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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by quang, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. quang Active Member

    I'm not much into modern digitalized/sanitized re-creations of Italian peplums (like the recent bloated Arthur and Troy) but this one looks VERY promising. :)

    Especially the scene where 1327 Persian archers shoot their composite bows in unison. Agreed we've seen it before in LOTR or HERO still it's always an impressive sight. To my easily impressed self anyway ;) .

    Trailer HERE


  2. quang Active Member

    Article en français


    Q. ;)
  3. Shane Active Member


    "...birdie, num, num..."

    The best Sellars movie, IMO

    I've been drooling over this upcoming Alex movie for quite awhile. The authentic uniform details has me thinking this won't be just another sandals & swords film. But Angelina as Olympia has me a little concerned.

  4. megroot A Fixture

    Hi Quang,

    I like all these films. And there are a few sculpturs who bring great figure's from the movie. I ' am thinking about Achille's, William Wallace. They all sculpted by the character off the acteur.
    I hope some day you sculpt a great person out of a movie. Maybe Alexander the Great. :)

    I like your figure's espicially the last one. When you are out of inspiration, think off what i 've said above. ;)

    Greetings Marc. (who has not a Fender).
  5. amherbert Member

    I wonder how many expletives Colin Farrel had to delete!

    I'm looking forward to this too. I hope it's not a pile of dren like Troy or Gladiator, but of course I'll be seeing it regardless!

    The trailer I saw didn't show the archers! I like the horse/elephant standoff though.

  6. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Im also looking forward to this movie!

    I just finished reading the three bok series called Alexander by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. These three books are very well written and very interesting as well as authentic and accurate (atleast from what I've read in Ospreys Alexander books).
  7. quang Active Member

    Andy: You'll see the archers HERE. (y) Hope Alexander is not ANOTHER Gladiator clone (one of the most tedious films I've ever watched. Never succeeded to stay until the end despite my multiple viewings of the DVD).

    Shane: Remember Vyoming Bill Kelso? :lol:

    Marc: Thanks for your suggestion but I'll have to do a bust of Sharpie95 first. He's sending me an ADN sample via email.


  8. amherbert Member


    That's the ticket. If only Angelina Jolie would disappear... That's some pretty lame dialogue in the clip.

    I still don't know what happens at the end of 'Troy', nor do I care to find out...

  9. quang Active Member

    There's that huge wooden horse with people inside and then someone said something about Greeks and gifts... :eek: Oh heck! Gimme Xena anytime!

    HTH (y)

  10. Shane Active Member


    At the pool table.

    Need to see it again. Sellars was a genius.
  11. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Shure Marc :) I'm one of these sculptos who are working in this movie. And I like this movies too. I'm born whit films like Ben Hur an Spartacus ;)

    Quanq, do you know when show comercially this movie?

    Greetings, Alex.
  12. quang Active Member

    Alex: date of release is November 24 in the US and January 05 in Europe

    Shane: I bought the DVD last week. I'm onto my 11th viewing :lol:.

    Just call me Hrundi V. Bakshi ;)

  13. amherbert Member

    Now I'm confused.
    I thought the release date was November 5 here in the US.

  14. quang Active Member


    I got my source HERE.

    Of course they could have mixed up the dates. Anyway, check out the 'Eastern' version of the poster on the right, powerful stuff! (y)

  15. amherbert Member

    I see I managed to mix up the European and North American dates.

    IT's been that kind of week... :p

  16. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Andy,

    You are right, the original release date was Nov. 5th here in the states. I guess they pushed it forward because the movie season is slow or something like that. Heard them talking about it on some kind of movie radio talk show.
  17. amherbert Member


    Changes like that usually mean they needed to change the ending because of test audiences. Of course with Oliver Stone, you never know.

    At least I hadn't totally lost my memory.

  18. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Well, there's one in every crowd and I guess I'll be that one. I personally will not go to see this movie and will wait for the DVD. Why? Look at the director. Look at his track record of filming history. What a complete and utter waste of "based on a true story" he is. Nothing he has done is even close to history. His version? Yes. Actual history? Gimme a break. DVD, where are you?

    Jim Patrick
  19. fsdesimone Member

    You're not the only one Jim - I'll wait for DVD as well. I find Stone to be self-indulgent to the point he ruins the movie (for me anyway). The only movie of his that I have any patience for is "Wall Street".

  20. amherbert Member

    I look forward to Alexander, but based on his recent few movies I'll wait until I for the reviews before spending the cash on admission.

    Of course that didn't stop me from trying to see "Troy"...

    Oliver Stone = Self-Indulgent!! ;)


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