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WIP Critique Alpine 16009 German Infantry Officer

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Taesung .... Very Glad you like it :) I don't imagine this guy with worn or damaged gear somehow ;)

    Marc ... Many thanks :)

    Carl ... Cheers :)

    Steve .... Many thanks and your right, it is a superb piece! :)

    Mitsutaka ... Man y thanks again :)

    All glued together now, a tiny and I mean Tiny! gap around each arm to sort out... some more work with the Klear to do and finish those shoulder boards .... :)

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  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Dig the boots, and the medal-ribbon is a good splash of colour (y)
  3. Ferris A Fixture

    I don't know how I almost missed this one!...
    Another great bit of painting Mark. I think your by now very recognizable style suits this figure especially well. Very good work.

  4. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Gordy ... Thanks :) with some very light dusting they should look a little better :)

    Adrian ... Many thanks! It is a lovely sculpt :)

    Almost entirely finished!

    I used Vallejo Plastic filler mixed with the base coat of the uniform to put something in the arm joints. Frankly it didn't need it....

    Also I used various dilutions of Klear to add sheen to the buttons and the binocular straps ...

    Veneering the base now.....


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  5. Jason New Member

    A very nice job.
    This is another very beautiful figure that came out of your hands. When i see this, im gonna need this figure too :)

    Good job on the buttons and sheens that are the small things that make a figure look way better, but what i like most is the painting of the uniform (we dont need to talk about your faces (y) ;-) ). Very nice
  6. bonehead A Fixture

    Nice job Mark!


  7. stu A Fixture

    That's a lovely bit of painting mate , congrats.

  8. T50 A Fixture

    A Sharp Dressed Man!

    This figure would look good next to a staff car!
    A night out in Paris, na mean?

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  9. housecarl A Fixture

    Or stood next to a table wedgie. Bottle of wine, some cheese, catching some rays. You know?
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  10. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Jason ... Many thanks, it is a fun piece to paint!

    Mike ... Many thanks :) :)

    Stu ... Can't be doing without some field grey on my palette ;) And thanks :)

    Taesung ... Super sharp! And thanks :)

    Carl .... Hmmmm ... Kelly's thingammybobs! ;)


    Although I'm liable to tweak some bits and bobs over the next few days, this is done!

    I decided in keeping with the clean lines of the figure to do an ultra simple base...

    A layer of MS was rolled flat and textured then some paving/blocky shapes were marked in..... Once dry I base coated with Black enamel and stuck the squashed tab ends onto the still wet enamel....

    painted with a mixture of GW and AV acrylics, colours include Codex Grey, English uniform, Hull Red, Burnt Umber, Black and a bright Green ... the fag ends got mostly Burnt umber and Snakebite Leather with some black and white in the mixes ....

    I dusted the paving and the bottom of the boots with ground conte chalks ... Grey and Black for the record...

    Many thanks for following, commenting and advice received :)

    Pictures .....




    Blimey! Look at the little bits stuck with static to it! Blast!

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  11. pmfs A Fixture

    Great work Mark!

    Hi Mark!

    You know what a think about the figure...
    The base are simple but very nice.
  12. Jason New Member

    oh boy,

    a must have right now. The simple base really blows. This guy has an aura that really fascinates me.

    I absolutly like this piece. Very well done.

    btw i send you a p.m.

  13. unknown01 New Member

    It built into the officer which is Great, didn't it?
    Indeed an amazing work.
    The feel of a material of the uniform is very realistic and is the beautiful color.
    Indeed the fresh tone is also wonderful.
    I think a professional work.
    I congratulate completion.

  14. Johan Well-Known Member

    I'm a little late with my comments, but please allow me to say that your superb painting did justice to this exquisite sculpture !! congrats with this superb figure.
    What is your Field Grey btw ? Lifecolor ?
  15. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Thank you Johan! :) The field grey I'm sure is the Vallejo one with black mixed into it for the shading and Light Flesh added for highlighting. I find that way the green is much more muted .... :)
  16. Jazz A Fixture

    Nice shading to the face Mark. I really like how you have done the stubble.
  17. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Here's some better shots from my new lighting set-up :)

    Zombie thread returns .............





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