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  1. Jaybo Active Member

    Danke Herr Rohmann,
    Yes I can. I have the excellent book 'Napoleon und Bayern' published by Theiss and done by the Bavarian Army Museum which obviously covers Bavaria in the Napoleonic wars. If you are not familiar with it you should check it out. It is excellent. However, aside from the occasional nouns I know no German. Throughout the book there are what I would call 'color swatches' which I believe are showing various uniform colors including 'kornblumen blau' if I am not mistaken. But since my German is non existent I can't be sure....... Danke!
  2. Jaybo Active Member

    Here is my original question: The Color of thy "Bavarian Blue" could differ considerably!
    Has anyone seen the Bavarian Army Museum publication: 'Napoleon und Bayern' ? It is very well done with paintings, photos of uniforms, militaria, etc. of the period. Unfortunately, I can't read German. My question relates to Herr Rohmann's point about the actual color of Bavarian 'cornflower blue'. My belief is that it is darker than what is usually portrayed in many of the modern uniform materials currently available. What is interesting about the book I refer to is that throughout the book there are 'swatches' of color that I am guessing refer to Bavarian uniform colors such as cornflower blue, both shades of Chevau-leger green, etc. But since I can't read German I don't know for certain. Any help would be appreciated!

  3. Martin64 A Fixture

    Most probably color of uniforms in the field changed due to wear and tear but in general the idea that Bavarian uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars had a darker tint than portrayed by some artists today can be confirmed by surviving uniforms and painters like Anton Hoffmann who specialized in painiting the Bavarian Military by the use of original pieces.
    Bayerische Armee 1812.jpg Bayerische Armee 1812a.jpg Bayerische Armee 1813a.jpg Bayerische Armee 1813.jpg
    Cheers, Martin
  4. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    The book ist right!

    From this time in particular, there could be an abundance of different shades - that depended on many factors:

    Where was the fabric produced, how and with what was it dyed, how long was such a uniform worn, what were the influences (sun, rain, weather) was the fabric exposed to etc.

    When researching such old colors I am always happy to find an officer's original uniform!

    Because they were made of better fabric, better processed - and usually came closest to the original color according to the regulations.

    An example from the Seven Years' War: When the Prussian troops led there by King Friedrich II joined the army of Prince Heinrich after the express march to Küstrin, King Friedrich said:

    "Nice soldiers He has there! Mine look like the grass devil - but they bite."

    The quote goes back to the fact that the dark blue of the Prussian uniform skirts often takes on a clear shade of green under heavy use in the field, which was due to the nature of the coloring of the fabric.

  5. Jaybo Active Member

    Herr Rohmann,
    Did you mean to say ‘the book is not right’? Have you seen this book ‘Napoleon und Bayern’? If so, what is the purpose of the various ‘color swatches’ throughout the book? Thank you (and Martin) for your insight.
  6. Martin64 A Fixture

    Far from being an expert I read that the term "cornflower blue" was given to Bavarian Uniforms by English sources during the Seven Years War. Bavarian sources describe them as "blue". Against the Prussian blue the Bavarian uniforms seemed to be lighter colored - one reason might be that soldiers had to be wear them for three years before being replaced while Prussian soldiers enjoyed every year a replacement. (Source: Friedrich Münich (Capt. ret. in the Bavarian Army)"History and development of the Bavarian Army in two centuries 1618 - 1870")
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  7. Jaybo Active Member

    Has anyone seen this book to which I referenced, 'Napoleon und Bayern'? Thanks.
  8. Nap A Fixture

    I wish I had it sounds a great book ...any chance of a look at a picture from it ?

    Can you post the cover if you don't mind


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  9. Jaybo Active Member

    Here you go Nap. The second photo has 2 of the ‘color swatches’ that I referred to.

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  10. Jaybo Active Member

    Actually, the opene book photo has 3 of the swatches.

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