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After Euro Blues!!!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by brian, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. brian A Fixture

    Has anybody noticed that there's a massive drop in figure releases and not much in WIP and Painting threads.I've called this ,the after euro blues,i feel a song coming on!!
    The lead up to Euro on this forum is like no other, and it's always been that way,so any detractors of Euro should hold their head down in shame.You get questions like,how many figures were in the competition?were there less traders than last year? were there as many people attending as last year? etc,etc,etc,

    All the wrong questions IMO .The ones i would ask is,were there any figure manufacturers figures that couldn't be bought?was the quality of the figures in the competition up to it's usual standard?did you meet up with old friends,and new, from all over the world?
    Affirmative on all the above questions. ,for me
    Need i say more?
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  2. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    It's human nature to be negative Brian, we are fed a daily dose of negatives watching the TV news, for journalists bad news is good news so we are brainwashed into negative feelings every day of our lives. For anyone who is interested an old management trick I learnt many years ago for turning negative thoughts into positive thinking was four simple words "What needs to Happen"?

    Like you I thoroughly enjoyed Euro and it was good to see some new manufacturers and traders turning up. As always though it is the social side of the event spread over 4 days that is the most enjoyable part for me.

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  3. Watford PlanetFigure Supporter

    I had a top time too, just been sorting out my Euro collection but I am spoilt for choice on what to paint next. An embarrassment of riches you could say :LOL:
    Got some nice scenic stuff from Reality in Scale (nice chaps to do business with), as were all the vendors I bought from. Filled my boots with Tommy's War figures, blimey it was like being back in the front row trying to buy at Darren's stall!! I got a couple of Franco-Prussian War figures from a chap next to the Pegaso stand. Got the Franz Josef 1 figure from the very nice couple at Black Dog. Fusilier Steve was very helpful re the WW1 Sailor figure I bought from him (there is a family link with the Senior Service). The Russian Officer 1915 from Miniaturas Fortes was ready and waiting for me, plus the super new French Second Empire Guard Grenadier Drum from Ian Burton and very nice the figure is, just hope I can do it and all the figures I bought justice with my painting skills. Steve at SK miniatures went to great lengths to get me an out of production JMD figure but the down side was I ran out of pocket money far too soon :( and there was some great figures on Steve's stand but I had spent my allowance, however Xmas isn't far away :D

    On the down side sadly I didn't have as much time as I'd like to stop and chap to folk, at one point I felt like the White Rabbit rushing from showroom to stalls, to clubs stands, good for the cardio vascular as they say, not so good for the wallet;)

    Well off back to my hobby room now.

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  4. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I didn't have a great time this year but it wasn't anything to do with the show or the great company and friends I met,I felt under the weather and I've been I'll since the Monday,however I'm slowly getting myself fit again and hopefully in a few days I can get the brushes out again,it's always a great weekend for me,I've met some really nice people over the years including yourselves Brian and Keith and for me it's not just the show,it's the banter and chat and eating and drinking out which really make it a special weekend,if there was no euro I would be devastated,I hope it continues for many years to come.
    I've already made my reservation at the Carlton for next year and for the 2x days,no southcliffe for me anymore which is another story,that's another thing I missed this year having to come home for the wife's birthday,however normal service will be resumed next year for me,only 51 weeks to go
  5. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Brian, sorry you are under the weather mate, hope you get back to normal soon. Nothing to do with the Indian on Friday night I hope? We had a very disappointing meal there on Friday, poor service and cold food, fortunately on Sunday night we found a better Indian for next year.

    Take care mate............Keith
  6. megroot A Fixture

    I had a good time. Meeting you for the first time Brian whas a wish that whas fullfilled. It whas very hard to understand you, but I managed it.......some words wore lost into the crowd:D
    But I said it, and I do it again: the show whas not as expected considering the full tables of last year.
    But yes, I had a very good time

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  7. Helm A Fixture

    Hey I posted a WIP Brian :p Just cos you ignored it as being beneath you as Gold Medal winner doesn't mean it didn't happen :sneaky: Some of us didn't go anyway yah boo sucks to ya. I've enjoyed looking at the pics from there, given various things not surprised the crowds were lower this year. I can honestly say this years BOS was one I totally agreed with and I'm sorry that I didn't see it for real (y)
  8. brian A Fixture

    Sorry Steve. Didn't spot it mate
    Never think for a moment that I think you,re beneath me
    Side by side in this hobby of ours Steve
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  9. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Whats wrong with the Southcliffe Brian , you should try the Bates Motel , ask Carl Reid where it is :D

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