003.jpg

    Here we have the parts laid out for you

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 005.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 006.jpg

    I had a quick look for prep to be done ...its MINIMAL , I will mention any thing as we go through the resin parts

    General comments
    • Smooth well cast resin of high quality
    • Casting details are sharp and cleanly worked
    • Only tiny casting formers to deal with
    • The arm holding the mummy is re-enforced with a metal insert which means you can just base up on the Anubis or as most will probably do put a post into both
    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets call in the resin

    Click on smaller images for a larger view

    Starting with Anubis


    Slight sanding on the ears , fine casting line at right side and cut away tiny former under the jaw

    As with the bust we have so much detail , skin textures , fine work on the neck collar , the rope around the neck , well styled , head showing those 2 beady eyes , the arms are located on good secure resin posts , the left ar is cast with the mummy's head ...more later !!!

    The texture on the flesh is really good the ribs showing , you can almost hear him straining with the exertion of his actions

    Textures continue on the head with no miscasting anywhere

    On the front we have a cut out to fit the Ankh and on the rear one to fit the Crook

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 007.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 007.jpg rp anubis 002.jpg

    rp anubis 003.jpg rp anubis 001.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 008.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 012.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 013.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 012.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 017.jpg

    rp anubis 004.jpg rp anubis 004-001.jpg rp anubis 004-002.jpg

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 011.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 014.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 018.jpg

    Lower part of the torso ( skirting )

    Small slither of flashing in between the wings at the front and fine casting line on lower and on wings edges ...easily sanded

    Firstly as this skirting is separate you could leave it off and just mount Anubis without but it does add more interest to the piece easy to fit in position as always a good post is provided fitting easily into the cutout in the torso

    Details are again very good the skirting has a sectioned design (armour perhaps) each sharp in definition , at the front we have 2 wings with horns at the top again its all about details and textures

    rp anubis 006.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 025.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 026.jpg

    Right arm

    2 small formers to remove on the underside and a casting line , flashing at fingers ends

    This clearly shows the OMEN teams dedication in getting muscle details just right and not only muscle work but also body organs as the hand is fiercely gripping a human heart

    Fingers has sharp nails with the shaping of the digits being very good , veins are on show , pulsating almost alive !!!

    The upper arm has a bracelet with a design on ...again well detailed , the lower arm has a protector sculpted on it

    Flesh is textured and as you can see muscle work is excellent , the individual ones are all there ....its like looking at a anatomy book

    The removed heart in the hand is almost pulsating in agony ....at the front a cut out to take the blood flow

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 019.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 020.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 021.jpg

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 023.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 022.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    On to look at the Mummy looking at the torso and arms


    Nothing apart from a tiny flashing in cloak folds (y)

    Of course our mummy is in bandages swathed around the body , well textured , plenty of options to bring this out with washes and dry brushing

    At the front we see the open chest area where the heart was ripped out from and where you fit the blood flow...the details here are there including protruding ribs and other body remnants !!!

    On the underside the details continue with the body contents spilling out along with whats left of his spinal cord

    The cloak he has on is textured ( of course ) and ripped and torn in places as befits the piece

    There is a collar over the cloak sitting on the shoulders again with good details all around

    There are cutouts cleverly cast to locate the arms inside the cloak

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 027.jpg
    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 031.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 028.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 032.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 034.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 036.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 030.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 029.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 035.jpg


    Fine casting line on both undersides , tiny posts to remove from finger ends

    I suggest that you fit this after you have positioned the head as the right hand sits on the Anubis arm

    Both are again covered in bandages finely textured of course , its a painters dream IMO

    On both lower arms are protectors ...great details again in the way of a scarab with wings ...just crying out for the brushes to be in action!

    Fit is no issue with secure posts fitting easily

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 052.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 053.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 054.jpg
    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 051.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 050.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 059.jpg
    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 056.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 057.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 058.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 055.jpg
  4. Nap A Fixture

    Mummy's Head....and Anubis Arm

    Small former to remove from edge of material on headdress , casting line on underside of arm leading onto material and a former at the arm top
    Fine amount of filler needed when fitting into place
    I suggest that you pin this arm...just for that added security

    As you can see the Anubis arm and head of the mummy are cast together ...a great decision

    Looking at the arm , this looks what it is a powerful killing machine , gripping the neck with vengence at the same time the other hand has ripped out the heart !!!!

    The texture work on the arm reflects the same of the torso , great muscle definition. the lower arm has protection on its as the other arm , good shaping on the designs

    The hand as said is gripping the neck and the agony that's being forced onto the mummy reflects in the features of the head .. the teeth are protruding ...moth wide open screaming ...but no one hears this in the underworld

    A headdress is worn with a neck covering flying around , textured well ....the headdress is the same with texture around the lower edge a band with a snakes head of a cobra or asp

    This piece when in position really brings everything together

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 040.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 037.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 038.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 039.jpg

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 041.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 042.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 043.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 044.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 041.jpg

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 048.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 045.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 046.jpg

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 049.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 047.jpg

    Continued in next post

  5. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining pieces


    Slight flashing to remove and sanding needed on edgings


    The rounded top has individual sections all well defined , the handle itself is wrapped in a material but could easily be painted leather ....texture work is all there , at the top of the handle a wrap around piece that has been sown into place by sharply worked cording ties

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 070.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 072.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 071.jpg


    The shaping is spot on well cast with some really good designs on it , at the top the end of the neck rope ...again good texture and fitting easily in position at the front

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 073.jpg [IMG]

    Side pieces for Anubis

    Same as in the bust version and fitting well into the cutouts at the side of Anubis's head...I would suggest painting before finalising in place

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 068.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 069.jpg

    Blood splashes

    This is a clever bit of work from both sculptors and the concept we have 2 parts the smaller one fits to the open wound in the chest and is slightly fingered in shape , the blood forming outwards

    The larger pieces fits into the heart itself that's held in the hand and has captured that split second as the heart was ripped out the blood flying through the air

    This part is of course one where you can go wild with effects adding more dripping blood using various products and paint effects

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 076.jpg RP Anubis Battle 75mm 075.jpg

    RP Anubis Battle 75mm 074.jpg

    So there you have it a double bust from OMEN ....something that will certainly be a area of interest in the cabinet and at shows , casting is very good indeed , the concept is even better , cleverly thought out and something that will be a challenge but provide so much happy benchtime and modelling satisfaction



    As a extra more pics of RICARDO PISA's artwork showing just what can be done with this ...inspirational ...THANKS for permission to use these...ENJOY



    And from his bench ..... IMG_3580.jpg



    I suggest that you contact Hugo via these links




    or you can contact Hugo via this site

    Thank you for looking in on this little write up hope you found it of use and interest

  6. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Kevin

    THANK YOU SO MUCH... Thank you for help me in this journey and for support RPmodels and OMEN...

    Big hug
  7. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice, no nonsense review and a superb sculpt. Wish I was into fantasy.
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  8. Stepa Member

    Thank you Kevin for taking the time to post a detailed review.
    it is most helpful for people who cannot otherwise get a close look at some of these new releases.

    i also look forward to seeing Hugo develop and refine his creative works.

    we seem to be in a golden age of new releases from a number of talented artists from around the world.
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  9. Scott Sheltz Active Member

    Thanks for the very detailed review of this fabulous kit.
  10. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very Very Very nice.
  11. Bigmick Active Member

    No idea how to tackle it, initials ideas yes, ability errrrrm, we'll give it a good go
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  12. EPHISTOIRE Member

    very nice job!
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