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Ajax the Great

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Stanislav, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Stanislav A Fixture

    Greetings my friends!
    New release from Alive History Miniatures Russia. The figure sculpted by Dmitry Shevzov, scale 54mm, white metal.
    You can set any question to owner trademark Alive History Miniatures on e-mail alexseyk65@mail.ru
    Also he can sent you full catalog by Alive History Miniatures. And you can discuss any questoins about buying figures from Alive History or cooperation with him. Thank you!
    S18_9858.jpg S18_9859.jpg S18_9862.jpg S18_9864.jpg S18_9866.jpg S18_9868.jpg S18_9870.jpg S18_9871.jpg S18_9874.jpg S18_9876.jpg S18_9880.jpg шумейт.jpg
  2. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Who made this fine boxart...?

    Кто сделал этот прекрасный боксарт ...?

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  3. Oda A Fixture

    This is definitely coming full circle for me as my first ever post on PF was about Alive History Miniatures.It was when they had released their Mycenaean chariot that I made contact with the owner via email in order to get it and that was IT!I fell in love instantly with this company's products and I've been buying them ever since.I think that by now I must own more than a third of their entire range and I do not intent to stop.Their figures are beautifully cast sculptures in high quality white metal.All are made by well known Russian sculptors.Their horses (some of the best in the market) mostly in dramatic,action poses have steel rods incorporated in the leg that is touching the ground,that goes all the way up to the animals shoulder providing a secure grip onto the base.You can literally stand on the horse yourself and it will not bend or break.All the weapons that are unsheathed sport steel blades (not fragile cast white metal ones).It is not unusual for the figures to include multiple heads or arms for rendering more than one versions of the same subject.The real surprise is their thematology as this company is dedicated to less well known subject of early and classical antiquity.Their Mycenaean line (latest addition of wich is Ajax) is simply remarkable as of course their fantastic Scythian line (I sould know as I have all their Mycenaeans,all their mounted Scytians plus quite a few of the foot figures).They have a beautiful line of late Romans/early Byzantines along with some of their enemies (such as Huns or Sassanids) and an entire line dedicated to the Punic wars (take a look at the lake Transimene vignette) as well as the Greek-Persian wars.Probably the best Achaemenid Persians that can be found on the market in 54mm belong to this company.
    I have discussed all the above with many friends and other PF members their only objection of whom was the fact that these figures were only available through one Russian online shop.I can only say that I have bought all my collection of their miniatures directly through the owner,a man I think of as a friend after all these years,and I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone doing business with Aleksey.He is dedicated to our hobby,a lover of history and above all an extremely decent and honest person.In all my dealings with him I have always come out on the winning side.He runs his bussines with total and utmost respect to his clients to the quality standrds he has set for his company.He is always available for answering questions and providinf solutions in order to make it possible for any modeller to acquire his unique and beautiful miniatures.

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  4. megroot A Fixture

    very good work.

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  5. DaddyO A Fixture

    Wow Oda what a recommendation of a company.
    The figure certainly caught my eye and I'd be very tempted by some of the others you describe. I prefer white metal to resin and have just subscribed to ancient warfare magazine so it sounds like I may have found a source for some lovely future painting sessions :)

    I'll drop Aleksey an email to see if there's a catalogue with some piccies - looks like it's time to break open the piggy bank
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  6. Stanislav A Fixture

    Thank you! I painted this figure!

    Oda, many thanks for your kind words!
    Megroot, DaddyO, many thanks!
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  7. Oda A Fixture

    You will not be disappointed Paul!

    Stanislav likes this.
  8. mortier A Fixture

    I also love russian sculptors and Alive have a fantastic range of ancient figures,i agree
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  9. ATTİLA the HUN Well-Known Member

    YESsss. ABSOLUTELY.............
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  10. alexseyk Active Member


    Thank everybody!!!
    I'm glad listen such good words!!
    I will be soon present new figures!
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  11. Theodoros Well-Known Member

    Excellent !
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  12. salonikios Active Member

    always happy to see a historically accurate figure with a Hellenic (Greek) content, great sculpting and painting!!

    Oda likes this.

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