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Andrea new releases

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Roc, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Roc Active Member


    The troops of Saladin in the siege of the templar army in the XII century - Over 300 white metal parts - Castle and terrain in resin - Special package in wooden box - The kit includes: 10 foot figures and 3 horses in action.

    Roc. :)
  2. Roc Active Member

    more pictures.



  3. megroot A Fixture

  4. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Get ready to re mortgage your house. :) ~Gary
  5. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Great release, but i doubt that soneone will pay 1000+ euros for this one. I mean... come on... you must be very rich to get one of those castles. It's a good eye candy... but that's all :)

  6. nagashino New Member

    I had a toy fort when I was a kid. IMO this is just a smarter (and more expensive) version.

    Not my scene(ry)


  7. thegoodsgt Active Member

    A spectacular kit to be sure.

    But I wonder how big a financial risk a kit like this is to Andrea. Granted, we don't know how much the sculptor was paid, the price of material, etc., but how many do the marketers at Andrea really expect to sell? I mean most of us balk at paying $50 for a single figure (even a good one).
  8. Blind Pew A Fixture

    I do find myself in agreement with fellow Planeteers on this one.
    Firstly, don't get me wrong, I do applaud Andrea for the concept and the actual production of this piece - it looks fantastic. But who has that kinda cash? And when it's finished, what on earth do you do with it?

    Shame. Hopefully some of the figures will be out as individual kits, probably the only way many people could do them.
  9. frank h Well-Known Member

    I saw this at Euromilitaire,
    With so few figures however well done it really did not
    seem to work

    A smaller wall section more figures maybe

    I also had a fort as a child seeing this brings back some great memories
    but could not run to a 1000 euros to re-live them

    Just some thoughts

  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    A smaller wall section with 4-5 figures defending against maybe 10-12 with scaling ladders. A more compact scene would give the illusion of a much larger attack. I just do not see how these "SUPER KITS" are cost effective. I mean the cost of production alone has to be huge as I believe another artist(s) are given the task of building the master of the ship, castle or what have you that becomes the overwhelming centerpiece of such a kit. One interesting point that's been made is, if someone has a problem paying $50 for a single figure, what makes them think someone will pay a thousand Euros or more? Andrea must have some really deep pockets.~Gary
  11. Luis R. Active Member

    I think i've already posted this, probably the last time Andrea released one of their super-kits :)
    Someone from Andrea told me they have a faithfull 100 or so costumers around the world who will buy EVERY thing they release. If the people at Andrea have done their homework, these 100 sales will cover the production costs.
  12. thegoodsgt Active Member

    It says a lot about a company if they're aware of a "faithfull 100." That gives them some important information when it comes to releasing new figures or kits.
  13. Luis R. Active Member

    it shouldn't be so difficult. Just have to check where they sent their 100 submarines, their 100 stagecoaches, etc. :lol:

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