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Andrea Acrylic Paint-Flat Black problem!

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Arminous, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Arminous Member

    Hi all!

    I have a problem with Flat Black AC26 by Andrea Colors.I recently tried these paints and I felt very satisfied,since they are the most matt paints I've ever painted with!But,when I used the Flat Black I found out it was glossy!I read again the label,to avoid the case I had been confused and been using the Glossy Black.Since on the label was clearly written Flat,I purchased two more bottles,considering that it must have been a mistake with wrong labels or something.Yesterday I received the rest two bottles and they are both as gossy as the first one!

    Does any of you use Andrea Acrylics and has the same opinion about the Flat Black AC26?Please,I know that people have different opinions about "flat".For example,for all my friends Vallejo Black or Flat Blue are matt,but for me matt is Andrea White,Magenta,Prussian Blue,Biege etc.So please,tell me if your Flat Black is abcolutely flat or not :)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Wlas Member

    Liquitex BASIC Matt Black is the deadest, non-reflective black on the planet. It's cheaper than Vallejo and you get more for your $$$$. All of Liquitex BASIC Matt range remain dead flat no matter how many coats you apply.
  3. slaj Well-Known Member

    I use AC26 very often with no problems whatsoever. Strange
  4. gforceman Well-Known Member

    To make sure my color is dead flat I mix in a small quantity of Tamiya's Flat Base X-21. Many thanks to Jaume Ortiz to share this tip with me ;) You can even mix it with Andrea flat varnish to go over shiny surfaces. I hope this helps.



    P.S. I never had my AC26 gloss
  5. frank h Well-Known Member

    Whatever the reason for the annoying
    and unwanted gloss

    Vellejo matt varnish is the cure all

    I also brush it over douro prior to priming
    takes the slick oily finish away

    In the case of flat black the obvious thing is to
    vigorously shake the bottle to mix the pigment
    with its carrier

    Hope this is of some help

  6. nagashino New Member

    Hi Kostas

    I have had no problems with Andrea AC26 - been using some tonight and mine dries dead matt. I have had it several months.

    I also use designer gouache by Daler. Not easy to master the technique of using it, but nothing dries more matt that that.


  7. Samuel Pérez Active Member

    Hello friends,
    I had the same problem with the andrea matt black, I spoke with Andrea and they said to me that they had some defective boats and don't had problems for change the colour.
    I think that you must speak with your shop and change the colours...
    good luck

  8. Arminous Member

    Hello guyz!

    Thanks a lot for all your replies!

    -Majnum:I'll have to check Liquitex colors,it's the first time I hear about them,and dead matt small-granulated paints is what I keep searching for since Ral Partha gone out of bussiness and run out of its great paints(if someone could find at least the metallics I would buy them immediatelly!!!!)

    -Gino:I'm aware of this tip,but I don't like using varnishes,except it's an emergency ;).I'll have to thank you a lot for sharing,and I'll have to check this Tamiya varnish!

    -Frank:If I said I don't like varnishes,I have to say I hate Vallejo Matt Varnish as a "Matt" varnish!I destroied a painted figure when I first used it!It's cool for semi-gloss though(my opinion only...).Thanks for thinking about this case:yes,I shaked very very well before use(no kidding,my palm still hurts!)

    -Samuel:That's exactly what I had in mind!I supposed it would be very strange every single paint by Andrea to be dead matt and only this one turns glossy!I refered that to the shoper and he told me his Black is dead Matt!I asked him to sell me two more bottles,but check them before!I was send two equally defective bottles and I decided to refer it to the forum!

    Once more,thanks a lot guyz for all your help!

  9. btavis Active Member

    I agree, the Liquitex Basic Matte acrylics are very flat. So is Jo Sonja. Both are very good bargains over Vallejo in terms of the amount of paint you get for money. They are fine granularity and come in a variety of colors. I use both all the time.

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