anniversary vienna 1683

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by dario966, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. dario966 New Member

    hello Planeteers
    On this day, some 432 years ago Polish King Jan (John) 3rd Sobieski, commander in chief of the Christian Allied armies (although the Polish Army had some Moslem Tatars in their light cavalry banners), defeated the Moslem Ottoman Turkish (although they did have some Christian units from Serbia, Rumania and Bulgaria there as well) army of vazir Kara Mustpha that had been besieging Vienna, the capital of the Habsburg Empire.
    Hail to the valiant and curageous warriors and soldiers who won inmortal fame and eternal admiration on that day!
    This was the Polish winged hussars victory, albeit the Polish infatry and dragons cleared the field and vineyards for the winged hussars to make their fabulous charge (with reiters and pancerni in tow - my own ancestor, Jan Oziemski, was but a pancerni banner leader who did take part in this battle :) ).
    there are some sites where you could see figurines depicting winged hussars etc.
    first is the website of Polish sculptor/painter Maciej 'Koncerz' Pawlica
    second website is a combination of various Russian figure makers, look especially at the Vityaz and Granada in the medieval Europe section -mounted figures (why 17th century winged hussars would be placed in the medieval Europe section it baffels me :) )
    then Polish figures manufacturer M-model has a nice selection of the winged hussars and pancerni etc
    and others - references
    in Polish but the best website on husaria best pictures etc

    enjoy and again salute to victors and vanquished!
  2. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    This is a coincidence, since my local club just had a speaker in on Saturday that reenacts winged Hussars in CA. You even have his website listed(I just noticed) Interesting subject and a great talk that inspired me to finish my winged hussar figure.
  3. Opsofficer New Member


    I celebrated (well, at least REMEMBERED) with you and I salute your ancestor!
    I love the Polish army from this period and King Jan! As I refer to him, "The Savior of Christendom" (and Europe)!

    About 15 years ago this period was a passion of mine. Though information was harder to find than today (isn't the web great?). Nice to see someone else that feels the same!

    Justin :)

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