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ADOLFORC (Scale75)

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by SCALE75, Feb 1, 2017.

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  1. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    I on the other hand can see the humor in it. Or perhaps the true evil shining through.
    Not that it is something I would buy. But not for the reasons mentioned above.

    I see that we also think Peta is crazy for trying to ban fur on miniatures. This is no different in my opinion. You dont have to like it but I think the "bad taste" categorysation is thrown out way to easy. Any subject we do could be called "in bad taste" if you really want to.

    Perhaps its just me being an cold hearted egoist but I didnt raise an eyebrow over the choice of subject.

    Janne Nilsson
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  2. kevininpdx Active Member

    Pretty offensive but I doubt that's the goal. I wish Scale 75 would post what they were going for with this release.
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  3. Ferris A Fixture

    Ah, a good old discussion about a controversial new release! Glad that still happens.

    Of course the comparison with 'normal' german WW2 figures would come up and of course everyone is free what to think about that, although in my opinion the difference is rather obvious. I don't find this new release offending as such (except to orcs perhaps) and it is clear that it is intended as humorous. It's just.....of all things that can be sculpted or painted one chooses THIS?? Next we'll be going into garden gnomes (can be done life-sized amd still fit in the display cabinet!).

    Never mind, tastes differ and that's what we have to accept. I'd be interested in the sales figures for this one though...!

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  4. Metal Extremo Well-Known Member

    I like read different opinions about a theme and peolple talking with their arguments. Is always instructive. I'm in the loser part. I see the joke making Hitler as an orc. Orcs use to be represented as strong and stupid. As said Ferris, the orcs may feel offended, and neonazis too. IMO is a great modelling; can recognize the character inside the skin of the orc raze at first sight, and for someone so insisten in his doctrine withe the aria race can't be a glorification. So the joke is clear for me. Is true there are a lot of miniatures prettiest and is not in my wishes list, but i don't have any problem to paint it and put in my cabinet.
    Hitler made terrible acts, as Genghis Khan, Vlad Tepes, Alexander the Great, the roman emperors, the american colonies with indian natives, spanish conquerors with aztecs, Napoleon troops in my country... I've got some of this bad people painted in my cabinet. Are pieces of a part of history i'm interesting. No nazis in my cabinet till now. I don't like modern uniforms. No more reasons for this absence. But i own various biographies of nazi's people, roman emperors, Atila, Alexander the Great, Vlad Tepes...
  5. Jimbo A Fixture

    I'm not knocking the quality of the sculpting...But I am knocking the subject matter..
    Not Good!...Far from it! Don't even bother getting it into production, you'll be wasting your time!
    Enough said by me as everything has already been said!:wtf:
  6. Metal Extremo Well-Known Member

    OK. Is you opinion and i'm agree with it.
    [quote="Jimbo, post: 857146, member: 4917"Don't even bother getting it into production, you'll be wasting your time!Enough said by me as everything has already been said!:wtf:

    Disagree Jimbo. Hitler made atrocities against jews, some years ago.
    Neron, Caligula, Tito, Vespasiano made atrocities against christians. In the end of Trajano's time there was a big repression against jews. Domiciano was a traitor pig with Roma and his own family. So big as Roma tries to erase his legacy as emperor. The pharaons took the jews as slaves for centuries, to serve and die serving. All those things happened many centuries ago. Do you have any problem with the miniatures of all these men? I love Ramses II miniature, but is too complicated for me obtain a good painting. All are wasting your time? For me wasting the time is fishing, watching tv or arguing with my wife, cause the first is boring (for me), the sencond, with the manipulation of the news the state tries to alienate my opinion, and the last, cause i always lose. And for you? We can speak about our opinions, but nobody has the "total truth". As i wrote, i see in this miniature the dictator inside the body of a stupid race, and for nazis the arian race was very important, so i see the joke. I watch the modelling details, and are fine, the painting of the box art is good. Only a miniature. No glorification, bad intentions or neonazi propaganda.
    I can understand and support you and more people destest Hitler, Goebels, Mengele, etc. But can't the witch hunt with this bust. Sorry Jimbo. I think we are mixing different things here.
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  7. montefortino New Member

    Reading some of the comments here....Has it never occur to some that the victors (in this case the Allies) write the history books ? The brainwash seems to run deep about WW2 and the "historical figurine community". Besides this "Adolforc" stupidity, a few thoughts after more than 10 years of research into this period :
    One of the great mysteries of life is that despite the evidence to the contrary millions of otherwise intelligent people still believe that Germany was the all powerful aggressor during the 2nd World War. Nothing better than these myths illustrate the mind-bending power of propaganda.

    The provable facts suggest that Germany was the victim and not the perpetrator of naked neighboring aggression. The subsequent allied military triumph was followed by the triumph of the propagandists whose pressing need was to depict the victor nations as being the victim.
    "Germany is too strong. We must destroy her."
    - Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936.

    "In no country has the historical blackout been more intense and effective than in Great Britain. Here it has been ingeniously christened The Iron Curtain of Discreet Silence. Virtually nothing has been written to reveal the truth about British responsibility for the Second World War and its disastrous results." - Harry Elmer Barnes. American Historian

    "The war was not just a matter of the elimination of Fascism in Germany, but rather of obtaining German sales markets." - Winston Churchill. March, 1946.

    "Britain was taking advantage of the situation to go to war against Germany because the Reich had become too strong and had upset the European balance." - Ralph F. Keeling, Institute of American Economics

    "I emphasized that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit." - Samuel Untermeyer, The Public Years, p.347.

    On September 2nd 1939 a delegate of the Labour Party met with the British Foreign Minister Halifax in the lobby of Parliament. 'Do you still have hope?'he asked. 'If you mean hope for war,' answered Halifax, 'then your hope will be fulfilled tomorrow. 'God be thanked!' replied the representative of the British Labour Party. - Professor Michael Freund.

    "In Britain, Lord Halifax was reported as being 'redeemed'. He ordered beer. We laughed and joked." - H. Roth. Are We Being Lied To?

    "In April, 1939, (four months before the outbreak of war) Ambassador William C. Bullitt, whom I had known for twenty years, called me to the American Embassy in Paris. The American Ambassador told me that war had been decided upon. He did not say, nor did I ask, by whom. He let me infer it. ... When I said that in the end Germany would be driven into the arms of Soviet Russia and Bolshevism, the Ambassador replied: "'what of it? There will not be enough Germans left when the war is over to be worth bolshevising." - - Karl von Wiegand, April, 23rd, 1944, Chicago Herald American

    "I felt sorry for the German people. We were planning - and we had the force to carry out our plans - to obliterate a once mighty nation." - Admiral Daniel Leahy; U.S Ambassador. When a "Churchillorc" figurine ?
  8. Metal Extremo Well-Known Member

    Hi montefortino.
    No doubt, the victors always write the chronicle. No doubt too, the jew holocaust is true. Happened. And the boss of the nazi machinery was Hitler. His ideas at "My Fight" are wrotten by him. I understand the bad reputation of the man at PF. No doubt the wars are for money, power, and control of resources. Now and in the past. But is not a good idea say it to the people when you gonna start one. But IMO this is other talk that we can put in a new thread, and sure will be blood. The identification of this bust with a exaltation of Hitler. Why?
  9. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Folks its nice to see that so many respect the memories of those who suffered at the hands of brutal sadistic murders and in turn would not have any desire to spend the money or the time in painting this bust, there will possibly be those who may see this as an insult or poking fun at Hitler and do it up with that in mind but personally I would leave this sort of thing alone as I dont think this hobby should offend anyone, there are so many excellent ww2 busts out there that are not actual characters to choose from and it would make more sense to grab one of them and put you time into painting that as part of a collection of soldiers from history.
    For those who like the Fantasy subjects leave this one and paint the Young Tiefling bust lol.
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  10. montefortino New Member

    Metal Extremo : an interesting and somewhat different approach to this topic (interesting as well for WW2 modellers); without taking sides, and like inquiring into a new historical figure, I like to know as much as possible, and from various sources, the truth about it; even if it might be disturbing... : http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/#up
  11. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well, taking that myth about the victors writing the history into considiration. Again! :sleep:

    When it comes to germanys and the other axis side of the war. Finland excluded.
    -Never before has anyone lost and conducted a more horrible war so much and still had so much to say in the history writings afterwards!

    So with that said, and realizing that war is a tad bit more than good an evil. The nazi regime has a lot to answer for never seen before in the western civilized world. I personally would include Stalins Sovietunion in the same category.

    Additionally I dont mind nazi or Soviet subjects unless it is to glorify murderous regimes. Just show history, Im able to do my own conclusions based on my views and understanding.

    Janne Nilsson
  12. peedee A Fixture

    For you to post on here cherry picked excerpts from little known works smacks of being an apologist for the motives and acts of the Nazis.
    In 1936 there were two camps of people, those who feared the rise of National Socialism and wanted peace, and those who feared the rise of the same, saw the rearming and restrengthening of Germany and the expansion of Germania and feared it had to be opposed.
    With the annexation of the Sudetenland, after the rise of Fascist Spain and Italy, the fear of aggression was both real and palpable and some as you quoted put forward the facts as they saw them.

    Pershing said in 1918, we haven't brought death and destruction to the German homeland and people and we shall have to do this all over again properly.

    Churchill and others felt the same and carried those
    thoughts through to the very outbreak of war.

    Please show me were my facts are wrong.

    Please show me were and how the peoples terrorised and massacred by the German Invasion of Poland, Lithuanian Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Russia, Belgium, Holland, France, Norway, Lybia, Algeria, Yugoslavia, Austria and others invited or incited such actions?

    In the meantime,
    we were discussing a very poor sculpt, based on Adolph Hitler, with a production schedule release date 48 hours after Holocaust memorial day.

    It is discraceful that this has happened, It is deplorable that days later they still make no apology for their crassness.

    Then there are people like you defending it and going so far as to say the Allies started the greatest conflict of the 20th Century.

    I can only imagine you would also suggest, given this warped and cherry picked source logic, that we could launch a series of figures based on mass murderers as long as they have a goblins jaw, or perhaps a set of paedophiles with dragon wings would be ok?

    Do me a favour feck the feck right off please and when you get there feck the feck right off some more.

    Or better, still get a grip on your twisted sense of right and wrong, get your ersatz arse over to Chemnitz or somewhere and learn that the truth is the truth.

    Moderators sort this out it's a damned disgrace.

  13. housecarl A Fixture

    Keep it civil folks, or it will be locked.:cautious:
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  14. Nap A Fixture


    Just before I was going to ..cheers Carl

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