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American Trapper ca. 1776

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Markus, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Markus Well-Known Member

    Hello Friends,

    here are some pictures of one of my latest works.

    It shows an american Trapper ca. 1776. The scale is 75mm.

    I hope you like it.

    Best wishes,

    :) :) :)




  2. Roc Active Member

    looks very sharp, congratulations on a well done figure.

  3. slaj Well-Known Member

    Beautiful work Markus !! What's with these trappers anyway? Seems everybody's into them :lol:

    Stephen Mallia
  4. megroot A Fixture


    Very good figure. Is it for Sparta ???
    I hope to see it on the vendor tables very soon.

  5. Guy A Fixture

    Yes Stephen...............about time huh? :lol: I have 27 Mountain Men / Trappers painted in my collection and there's always room for more. Hope to see this Eastern Woodland version available soon. He could sure use a pair of snow shoes or a couple of metal traps to go along with him. Would distinguish him as a trapper and not a militiaman.
  6. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Markus, Please take these comments constructively. I find his jacket or rifle shirt/smock a little confusing. It looks like he is wearing a sleeveless waistcoat with a rifle shirt or smock underneath. If it is a rifle shirt/smock it's a garment that typically would have been worn over top of a waistcoat or short coat. Overshirts such as these were usually garments worn for working, in this case trapping. They would offer protection to undergarments such as a waistcoat and possibly another shirt worn underneath the waistcoat. While shirts could have ruffles at the cuffs and or collar a workingman's shirt or that worn by the working class would be without and would simply close with a button.

    The only other item would be the boots. Leggings and moccasins would probably be more practical for this man's line of work. As I said please take these comments constructively as we all have our individual vision of what these people looked like.~Gary
  7. rej Well-Known Member

    Great sculpting Markus........relaxed uncomplicated pose which still tells the story :eek:

    Keep it up!

    Ray ;)
  8. Christos Well-Known Member

    Great sculping Markus!
    best regards
  9. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Nice work Markus! It is nice to see an early portrayal of a Mountain Man as opposed of the 'later' periods.

    Gary, I agree with you regarding the jacket/shirt. However, it could be very possible for him to wear the boots, many (if not all) of the trappers started out wearing the 'normal' clothing of their community. It was only when these items wore out, (granted fairly quickly in the wild), that they adapted into the more native way of dressing simply due to the availability, and ofcourse, which they figured out pretty quick, better suited for the environment they worked in.
  10. Kyle Member


    I really like this figure--dignified, proud frontiersman. Kind of looks like what I imagine my great great grandfather looked like--he trapped the rivers and streams of western Kentucky.

    Nicely executed!

  11. Markus Well-Known Member

    @Roc: Thank you very much !!! I´m glad you like it.

    @Stephen: Losts of thanks !!! Why a new Trapper? First it is a commission work...second I love them !!!

    @Marc: Thank you very much for your kind words !!! I think it will be available, soon.

    @Guy: Thanks for looking and commenting !!! About the snowshoes and so on: This figure was planned as a simple hunter....I think I heve simply choosen the false headlins...this is not a typical Trapper just a little bit more a hunting seaddler... Sorry about my mistake in choosing the right words....

    @Gary: Thank you very much for your suggestions !! I really appreciate it. As I told it to Guy, it was a great mistake to name him a Trapper...because he is no man who trapps....Shame on my head. But I wanted to give him a real short name and headline...It would have been much better to name him what he is: "Hnting american saddler at rest...or so". I hope you don`t misunderstand my response...I really appreciate your suggestions and I´m also really sad for my mistake !!!

    @Ray: Lots of thanks my friend !!! I´m really glad you like this little man.

    @Christos: Thanks my friend ! I really appreciate your feedback !!!

    @Anders: Losts of thanks for commenting and your suggestons !!! I really appreciate it.

    @Kyle: Thank you very much !!! Nice to hear, that this figure brought you to think at your
    great great garndfather...That is a really great complimet !!!

    The best wishes,

    :) :) :)

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