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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Kaws, May 10, 2018.

  1. Kaws Active Member

    Good day to all!
    I decided to make a brief review of my last acquisition, namely:
    New miniature from Altores Studio

    "Attacking the mountain lion" or you can say a cougar.
    Article F-75-082
    75mm (1:24)

    Sculptor Anton Sadik
    The opponent of the puma was the Indian of the regions of the American Woodland, it is probably possible to attribute to the Iroquois (I honestly do not know the topic yet, I will be glad of your help in determining the tribe)
    индейцы-реактор-познавательный-ирокезы-маунды-2514624.jpeg iroquous-warriors.jpg EBATUUGa.jpg
    Cougar or mountain lion
    And so what we have in the box ... Miniature came very quickly because all the same we are with Altores in one Stavropol region. The box is packed in pimply film. Inside is traditionally a foam rubber that protects the sculpture, the components are packed in 5 zip-packs.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
    The cast is excellent, the detailing is always on top, although I cleaned up a bit of the flue, but I do not consider this a problem. In total, the miniature includes 12 details in gray resin.
    4.jpg DSC_0481.jpg
    The mimicry of the characters, as for me, was so successful for the glory that the hunter is a predator.

    The figure is reinforced, hands too, the cat is firmly attached to the hand. The only connection when connecting hands is a small gap, but this is solved in 2 minutes and a gram of putty. Although everything is holding tight, but I still drilled and put my hands on the pins. Probably this is not necessary. Thinning and equipment spilled perfectly.
    DSC_0485.jpg DSC_0474.jpg DSC_0476.jpg
    Cougar is also cast perfectly, a good sculpture
    DSC_0477.jpg DSC_0479.jpg
    Since now my miniature is already assembled and primed, I will display the assembled view from the manufacturer, it will not be different from yours.
    S18_0056.jpg S18_0062.jpg

    In conclusion .. A very dynamic miniature, high-quality and interesting product Altores. Personally, I'm 100% satisfied, although I was not a fan of the topic. I want to start painting as soon as possible!
    I hope my review will be useful!
  2. grasshopper PlanetFigure Supporter

    Have a peek at the Canadian encyclopaedia as a start..woodland indigenous can search out proper garb as opposed to fanciful stuff ..or stick to the book illustrators for romanticized gunk..the cat should be an eastern mountain lion..close to extinction now, so it’s not an impossible set up, except for the animal looking a bit wonky. Have a look maybe at some of Jeremies stuff on Figone..he has paints some big cats and it’s intersting his thoughts on colours..

    Bring it to life dude

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