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Alpine wss mg42 gunner

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by stoffy01, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi PFer's,
    Here's a WIP I've been trying to complete over the last few weeks of John Rosengrants sculpt.
    It's a bit of a standout figure in the 1/16 range for me, I like it's detail and realism. I couldn't help myself when it came to giving it a bit of a tweak as I felt the hand over the mg looked a little stiff. I did come across another little mod of this figure after I had already committed to my take of this, which was a simpler adjustement of the fingers which looked great. Unfortunately I still haven't learnt to make life easy so I decided I wanted to change the arm altogether.
    I've posted a couple of reference pics of how I wanted him to be holding the weapon. I also had to scratch build the hand attached to the gun along with moving the head to look a little to the right. I've been using a mixture of green stuff and superfine milliput which has been a little easier to use as its not so tacky to work with.
    I've been using Vallejo on a wet pallet, also humbrol metal coat and also a pencil for highlights.
    Hope you like the work so far, the family recon the face is the spitting image of yours truly :eek: any criticism is welcome, a box of tissues are at the ready.
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  2. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    This is looking good, I have yet to paint a WWII figure, so following. (I have one in my GA).
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  3. T50 A Fixture

    Looking great so far!
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  4. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi Bob,
    It's my first serious WWII project as well, previous ones were airfix 1/32nd figures around 35+ years ago. Thanks for looking.
  5. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi, thanks for your feedback, hope to get this one over the line, just need to attach the hand with mg to arm, cleanup then base.
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  6. Ferris A Fixture

    Nice job on the conversion!

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  7. gendegaia Active Member

    nice work so far!

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  8. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi Adrian,
    Thanks for the compliment, I'm finding that I just like to do a little tweak to some figures here and there maybe to give it it's own little individual character.
  9. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi Orlanda,
    Many thanks for looking in on my WIP.
  10. clrsgt A Fixture

    Nicely done on the conversion.
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  11. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi, thanks for the comment, I'm glad you're liking the WIP.
  12. Gellso A Fixture

    That's some excellent sculpting.
    Looks even better now.
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  13. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi Gells,
    Thanks for the kind remarks, It took a little while to try and get the creases in the sleeve to match the other arm. I've also ended up changing the grip of the hand a couple of times along with trying to match the detail of the left hand and will post the result of this soon.
  14. stoffy01 A Fixture

    I've managed to do a little more on this figure before heading off for a camping on the family camping trip. I hot a little syuck trying to do the gun strap and ended up just making it out of a putty mix. I think it's turned out ok and will detail that and clean it up and base it when back......
  15. stoffy01 A Fixture

    :oops: Jesus, I've just realised what I posted, thats what 5 days in a row of burning the the candle at both ends does to you, I'm brain scrambled :eek:
  16. phil_h A Fixture


    Despite the brain scrambling, the results of both the conversion work and painting are looking fantastic.(y)
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  17. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the positive feedback of the figure, brain currently on recharger.

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