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Andrea 54mm new releases

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Davidf, Oct 9, 2023.

  1. Davidf Member

    Hi all,

    Sorting through my kits for our couple of years trip around Australia I realized that hardly any of them had been released in the last ten years. I know Pegaso don't produce 54mm kits anymore but what about Andrea? The last one I can tell that was released other then WW2 figures was the crusader released in 90, 75 and 54mm's.
  2. custer760 Well-Known Member

    Hi David,
    Pegaso are still releasing 54mm figure kits.They have some excellent 54mm Napoleonic mounted figures.
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  3. Blind Pew A Fixture

    In the late 00s, Andrea suffered a drastic drop in the quality of their stuff. You could no longer buy it 'blind', trusting it was good stuff. I don't think they've ever recovered. Down the years they've also released some bizarre stuff that they cannot expect to sell much of. Shame, really.

    Pegaso are not the force they once were. I cannot recall their most recent release. For many, many years, they were the yardstick against which everything was judged. "Is it as good as a Pegaso?" we all used to say. I've always been a big fan, and will continue to champion them. Thing is, though, the resin stuff out now is considered state of the art.
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  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    This^^. Although I won't champion Pegaso for the sake of championing them. I think their most recent historical release was a Langobard (Lombard) warrior, which I thought was very ho-hum and I didn't bother with it. Their main focus these days seems to be on the Kimera fantasy range, which to be fair is a very nice range if you like that kind of stuff.

    Both Andrea and Pegaso (Andrea especially) have been resting on their laurels & living on past glories for years and have failed to keep up with the changes happening in the hobby. I can't remember the last time I bought an Andrea figure but it's been a good few years.

    - Steve
  5. David Spencer A Fixture

    Repetition is something I notice a lot of.
    Repetition is something I notice a lot of. Ranges tend to lack variety of subjects and periods. Of course, it's a gamble to release something new, but there are yawning gaps within a range of models, and frequently very similar figures that are just variations on a theme.
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