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Andrea Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Squadron Shop has announced advanced sales on Andrea Miniatures New Releases.

    All are 54mm white metal
    sculpters and painters unknown at this time

    Squadron Advanced Order

    Gepetto's Dream
    54mm white metal


    Henry VIII, 1537
    54mm white metal


    Crossbowman walking
    54mm white metal


    Russian Infantryman, 1805

  2. Kreston Active Member

    Wow, is it just me, or does the Henry VIII figure look just about like the one Alan Ball recently did for UEM?

  3. Pete_H New Member

    I thought the same thing. Typical ...
  4. amherbert Member

    And the originality of crossbowman with a chicken is unbelievable!

    Deep deep deep sarcasm - see the First Guards Burgundian/War of the Roses figure...

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery we're seeing it here.

  5. Guayo New Member

    May be is smiling with the 1st Guards
    Medieval Halebardiner,

  6. Alex M. Active Member

    Not to mention elisena's the making of pinnoccio ?

    some how all these "new releases" seem familiar - but nice none the less !!!

  7. Johan Well-Known Member

    The scary thing about this, is that it makes you wonder how many people will go for the above 54mm "imitations", and won't buy any of the (larger and perhaps somewhat more expensive) originals ... this is not a very fair way of competition, and has a detrimental effect on this hobby.
    It's like this : imagine you're a small manufacturor, you come up with a beautiful large scale figure that everybody wants, some commercial succes is within your reach as reward for your all your effort, ... and then a competitor with much bigger resources snatches your idea, and quickly produces a less expensive 54mm version of it, and by so doing snatches away part of your potential customers and financial income...
    Worst case scenario : out goes the small manufacturor of good quality, larger scale figures with his brilliant ideas, and a few years later his products will be sought after on E-bay. :(
  8. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Andrea never ceases to amaze me with thier way of coming out "their" version of another manfacturer's product. Mind you, not that other companies have a monopoly on these particular subjects, it would be nice to see a bit more originality. C'mon Andrea "get original".~Gary
  9. YellaMoon Member

    That's the first thing I noticed about them, too. How original! With all the talent that Andrea has and the thousands of original ideas out there, it's a shame that they have to waste their resources on "been there, done that" pieces. And they look like such well done pieces, too.
  10. amherbert Member


    It looks like we all think Andrea is the McDonalds/Walmart of the figure world now! :eek: ;)

    They do have some nice stuff. The Pinocchio scene looks very well rendered, better than Elisena's from what I've seen in pictures. The lack of originality is sad though.

    Now Pegaso are pumping out the WW2 figures (contributing to the figure manufacturers' goal of producing the entire SS in miniature - I know, carp, moan, whine, complain...).

    Why not a nice Napoleonic gun deck scene?
    Or Andrea could come out with some more nice looking WW1 stuff?

  11. Alan Guest

  12. Alan Guest

  13. RobertC33 Well-Known Member

    Those who come up with their own original ideas are always and will always be respected.

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