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Andrea's Scottish Piper (1690)

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by MSzwarc, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. MSzwarc New Member

    I'm not especially interested in Highlanders or the Scottish clans, but I do enjoy the sound of the bagpipe, so when Andrea recently released this Scottish Piper (1690), I decided to get one. Living, as I do, in the Middle of Nowhere, I must purchase figures sight-unseen, relying only on photographs, the reputation of the manufacturer, and, when possible, the reviews of other modelers. Since I already had a couple of 54 mm Andrea figures that were nicely detailed, well cast, and with good fit of parts, I had no qualms in ordering the Scottish Piper (MSRP $29.95, Red Lancer $22.95).


    The figure arrived, packed in soft foam in a box printed with several clear photos of a finished figure. As with my other Andrea kits, there are no assembly instructions or painting guide other than the box art. This can be a little daunting, especially for a beginner like me, but with a little careful study, the assembly can be puzzled out. As for painting, Andrea now includes a list of the Andrea paints used to paint the box art figure, but alas, no hint is given as to how or where on the figure these colors are used, so one must rely either on the box or one's own imagination.


    The figure itself is nicely detailed and cast, and consists of 12 parts, with 4 of them attached to a sprue. Casting seams are very faint, but the targ and right hand have pouring gates to be removed. The face is well defined, with a wonderful expression. The targ and the basket on the sword are quite detailed, as are the shoes. The kilt and cape are well shaped, but, unfortunately, have no cast-in guidelines for painting the plaid as I have seen in other Andrea kits. The ribbon or sash on the three drone pipes looks a little heavy for the scale, but this can be easily remedied.

    The fit of the left arm and bag, and the right hand are good. However, the kilted left leg mates very poorly with the torso and right leg. What is worse, though, is that it is very difficult, for me at least , to see just where, and from which part, to remove material so that these two pieces fit together well with the kilt properly up under the cape in the back, as well as allowing the kilt front to fit properly, and the feet to match the depressions in the base piece. There are several spots along this rather long and complex joint that seem to need attention. This will require careful study and paring to get it right.

    Although the fit of the parts is not on a par with other Andrea kits I have, and aside from the fact that Andrea doesn't include assembly and painting guides for these figures, the subject is very appealing, and with a little extra work will make up into a goodlooking figure.

    Mike Szwarc
  2. MSzwarc New Member


    The fit of the mouthpiece is good. The bag end fits into a small depression in the bag, and the mouth end sort of tucks up under the moustache. The length of the mouthpiece gives you a little leeway for a good fit ;).

    Mike Szwarc
  3. frank h Well-Known Member

    A terrific review.
    As for assembly Andrea turn out, so much so varied, so quickly,
    some elements get lost in the rush.
    Having said that, they are still great figures and the Piper underlines this.

    Frank (y) (y) (y)
  4. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the review! This is a kit that I will be doing in the near future. I too am very fond of the bagpipes and when I saw this figure I said I have to have it! If you ever get the chance to visit Scotland make sure you see the Tattoo, it is quite remarkable! (y) If you need any help with the tartan let me know and I will try to help with what references I have or how I have painted my tartans. Looking forward to seeing it painted.

  5. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Mike!

    Thanks for the great review, its always good to see reviews, especially ones with good pictures! I've loved this figure ever since I first saw it, but havent picked it up yet.
  6. poetwarrior Member

    Hi Mike!

    I enjoyed reading your review and yes it is a nice figure kit. I checked it out at a local hobby shop and I was impressed with the detail and quality of the pose. However, I had to restrain myself from adding it to my growing "gray army". Along with figure painting I'm a bit of an amateur piper myself. Among the Highland Pipers available on the market, this one is the best posed and sculpted, especially at 54mm. About that "ribbon" that spans the drones, typically that would have been a band of heavy wool tartan fabric about 2-3" wide.


    Dave Neary
  7. MSzwarc New Member

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    I don't see myself getting to Scotland anytime soon (although I will happily entertain any offers from those who are too busy to go themselves !!!), but I would definitely be interested in any info you have on tartans and how to lay them out on a figure.

    Thanks for the info about the wool band on the drone pipes. I've known a couple "amatuer" pipers in my day. They all sound great to me. If I had even a modicum of musical talent :lol:, I would try to learn the bagpipes. I know a lot of people hate them, but to me, they sound wonderful!

    Mike Szwarc

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