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WIP Critique another practice

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by YellowBear, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. YellowBear Active Member

    hi all gents and ladies

    i would like to show my current work, which i use it as a practice on getting use to with brush and paint and also getting back to this hobby.

    also what i aim and hope to achieve with this one is
    - better NMM technique, better represent light & shadow and how they contrast
    - face / getting details done properly
    - finishing up details / my biggest weakness would be i often run out of steam and normally rush to finish it, with this one i try to take time and stay motivated
    *** again with this work, i look at other people's work and pick the aspect that i like and copy/learn ;) from that

    any further comments are always welcome
    and thanks again for looking :D:D:D

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  2. Ventress Well-Known Member

    Nice and tidy- you have got a good look with the NMM effect.
  3. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks Rob
    not exactly good eyes, coz i just make it the same as others ;)
  4. YellowBear Active Member

    a bit more specific question
    *** should i hightlight a bit more on the edge of the sword and above the handle of the gun (below gold plate) to make it stand out as strong NMM should be / or as it is - is good enough

    *** with this particular mini, i just gave up in painting the eyes, it is just so small. simply i just have to say, i cannot do it :D
  5. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I don't know if this will help but I find at this size (I've done tons of GW and historical 28mm... some examples in my vBench) the easiest way to paint the eyes is this:
    • Wash the eyeball in black
    • touch in the whites on either side of where you want the pupil located, leaving the pupil and a thin outline around the eye so it stands out
    I found this easier than painting the white first, then the pupil and outline.
    Maybe this helps?

  6. YellowBear Active Member

    Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try it next time.
  7. Ventress Well-Known Member

    Eyes are a pain in 28mm, I always give it a suggestion of eyes. Or put a full helmet on!:oops:
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  8. YellowBear Active Member

    i almost run out of steam for this little guy, not that anything wrong with him but frustration with myself and stepping on mistake after mistake

    so i present my progress on this one
    i probably just do some touch up a little on him and that's it
    i will be on the new project
    however, i learn a lot from this little guy
    all comment are welcome :D

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  9. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice work on this, don't be too hard on yourself, you will never stop learning and improving-that is the joy of the hobby. Take a look at stuff that was winning awards 10 years ago, it was very very good but the barrier just keeps going up.

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  10. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks Keith

    i was struggling last couple days in making blending/glazing look smoother, through my eye it looked ok but when i took a picture, it's too rough, so i tried to fix it coz in certern spot it looks alright - probably come down to consistency and being calm. as our fellow member say, practice make perfect and for me i may have to learn mediation as well ;)

    *** oh, i keep stuff it up coz i often get the color dilute in wrongly sometime too thin, or too thick -
  11. megroot A Fixture

    Great, great work on this little one.

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  12. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks marc,
    i am back to this project tonight, to get some of the details done.
    feel a lot better with the mini once i left it a bit and don't think about it too much ;)
    almost done tonight and tomorrow will take photo, try to make photo better too.
  13. YellowBear Active Member

    finally i am done with my project
    it has been a good practice and at the end i may not get everything as i want but that's the way it is
    i cannot expect all in just one mini
    again all comment are very welcome

    talk to you guys again in a new thread with a new project ;)
  14. YellowBear Active Member

    and here is the final pic
    looks a bit blur when getting close up
    and quite brighter than the actual mini itself

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  15. housecarl A Fixture

    Looks well Ben.
    YellowBear likes this.

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