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For Sale Angus McBride Frodo figure with Bag End Door (unpainted resin)

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by vorennaal, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. vorennaal Member

    Dear Visitors,

    Frodo bust (based on the concept art by Angus McBride) with Bag End Door (unpainted resin)
    Kit contains: Frodo figure - Front door - lantern with chase
    Bag End Front door (studded) is 100% accurate, each stud is in the right place.
    - Frodo resin - miniature (85mm) inspired by the art of Angus McBride
    Height: 85mm (3,34 inches)
    Weight: 60 grams
    - Bag End Door
    Height: 120mm (4,72 inches)
    Weight: 210 grams
    Price: US $25.00
    Freight: $10.00
    Payment: PayPal
    Posts to: Europe (8-10 days/priority mail international) - USA/Asia/Canada/Japan/Australia etc. (10-15 days)
    Web: http://www.vargamuhely.com/frodo/index.html
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Varga-Workshop-282162405178685/?ref=hl
    Email: bravestarzole@gmail.com

    2.JPG DSC01894b.jpg DSC01902b.jpg DSC01904b.jpg DSC01909b.jpg
    DSC00535.jpg Hobbiton-New-Zealand_1-1024x682.jpg
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  2. DaddyO A Fixture

    Not my usual choice, but I'm quite tempted . . . :)
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  3. ellie A Fixture

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  4. vorennaal Member

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  5. samson Well-Known Member

    hi is the figure able to come off that base ?
  6. vorennaal Member

    Yes. Yoda can separate or come off their base.

    DSC02101.JPG DSC02103.JPG DSC02104.JPG DSC02106.JPG
  7. samson Well-Known Member

    sorry i did mean the frodo piece thanks
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  8. vorennaal Member

    Yes, you can separate it from the door. Kit contains separate Frodo figure - Front door - lantern with chase. Very nice kit...I mean...If I could say that...I like it very much! :D
  9. John Bowery A Fixture

    Just ordered mine.
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  10. vorennaal Member

    Mr John Bowery, is that you? :) Thank You John, package has been dispatched. Have you received my ebay message?
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  11. balder PlanetFigure Supporter

    I ordered one off ebay Tuesday night. I'm looking forward to working on this gem of a kit.
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  12. Andre Active Member

    I love Angus McBrides artwork, will look into getting the "boss" (as in wife....) to let me spend some money :)
    Cant wait to see a painted version of this :)


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  13. vorennaal Member

    Thank You Gerald, package dispatched. ;)
  14. vorennaal Member

    Me too. I mean Angus McBrides artworks are always superb and will be forever! Wish to get one? Sounds great but It's Friday, so I can only post next week. ;) (Next Monday will be Whitsun....what means bank holiday in Hungary)
  15. tock24 Active Member

    We still don't know if Frodo is separate from the base! Important detail methinks!
  16. vorennaal Member

    Dear Ian, thank You. What you see in the picture is what you get. Frodo seprate from the door, but not separate from it's own stand. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to attach Frodo to the door. Not to mention in this case the door itself the base. Frodo has it's own stand. But you can not separate Frodo from his stand. :)

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  17. John Bowery A Fixture

    Just saw Frodo of off the base with either a sharp Xacto knife or Jewellers saw. Should be an easy thing if you are carefull and respect the resin. If you don't want the square base at all then cut him off by using sprue cutters around the feet and then grinding down the stubs. Or just make the square a part of the walk to the front door.
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  18. itfigures New Member

    For those not sure whether to buy from vorennaal or not, I bought the Yoda and an ewok kit from him several months ago. The kits were great sculpts, cast well (usual seam clean up) posted and packed very well (although not in boxes) and quite fast (to here in Australia). I was very impressed with the kits and would buy again (even thinking about this new sculpt).
    Im not associated with him at all, just impressed with what I got that's all.
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  19. vorennaal Member

    Thank You Ben. You are right, when I started my carrier, I had no boxes. :D So I dispatched your Yoda/ewok in bubble wrap , but it was packed well. Since that time I have improved my packing System. Every single item has it's own cardboar package (with bubble wrap inside). But you are right, when I started my carrier, I had no boxes. It happend long time ago. :D You may not see this yet. Ciné-figurines did the paintjob. I was (and still I am) amazed, when I received these pictures.

  20. chippy Well-Known Member

    This is not my sort of thing , but I must say that the sculpting is top notch and the prices are very good , I hope you do well .
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