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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by quang, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. quang Active Member

    What do you expect? David Lean? Stanley Kubrick? er...Cecil B. DeMille?

    At least you don't get Stephen 'The Mummy' Sommers! :lol:

    Q. :)
  2. quang Active Member

    I don't know about the film but the Babylon Belles sure look good! ;) ;)

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  3. fsdesimone Member

    Well, he's allowed to be as self-indulgant as he likes - it's his movie after all. But I probably won't pay $10.25 for "historical fiction" when I can do a lot better stuff with the money (buy a book, a music CD, or just burning it would feel like less of a waste). ;)
  4. fsdesimone Member

    The recreation of the blue walls is a nice touch.
  5. quang Active Member

    Oxford historian Robin Lane Fox, author of 'The Search for Alexander' and 'Alexander the Great: A Biography', is project adviser to the film.

    Interview HERE.

    I know about Stone's 'satanic' reputation (especially in the US). But everyone deserves a fair chance. Even Stephen Sommers. :lol: :lol:
  6. JBoisson New Member

    Hey All

    Yeah, Stone is self indulgent, and yeah, he may have a skewed point of view, but, hey, the guy can make a memorable flick. I haven't seen the bulk of his work, but JFK and Platoon were great movies. The most frightened I've ever been watching a movie (well, since Bambi's mom got whacked anyway) was that night ambush scene in Platoon, the tension, the frozen stare, the rifle an arm length away, that bush suddenly becoming an NVA pointman close enough to touch. That scene put you right there in Taylor's quaking boots. I nearly [expletive] right there in the Bijou.
    Politics aside the guy's an artist. Can't wait to see Alex on the big screen.
  7. amherbert Member

    Oliver Stone has done some good work (understatement) and some not so good, but of course it's art, so we're all entitled to have our own opinions.

    The previews for "Alexander" look good. I hope the plot is good and I hope for decent characters that develop. If both of those occur, I'll be happy (surprised/ecstatic/amazed).

    As far as historical accuracy goes, we can hope he has the right settings etc. given his body of work thus far.

    Delayed release worries me though.

    Platoon was very well done. I didn't care for JFK, and there are a few of his other films I've avoided for their reputed bombast.

    "The Mummy" was amusing, so I'd give Sommers a chance too!

    I suppose I could have written F. F. Coppola = Self-Indulgent = Any 'A' list Director!!

  8. frank h Well-Known Member

    As someone who sat through Troy and then King Arthur.......
    Two films that offered a lot of promise but delivered nothing
    I look forward to seeing Alexander a great story hopefully
    reasonably accurately portrayed.

    I realize there has to be a certain amount of commercial appeal,
    but I really hope this offering is a little harder edged, and not a
    dumb down, to satisfy the politically correct times in which we
    unfortunately live.

  9. quang Active Member

    Hello Frank,

    Precisely. That's why I was so excited when I saw that it was directed by Oliver Stone. You can accuse the man of many things ('The Doors' was downright ridicule) but not of being politically correct. (y)

    Unless he has mellowed down. Like us all. :lol:


    PS. I shudder at the thought that at one time, Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for the title role! :eek:
  10. amherbert Member

    "Alexander and the Titanic"?

    Your point about it not being pablum is a good one. Colin Farrell is pretty entertaining too. I wonder if Alexander enjoyed a wee pint?

  11. fsdesimone Member

    Considering it was long thought that he died of alcohol poisoning, I'd say so. :)

    It's actually a very debatable topic - poisoning (non-alcoholic), typhoid, malaria... there are a few other theories floating around as well.

  12. quang Active Member

    "Alexander and the Titanic"

    Imagine Leo on top of a war elephant with his arms outstretched and Celine Dion singing "My heart will go on ..." in the background. :lol:

    Shudder, shudder! ;)

  13. quang Active Member

    ...or vice-versa.

    Q. :)

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  14. amherbert Member

    You clearly have too much time on your hands!

    Shouldn't you be sculpting a 120mm version of this now? ;)

  15. quang Active Member

    Not 120mm but a double bust is on the way. :lol: :lol:
  16. Shane Active Member

    I might be wrong, but I think Leo was involved in a competitor's Alex movie that has since been shut down. Thank you, God!

    I'm no fan of Ollie Stone, but the attention given to the uniforms in this one has me thinking the history won't get too badly butchered. I've noticed they've put a new cover on the Fox book to coincide with the movie release. Proudly displayed on the cover is a quote from Stone praising the book. Perhaps some of the book made it into the movie. But even Lean took liberties. That didn't stop "el awrence" from being one of the best movies ever.


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