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Action at Dennewitz

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Roy, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Roy New Member

    Hello guys, I just wanted to put this in my vbench.
    It's far from new, I sculpted it about 6 years ago and (shame on me) cast it in resin..
    It's taken from a painting that depicts a moment where Capt Egloff (I think) captures colonel Clouet at an action near a village named Dennewitz. I was my third attempt at sculpting a flat piece and I must admit I found it an enjoyable excercise.
    As always...feel free to make any comments you like...

    Thanks for taking a look....Roy.

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  2. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Roy, Very very nice. the animation is fantastic. The horses are well sculpted. How did you sculpt the original? I've thought about doing a scratchbuilt flat before and it would be nice to have a small outline of the process you used. Great stuff.~Gary
  3. Guy A Fixture

    Awesome work Roy. I have been painting flats for several years and have a set of 10 Speyer 75mm Native Americans. I would love to try this one. Excellent detail and animation.
  4. Roy New Member

    Thanks Gary...the painting was great reference material. The piece was sculpted onto a sheet of glass and a small fence built around (with chavant clay or similar) and filled with silicone, as long as the mold is made on a level surface, it's fairly easy to pour the resin into it and the copies peel out very easily (they are maybe around 2mm at the thickest point) and can be put on a flat surface to cure thoroughly. And they're a lot of fun too as it exposes another dimension in your (sculpting) work and I must say I learned a lot about perspective.

    All the best...Roy.
  5. Guy A Fixture

    What size is this flat sculpted in Roy............I came back to the posting to marvel at the muscle detail in the horses and the facial detail you have achieved.............stunning piece.
  6. Jim Patrick Active Member

    WOW :eek: :eek: When you had it cast, were there more copies or just one?

    Jim Patrick
  7. conny Active Member

    Hello Roy,
    great work of you, beautifull :eek:

  8. Roy New Member

    Guy, they work out to around 70-75mm scale.

    Jim, I done around 300 and they all went except for about a dozen or so...there were 3 on the bench at Euro one year....it was a real buzz.

    Conny, many thanks...I love to sculpt...2D, 3D, big or small... :)

    Guest...(who is that..??..come on and register...you know you want to.. :))....and thank you for the very kind compliments..All I can say is work from good reference...you can sketch an outline on the glass, or even place a picture below so you have a detailed guide...work a small area at a time...pay special attention to perspective..keep your work as smooth as possible and above all..have some fun... ;)
  9. Jason W. Active Member

    Thats fantastic, Roy! Sculpting a flat looks like a wonderful challenge. I may have to try it someday.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.
  10. billyturnip A Fixture

    That would explain why I thought I'd seen it before, lovely figures.
  11. DrLutz Member

    I'm sorry. The Guest - it was me.
    You said you sculpted it on glass surface. Is it one-sided miniature or you made another side as well?
  12. Roy New Member

    Vlad..definately only one side...

    Roger..many thanks..

    Jason Thank you..it makes a great change from figures..I'm sure you'd enjoy it, if only as a diversion...just wrap the edges of the glass in gaffa tape or something, as your hands spend a lot of time scuffing the edges....could be painful... :)

    All the best...Roy.
  13. dArtagnan A Fixture

    And just if there's a moment I think I have seen it all,
    somebody will let fall my cheakbone on my desk!!
    Look at that movement, those muscles on the horses, the figures so full of life!
    My opinion: if You can putt this on a flat, the sky is the limit!
    Magnificent piece of art, Roy.

    Congratulations, great work, I love it!

  14. Roc Active Member

    Roy, well done my friend, truly a work of art, the animation is superb.
    You are truly a talented sculptor and we in the Planet are lucky to have you.

    Roc. :)
  15. frank h Well-Known Member

    Hi Roy
    I Remember this piece from way back
    Its a great piece of sculpting

    Good to see it again

    Frank (y)
  16. Roy New Member

    Frank many thanks for remembering..time sure does fly.

    Eddy glad you like it, thank you..your comments are too kind.

    Roc what can I say...the animation is down to the original artwork which is beautifully rendered and made for very inspiring reference...your comments are so very kind...I enjoy being part of this great community...when I look at the work on here, it always spurs me on....there's always something new....Thanks Roc..

  17. Roy New Member

    Just found this for any of you guys that might be interested..
    I sculpted it from a small black & white illustration...It's the first time I've seen it in colour....

    All the best.......Roy.

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  18. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Roy..........I started the hunt several minutes ago with a google search..........and you beat me to it :lol:
  19. slaj Well-Known Member

    Roy, awesome, just awesome. It's always a pleasure to see your work especially as I did at Euro.You learn just by looking.Thanks for posting

    Stephen Mallia
  20. nagashino New Member

    Hello mate

    Well, they liked that one didn't they! And who can blame them - it is after all brilliant.

    Unless you have already done it, hanging the rest of you flat masterpieces on here would generate a lot of interest.

    My favourite is "Pantaloon" - your paint work on it is surely the best use of red I've seen in a long time.

    And you want to do rounds....! :lol:

    Best regards


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