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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by DRUMS01, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. DRUMS01 Member

    Hey everyone, since I am still kind of new here I have a question; Are the resin and metal figures on AliExpress counterfeit or seconds, or are they originals? I do not want to buy pirate copies of figures that may have been replicated without permission (?).

    Please let me know before I buy.....

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  2. arj A Fixture

    Spotting recasts has been a regular subject on PF.
    Try these posts HERE and HERE for a start.

  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Ben

    Thanks for asking the question ....this selling platform has been mentioned ref recasting, not saying all are iffy of course ...personally I would not go near them ...buy from bona fida companies ...

    Might I suggest you have a look in the Markeplace/Commisions as well ...see what members are selling from the GA

    As a matter of interest what are you wanting ?

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  4. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    If it is a Chinese platform the kits are more than likely recasts. I can't think of one Chinese producer in the figure market who features on this platform.

    If a kit is substantially less than the advertised retail price it is probably a recast.

    If it is not boxed with artwork it is probably a recast.

    Buy from an established retailer, there are three in the UK, or directly from the manufacturers website.
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  5. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    It would be helpful to know which country you are in.
  6. yellowcat Well-Known Member

  7. Remebrandt New Member

    I was a member of a group who is against re-casting and would like to be part it again does anybody know any way to reach them ?
  8. Babelfish A Fixture

    As phony as a glass eye. Well about 99% of them anyway.

    - Steve
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  9. Remebrandt New Member

    by the way there were several actors who had a glass .
  10. pinkfloyd Well-Known Member

    Hi Ben,
    all AliExpress resin figures kits 200% re-casted for sure!

  11. DRUMS01 Member

    Thanks everyone for the clarity; an aquaintence told me about it so I took a look. Upon seeing the crazy prices and limited product, I thought something was fishy.

    I am new and would never want to under-cut any of our wonderful sculptors or retailers. I really enjoy this forum and want to be not only an active member in good standing for a long time to come, but also a staunch supporter of our industry and advocate for anti-piracy.

    Thanks again....
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  12. Nap Forum Moderator


    Well said Ben .....perhaps you might like to be a PF Supporter as well ..about $15 a year/ equivalent ...mantains the site and all the necessary techy stuff ...see pic ...link is on top right

    Glad you enjoy the forum ...spread the word!

    Happy benchtime

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  13. Forté Well-Known Member

    There are many sites to avoid. Ali is one and to avoid advertising I will not name the others.

    Basic rules though for spotting recasts:
    • description doesn't mention company who makes it.
    • description mentions without packaging
    • price looks like a really cheap deal
    • everything has very generic names
    • limited images and all low quality stock photos that are easy to download online

    Basically, if you're unsure; ask places like here.
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  14. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Very easy to remember
    ali baba.jpg
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  15. TERRYSOMME1916 Well-Known Member

    When I came back into the hobby after a very long break (there was no internet when I was painting) the first place that I looked for figures/busts was the internet, I was caught out with very cheap items that I now know as being re-casts, I only became aware such a thing existed through becoming a member of PF and all the warning signs have been covered within this thread but apart from the damage this practice causes to those gifted sculptors, companies trying to feed us with wonderful subjects and stockists providing us with a great service a re-cast will have all sorts of things going on with it like distortion, air bubbles that can turn into big holes, missing details, rough surfaces, casting lines etc, it can take weeks to try and bring this up to any type of standard that will still be no where near the standard of the real item purchased from a trusted source that might only take a hour or so to sort out and be ready to prime. Re-casters don't give a damn about quality, they got your payment and they will send you a ball of resin. There was a substantial 120mm figure on PF yesterday from a reputable company for £35 including international post, that's how to beat the re-casters.
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