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Open Book "Amaryne" from Galapagos Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 8, 2015.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to everyone ,

    Some say I live in a fantasy world ..perhaps they are right !!! but I can think no better place to be when you are near such beautiful and alluring characters like those from Galapagos Miniatures....especially the one we will be looking at in this little voyage into the myths and legend times.

    The release I am thinking about is of course one that was announced earlier this year from Galapagos Miniatures from Korea...it is AMARYNE


    The review model was received very well packed and very quickly in a cardboard postal box which on opening I found the distinctive coloured box from Galapagos , strong again and with quality coloured picture of the painted version as above on the top and also a smaller view on the box side...inspirational to look at I am sure you will agree.
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 001.jpg
    On opening the box I was greeted by 2 playing card sized inserts , one with the story of the subject, setting the scene for the modeller ...and an enjoyable read as well!! Galapagos Fantasy Girl 004.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 005.jpg , the other has a front and back version of the piece from Ki-Yeol Yoon.
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 002.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 003.jpg

    Parts were packed between thick foam holding the resin in a safe manner , inviting further investigation and all ready to be taken out to do so.

    What are we looking at then :

    Title: Amaryne- The Border Protector

    Reference: GP-B006

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Resin (Gray)

    No of pieces: 11

    Sculptor: Ju-won Jung

    Box Art: Ju-won Jung

    Special version painted by Ki-Yeol Yoon (as on insert)

    The parts consist of the main torso, 2 arms, the cloak, the 2 pieces of the bow , arrow head and arrow top flights , a metal rod for arrow shaft and some nylon yarn , and of course we have a base.
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 006.jpg
    Prep needed on the resin as follows:

    Torso: Casting plug to remove on the lower part and a piece of resin in the small of the back to allow fit of the cloak

    Arms: Small excess resin to remove at the top of the arms for fitting

    Cloak: Casting plug from the lower side edge

    Bow pieces: small plugs to take off each of the end where it sits to the hand

    Arrow head and flight: Tiny plugs to remove

    Base: Excess from the underside edges if you wish to do so .

    Nylon Cord: Fit to bow

    Lets begin first with the largests of the pieces the Torso:

    The piece is a 3/4 figure style , super smooth on all surfaces and in total keep with what I expected , she is rather beautifully done to say the least , arms are cut off just below the shoulder with locating recesses ready to get the arms .
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 007.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 008.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 009.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 010.jpg
    In the small of the back we have to fit the cloak ...easy once the excess resin has been taken away, beneath this we have 2 locating holes for the cloak to ensure fit is spot on.
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 011.jpg
    Hair......a truly beautiful piece of work , flowing over her right shoulder , finely worked , great definition , the hair on the left is swept back to reveal her pointed ear.
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 019.jpg
    On her shoulders we see a cloak with a wing on her right side ...again well shown.
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 017.jpg
    Her breasts are covered in a rather fetching little number , fitting around her body very delicatley , what I like is the way the material has been reproduced , below the cleavage we have decoration ..top stuff to get those brushes round .
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 013.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 018.jpg
    Waist is very good leading down to a very curvy set of hips , covered by material as with the "bra" really finely worked , and being a woman she has a "purse" .....
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 012.jpg
    Facial features are a young woman , delicate and well formed , neck muscles are nicely done and we have a cute little belly button as well.

    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 016.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 014.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 015.jpg
    Continued in next post:

  2. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice review Nap, as for reference I will look forward to your next post!
    napoleonpeart likes this.
  3. Nap Moderator

    Lets now have a look at the remaining pieces (all the details mentioned can be seen in the full pictures)

    The Arms first:
    Fit is excellent into the recesses on the torso , arms are as with the body delicately formed , not muscular , the right holds the bow part of which has been sculpted in the hand , the left the arrow (you will need to drill to receive the arrow shaft in the hand) . Both arms have armlets wrapped round, the left has a wrist band to protect against the bow string no doubt , nice decoration here m the right has a full lower arm protector , lovely swirling decoration has been achieved .

    Now to the Cloak fit is excellent into the small of the back helped by the 2 lugs matching the holes in the lower rear torso , the material flows down with the folds well represented and very naturally looking.

    The Bow and associated pieces , the bow is in 2 pieces with careful fitting being needed I would certainly say pin these , there is a design on the bow itself , looking at the box art ...a swirling source of power painting effects.

    Arrow head and flights will need careful fitting to the metal shaft ( good idea that its this material ..more strength) , fitting of the bow string will benefit pinning as I suggested.
    Galapagos Fantasy Girl 029.jpg Galapagos Fantasy Girl 030.jpg

    Finally the base , angled as in the pictures with a design on it similar to the bow , a good strong fitment block but as always I would again say pin it ....for that added safety.

    Finally lets have some pictures of the piece together unpainted 1c.jpg 1.jpg 1a.jpg 1b.jpg then the special artwork from Ki-Yeol aa.jpg


    Final thoughts:

    Yet another cracking piece wonderfully sculpted and presented as always from Galapagos , if fantasy is your thing then this should be in the collection wether in the Gray Army or even better after hours of fun in the display cabinet.

    Very Highly recommended

    For more details go to:


    or contact by e mail to :


    Thanks as always to Galapagos for the Review model and to you all for looking in

  4. swralph A Fixture

    Another great review Kevin.
  5. Krest063 Active Member

    Super girl !
  6. Wayneb A Fixture

    Impressive piece and review ,......Thanks Nap..........Wayne
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  7. Jim Active Member

    Beautiful figure and great review; but I'd be a buyer if it were a full figure.
    napoleonpeart likes this.
  8. Rodion Active Member

    My God, what a beauty!
  9. Stephan Well-Known Member

    That s an awesome review and I would say my copy is the same good quality.
    Thanks for that work here.
    napoleonpeart likes this.
  10. megroot A Fixture

    Great revieuw Kevin, and what a sharp casted piece of resin.

    napoleonpeart likes this.
  11. Martin Philpott Active Member

    Stunning piece and fab review, thanks for sharing.


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