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Andrea 90mm Custer Figure

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Paintermichtoy, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Paintermichtoy Member

    My friends at Andrea have sent me an advance look of their fantastic new 90mm Mounted Custer figure. Titled "Son of the Morning Star" this figure depicts Custer on the day of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Michigan Toy Soldier and our friend Steve Alexander consulted with Andrea on the making of this figure. Steve is one of the foremost Custer scholars in the world having done work with the Smithsonian, Little Big Horn National Park and other organizations. He also portrays Custer as a living historian and he actually lives in the Custer house in Monroe Michigan! We originally enlisted Steve to help promote the Black Hawk Custer’s Last Stand range and it was through that association and friendship that he came to the attention of Andrea who asked us to enlist Steve as a historical consultant for this figure. Steve is also currently finishing up a book on Custer to be published this fall by Andrea Press. I can't wait for this figure to come out - my favorite scale and a hometown boy.
  2. Paintermichtoy Member

    90mm Andrea Custer Image

    Forgot to post the image!

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  3. Michael Tse Active Member

    I can barely contain my excitement.
  4. Carlo Giovanni Member

    Why this name, son of the morning star?
  5. bonehead A Fixture

    It is named after a famous book about Custer.

    I have not read it, but I did see portions of the movie that was made from the book. The movie was horrific. The fellow who played Custer assaulted us with the most egregious bit of over-acting it has been my misfortune to experience. It was a complete waste of celluloid.

    BTW, nice looking figgie! I suspect that a new mortgage will be a requirement for ownership.....
  6. gordy Well-Known Member

    (y) gorgeous sculpting
  7. Paintermichtoy Member

    Color Picture!

    Just received a color photo.

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  8. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Book was by Evan S. Connell . . .

    In reference to Mike Good mention of the title of Evan S. Connell best selling
    book here in the USA, at least, with the title Son of the Morning Star,
    it seems that is the name that many Native Americans gave General
    George Armstrong Custer at the time of his campaigns with the
    US Army Cavalry in the 1870s, in the lands that now constitute the states of
    Wyoming and Montana.

    I read the book, as it was highly recommended and on the best seller list for
    quite some time. And it is a wonderful book, and extremely well written.

    Altho the book covers the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Connell goes much
    deeper into the whole situation about the Westward incursion of the "white"
    man, the settlers, into the lands of the Great Plains Nations, whose
    lands were protected by US Federal Law. I would highly recommend
    this book to anyone who wants to have a much better understanding
    about this dangerous yet critical aspect of American History. Because
    of the well deserved reputation this book still commands, it can be
    easily found on line or in most books stores.

    rick The Old Mijami Jayhawker
  9. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I'm sure this will be a popular kit, the Head and shoulders are very much a scaled down Andrea bust of the same subject so at least the facial features are consistant.
  10. Michael Tse Active Member

    With a colour picture the kit holds even more appeal, and Andrea is certain to make a lot of money with this one. I am the kind of guy who sees things in multiples of 30 pounds because of my obsession with Young busts but this one is gonna be well worth my money. There goes something like six Young busts, maybe even seven.
  11. Christosjager A Fixture

    At that scale it would be an impressive figure,
    is it true that his nickname (from the Indians) comes from his habit to attack mostly at dawn?
  12. Ken New Member

    Hi, Do you know where i can buy this figure...i'm in love !!!!!
  13. Ken New Member

    One more question!!! dose any one know the price of the figure (SON OF THE MORING STAR) PLEASE PLEASE!!!! NEED INFO!!! ???
  14. PhilinYuma Member

    Yes, Crow Indian. I think that it is also appropriate that to Christians and Jews, it is one of the names of Lucifer.
  15. chippy Well-Known Member

    I've sent an email to Santa Claus , I don't care what else I get for Xmas this year this has to be in my stocking , dropping hints early never hurts .
  16. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Fine figure, horse and the horseman!!!
    Already I want the such.
    Yours faithfully.
  17. rheath Active Member

    What can I say - a definite must have, love the painted version too.(y)
  18. gordy Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any sneak pictures of the Limited LionHeart piece?
  19. IIICorps Active Member

    Yep. Sure was. The book is much better.
  20. Johan Well-Known Member


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