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Aitna Mtd Samurai

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Anders Heintz, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey John!

    Thanks for posting this review. Now Samurai's isnt exactly my thing, but its always good to read about figures and reviews like this. Thanks for sharing!
  2. quang Active Member


    Great insightful review. (y)

    Indeed, the overscaled bow, quiver and arrows give a 'toy soldier' look to an otherwise commendable effort. No doubt this was dictated by technical (casting) requirements but much more accurate replacement can be easily made from scratch or by thinning down the supplied parts and adding extra details. Not a bad point in itself as it'd give you the opportunity to add a personal touch.

    I also feel the rider needs a headdress of some sort (eboshi?). A fully-equipped bushi wouldn't ride out bareheaded.

  3. Guy A Fixture

    From what I have read Quang, you are right, he would be like a Cowboy without a hat!
  4. quang Active Member

    BTW Guy, have you noticed the name of the PiLiPiLi's Cowboy? John B. Egert.

    Sounds familiar? ;)

  5. Guy A Fixture

    Yes Quang, I did notice that familiar name but haven't tied it to the source as yet. Give me a hint btw, the figure you did is coming up on my bench soon. I bought him last spring from Michigan Toy Soldier along with the Huron. Great figures Quang!
  6. quang Active Member

    Check out who started this thread
  7. Guy A Fixture

    I saw that Quang.....but said to myself....nawww....just a coinsidence.....couldn't be tied together.......I figured I would see that name the next time I went to the Cowboy Hall of Fame here in town and you got the name from reference you did when developing the figure.
    Thanks for the info (y)
  8. johnegert New Member

    Yet another example of Quang's bizarre sense of humor, knowing the ambivalent sense of horror mixed with greed with which we troglodytes of the mountains of New Mexico (aka The Texas Alps) greet the human tidal wave of crazed honky vacationers each summer. Hey Quangalong--- I remembered to sign in this time!
  9. quang Active Member

    To those who are rightfully puzzled by this hermetic exchange, let me explain.

    John Egert and myself are cyber-pals since the prehistory of the Internet forums (the HM Forum) some 7-8 years ago. We share a passion for Californian surfer lore and Woodstock-era trivia and ... a slightly distorted view of reality as well.

    John who lives in Lincoln County, NM (Billy the Kid's country) have a great inside knowledge of Plains Indian culture (especially the Lakota and Southern Cheyenne) and everything... Japanese.

    He also greatly contributed as a researcher for several PiLiPiLi figures (notably the Lakota Kit-Fox and the mounted Cheyenne Dog Soldier). Not always the most prolific painter, he's got a very keen eye for details (and the comment that hurts!).

    I named my Cowboy after him. Since then, he's greeted with a resounding "Howdy, podner" every time he calls up Chuck Robinson at the Red Lancers :lol:

  10. Guy A Fixture

    Woodstock......hmmm.......that was one wild party......whew was there but don't remember too much. was long before my figure days
  11. quang Active Member

    Thought I saw you. In the film, I mean.

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