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All please read - PF against Recaster's **POLL**

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Nap, Oct 2, 2018.


Q: "Do you support Planet Figure taking direct measures against recaster's?"

Poll closed Oct 23, 2018.
Don't make any changes, and keep everything the way it is 16 vote(s) 59.3%
require to show a photo of the box art when uploading images to ALL AREA'S of PF 3 vote(s) 11.1%
Require to show a photo of the box art, ONLY IN MARKETPLACE ,no changes to other area's 8 vote(s) 29.6%
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  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    PF always tries to involve members and listen to ideas so we would appreciate if you would take time to read the question and apply your answer to the responses below (NO muliti voting is available)

    The Poll will end in 21 days (24th October) to allow as many to read and vote
    • Planet Figure is leading the fight back against recaster's, but it requires more than just words.

    • We need to take action.

    • The problem begins and ends with us; the consumers. Nothing can stop you from buying recast figures, but we can prevent you from displaying your recast figures & busts on this forum.

    • We don't want any recast figures or bust shown on this forum, and the best way to prevent that from happening is to require everyone to demonstrate that their figures/ busts are genuine.

    • Since virtually no recaster's go to the trouble of replicating box art, packaging and instructions, this is the primary means of identifying a genuinely purchased item from an illegal rip off.

    • Therefore we believe the best way to prevent people from displaying recast figures on this forum is to require them to demonstrate that the figures are genuine by showing a photo of the box art/ instructions with the figure or bust.
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  2. Helm A Fixture

    All well and good but I chuck the boxes away myself, also what if I buy it at a show and there's no box? Just seems to be a minefield of problems and likely to discourage people posting work
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  3. mick3272 A Fixture

    PM Sent.
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  4. Martin64 A Fixture

    Where will this end?
    On one hand this might be my big chance as I was next to never able to part from the empty boxes of my kits and therefore have quite a stash of old boxes with instructions although the new kits tend to come in many cases with just a blister and no instruction sheets (no reason to keep them like I did). Some manufacturers even changed their packaging throughout the years btw. - so there might be the need of a data base at what time the genuine kit was packed in what kind of boxes...
    Will we finally end up with a picture taken by a life-camera showing the face of the PF-member, ID-card, receipt of the purchase and then the member himself holding the box with instructions into the screen - similar to the process I just had to pass while registering my new SIM-card?
    Will sort of this become a requirement to display figures in future shows? What about dioramas with multiple kits?
    Is displaying a figure on the internet or at shows the main reason to buy a recast and will stop people from doing it?
    I give in - and will not take part in this poll - lead the way and if I meet future requirements I`ll post my stuff - otherwise no problem.
    Cheers, Martin
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  5. Tony Dawe PlanetFigure Supporter

    I don’t have a problem with it. Seems a small price to pay to save the hobby
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    THANK YOU for the comments

    Martin ...No of course it will not get like that ...this is a poll to get members thoughts and comments

    Surely people should choose to leave as it is if they are raising points like that above

    Members wishes will be respected but PF needs to lead as a online and respected community even if we can't all provide box art etc 100% all the time ....every little helps

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  7. tock24 Active Member

    I have voted, and fully support the stance taken by PF. However, I cannot for the life of me manage to post pictures! [Poor camera, not enough techno, too lazy??!!]
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  8. DEL A Fixture

    I'm going to give it some thought before I vote. Steve (Helm) makes a very good point and there are a significant number of figures in my GA that have been purchased at shows and from other members of pF and are not in original boxes.
    I was thinking that it was about time I posted some photos of fairly recent work including at least 4 from my pF table display at EME, the boxes for these are long gone.
    Similarly I'll be selling a number of completed figures in the coming months, none of these will have photo evidence to support their authenticity.
    Purchased Hugo's War Elephant on Saturday at EME....unboxed it on Tuesday, sub assemblies built for priming........box was in the bin by Tuesday night.
    Don't think the marketplace option presents any additional benefit, are there really any members out there who would try to sell on a recast to other members with the resultant risk to their reputations?
    I think we've got to take each other on good faith. Decision made re vote. Not much thought I know ;)
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  9. frank h Well-Known Member

    I have voted to keep things the way they are.
    Planet figure has made itself crystal clear on the re-cast issue whole heartedly
    against it.

    I have just received a kit long out of production purchased from a well respected member on here
    when offered it.....I was in no doubt that I would be getting the genuine article

    I believe we are all people of great integrity with a love and passion for our hobby
    and see no reason to have to verify our postings with box art.

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  10. Martin64 A Fixture

    Playing once more the devil`s advocate I don`t think that it is possible to give certain well known members a benefit of doubt when they can`t provide a picture of the box or/and instructions before displaying their work - if that policy will become the future way to combat recasts with the means of PF we have to stick to these new rules without exceptions - quote: "to prevent people from displaying recast figures on this forum is to require them to demonstrate that the figures are genuine by showing a photo of the box art/ instructions with the figure or bust".
    As I don`t think that Del and others will display recasts I regard this as a loss for PF and not a small price to pay for a problem that will not be changed this way.
    - Now off for searching the sheet signed by Chris Mrosko that once came with my limited copy of the Rosengrant 1/9 scale MG-Gunner released by PMC - otherwise not packed in any significant way to have a proof that it is genuine.:(
    Cheers, Martin
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  11. housecarl A Fixture

    We all should be able to recognise a recast.
    The old adage, if it's look too good to be true then it's generally dodgy.;)
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  12. theBaron A Fixture

    "Therefore we believe the best way to prevent people from displaying recast figures on this forum is to require them to demonstrate that the figures are genuine by showing a photo of the box art/ instructions with the figure or bust."

    So, if I want to post a picture of an old Stadden 54mm that I paint, I have to show box art? Or a Phoenix miniature? Imrie-Risley? Sanderson? What about larger-scale resin anime and sci-fi figures, which often come with a photo as a painting guide, but little else, even if the figure is a recast?

    The forum can establish that as a rule, of course, but it's really more virtue-signalling than any effective tactic to end piracy.

    I think we're all already doing what we can, by educating ourselves and resolving not to buy a piece we know to be an unlicensed copy; by calling out vendors who sell unlicensed copies; and by making the copyright holders aware when we find what we believe to be an unlicensed copy, because in the end, it is the copyright holder who generally has the best legal standing to take effective steps against the pirate.

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  13. theBaron A Fixture

    Now here is something that may prove to be more effective. "Mythbusters'" Adam Savage recorded this message about recasting and posted it to YouTube:

    Garage kit maker Michael Fichtenmayer ("fichtenfoo" in various forums and elsewhere) posted this story in the Kow Yokoyama Facebook group. Savage built Michael's Cosmonaut kit, and they struck up a correspondence.
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  14. Ferris A Fixture

    It's well intended Nap, but it will scare away bona fide users and have little if any impact on the problem.
    It is also easy to get around...just download pics of genuine articles from the net, if needed print and fold.
    But why will anyone bother....so more lost posts.

    What PF can and should do is educate the membership, which it is already doing. Explain the problem, it's impact on the hobby and how to recognise recasts.
    As I argued in another post, another value add could be to help manufacturors and sculptors in generating ideas on how to live with the problem. Several avenues could be explored...crowd funding of pre-announced releases, subscription style models, etc. Ideas can be sourced from other areas of business encountering a similar problem. I am still disappointed that a recent thread going in this direction was closed down prematurely.

    Please let us focus on actual impact on the actual problem and stay away from feel-good window-dressing and moral preachings to the chior.

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  15. Ferris A Fixture

    PS: I didn't vote as my suggested course of action is not one of the options.
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  16. Blind Pew A Fixture

    I think that any reasonable step to combat this menace has to commended.

    I found myself in a quandry though. Loads of my GA either didn't come with a box when I got it or the box went the way of the bin to make storage easier...

    I can't really see people buying/selling recasts amongst each other on PF, or not knowingly anyway. As Del rightly says, such a risk to their reputation would render them PNG.

    This is a great thread and is what PF is all about.
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  17. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    Thanks everyone , Ferris and BP really appreciate your comments you raise points quite rightly

    Currently packing up to move so the GA has been gone through and like many I too have resin without boxes

    As I said as much as I would like to stop recasting ...I/We all know realistically it's not going to happen .

    There are of course genuine bona fida companies ie :Fan Art, Alexandros , Altores Studio in the main area's where recasters operate .wonder how these guys feel about it

    This is all about education as many have said , have posters and handouts at shows for example ..this happens already including at my own show BUGLE CALL


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  18. mick3272 A Fixture

    For Info.
    Whilst moving my cursor over the recast banner I noticed a little cross appear in the top right corner with the word dismiss ? under it with that the Recast warning Banner disappeared. I cant seem to get it back.
    Is it possible for this Banner to be made permanent ??
  19. housecarl A Fixture

    Hope not.
  20. Nap A Fixture


    Will get this looked at the banner should be permanent

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