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Review "A Trio of Turbans" -Probyn, 72nd Hldrs, Guides Cavalry from Stormtroopers

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to all on PF ,

    They say "good things come in little boxes" and "its good to share" so what better way than a trio of busts from the Stormtrooper V12 Range all with similar themes , all wear turbans and beards and all fought in India in the Victorian period.

    The busts we are looking at are :

    Title: Capt Dighton Probyn
    Reference: V12/08
    Sculptor: Maurice Corry
    Box Art: Iguazza
    No of pieces: 2

    Title: Officer 72nd Hldrs
    Reference: V12/06
    Sculptor: Maurice Corry
    Box Art: Mark Bennett
    No of pieces: 1

    Title: Sowar Guides Cavalry
    Reference: V12/09
    Sculptor: Antonio Meseguer
    Box Art: Iguazza
    No of pieces: 1

    lover boys pics 002.jpg
    Casting on all 3 has been done by Stuart from Stormtroopers so quality is assurred .

    Presentation on all is as with others from this lovely range really very good indeed , all coming in the familar white cardboard boxes with the lovely box art on the front painted by familiar names from PF , colour representation is excellent providing a really good reference for the painter .

    The boxes all contain an insert again providing a colour picture with painting instruction as well included .
    lover boys pics 003.jpg
    lover boys pics 004.jpg
    lover boys pics 005.jpg

    Parts were safely secured in a "pink" bubble wrap envelope with any additional parts being put in a separate bag (as in Probyn)

    lover boys pics 001.jpg
    28th kev 023.jpg

    I got these from Stu at Euro (Oh happy memories) but when you order anything from either Stormtroopers or indeed the sister company Grenadier Miniatures (run by his good lady Alison) then top notch customer service is assurred .

    Continued in next post:

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  2. Nap Moderator

    As I like to do lets have abit of background on the subjects:

    Firstly Probyn
    Dighton Probyn entered the light cavalry arm of the Bengal Service as a Cornet in 1849 being posted into the 6th Light Cavalry. Three years later he was appointed Adjutant of the newly raised 2nd Punjab Cavalry, commanded by Captain Sam Browne, which formed part of the 11,000 strong Punjab Irregular Force responsible for policing the turbulent tribes living on the Trans-Indus Frontier.
    When the mutiny broke at Meerut on 10th May 1857, Dighton Probyn was at Jullundur, the station of his parent regiment, the 6th Bengal Light Cavalry. For the next twelve months Probyn's squadron of the 2nd Punjab Cavalry fought throughout the mutiny, Probyn himself being 'Menioned in Despatches' many times for his gallant actions, too numerous to mention here.
    By the end of 1857 the squadron of 2nd Punjab Cavalry which Probyn commanded was frequently referred to as Probyn's Horse, as Lieutenant E.H. Verney, RN said :

    Two bodies of irregular Sikh cavalry are attached to the main army; one is distinguished by wearing red turbans, is commanded by Captain Hodson of the Indian Army, and is known as Hodson's Horse; the other wears blue turbans, is commanded by Lieutenant Probyn of the Indian Army, and is known as Probyn's Horse. Their dress consists of the whitey-brown 'kharki', each man is armed with a tulwa and brace of pistols, and one or two troops with lances.

    During the final days of the fall of Lucknow in early 1858, the 2nd Punjab Cavalry was constantly engaged in patrolling and was frequently sent short distances in persuit of fleeing mutineers and rebels. By this time, Probyn, worn down by the rigours of continual campaigning, was a shadow of his former self and, on the advice of the surgeons, started out to England.

    Three days after his departure the last of the rebel forces were dislodged from Lucknow and on 24th March 1858 Probyn was promoted Brevet Major.

    t will be noted below that Hope-Grant's despatch, which was the basis for the award of Probyn's VC, actually quotes no specific dates. Probyn's VC is undated because the award encompasses several separate acts of gallantry over a period of time. He was invested with his Victoria Cross by Queen Victoria at a parade held on Southsea Common on 2nd August 1858

    The citation appeared in the London Gazette, 18 June 1858

    Captain Dighton MacNaughten Probyn, 2nd Punjab Cavalry, Indian Army.
    In single handed combat with a sepoy, he was wounded in the wrist, by the bayonet, and his horse also was slightly wounded; but, though the sepoy fought desperately, he cut him down. The same day he singled out a standard bearer, and, in the presence of a number of the enemy, killed him and captured the standard.
    These are only a few of the gallant deeds of this brave young officer. ( Despatch from Major General James Hope Grant KCB, dated 10th January 1858 ).

    pp.jpg ppp.jpg

    In 1870, at the age of thirty-seven, Probyn was promoted Major-General and appointed Aide-de-Camp to the Viceroy of India, Lord Mayo. In 1872 Probyn returned to England to become Equerry to the Prince of Wales and in March 1875 accompanied the Prince on his tour of India which was designed to show that the rule of the Honourable East India Company had given way to a greater authority. The triumphant tour ended after seventeen weeks and on his return to England, Probyn was rewarded with a K.C.B. ( Civil Division ), a K.C.S.I., and by being advanced to the rank of Lieutenant-General.
    In 1911, Probyn was paid a unique tribute by being advanced to Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath ( Military Division ), thus becoming the only non-Royal to hold the highest grade of the Order in both civil and military divisions. Probyn's twilight years were spent chiefly at Sandringham in Norfolk. In June 1924 he was taken ill and was nursed at Sandringham in the room previously occupied by Queen Victoria. He died there on 20th June and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

    on now to the 72nd :

    h1.jpg h2.jpg

    The regiment was formed in 1778 as the 78th Highland Regiment, and in 1786 the 72nd Highland Regiment. was added. in 1881 both Regiments became the two battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders.
    Battle Honours

    1790 - 1792 India

    1789 - 1791 Mysore during the third Mysore War

    1806 Cape of Good Hope, against the Dutch

    1803 - 1815 Battle of Maida. during the Napoleonic wars

    1811 - Java, War against the Dutch

    1835 - Sixth Kaffir War, South Africa

    1854, -1856 Sebastopol during the Crimean War

    1856 - 1857 Kooshab, The Persian War

    1857 - 1858 Lucknow, and Central India during the Indian Mutiny.

    1878 - 1890 Peiwar Kotal, Charasiah, Kabul, Kandahar Second Afghan war

    1882 - Tel El Kibir The revolt of Arabi Pasha

    1882 - 1884 First Sudan war

    1895 - Chitral. Chitral Campaign

    1896 - 1898 Atbara, Khartoun, reconquest of the Sudan

    1899 - 1902, Paardeburg, During the Boer War

    1914 - 1918 Marne 1916, 1918 Ypres 1915, 1917, 1918, Loos, Somme 1916, 1918, Arras 1917, 1918 Valenciennes. Palestine 1918, Baghdad. during World War One

    1939 - 1945 St Valery-enCaux, Caen, Rhineland, El Alamein Akarit, Sicily 1943, Anzio Madagascar, Imphal Burma 1942, 1944.
    Also shown on the Colours is an Elephant inscribed Assaye

    Many VC's and gallantry award were awarded to members of the Regts all shoing just how battle hardened these men were in aweful conditions.

    Now onto the Guides Cavalry :
    The Corps of Guides was the most famous of the Indian Army regiments during the period of British rule. They had a reputation for bravery and efficiency that was the envy of all the other units. The North-West Frontier where they operated was rarely quiet and although many of the cavalry and infantry regiments saw frequent action there, none was engaged more than the Guides.
    The corps was raised in Peshawar by Lt Lumsden in December 1846, comprising one troop of cavalry and two companies of infantry, about 300 men in all. It was the brainchild of Sir Henry Lawrence perhaps inspired by Napoleon's elite Guides. Recruitment was made easier by offering a higher rate of pay than normal. This attracted a large number of applicants so Lumsden could pick and choose men of high intelligence. One of their first tasks was a peace-keeping role in Lahore some time after the death of Maharajah Ranjit Singh. An effort by the Maharani to seize power was foiled and the Guides escorted her out of the Punjab, a task more dangerous than it sounds as rescue attempts were expected.

    On the 26th July 1897 the Corps was ordered to Malakand to reinforce the garrison which was under attack. This journey involved a distance of 30 miles over flat country, 7 miles uphill and a 2000 ft climb to the summit of the Malakand Pass, all accomplished in 16 hours. On arrival they went straight into battle and were kept very busy until 2nd August. The garrison was commanded by Col W H Meiklejohn (20th Punjabis) who was anxious to provide relief for the neighbouring fort of Chakdara. This proved to be impossible after an aborted attempt by the Guides cavalry and 11th Bengal Lancers to reach them. Both forts were relieved by Sir Bindon Blood's famed Malakand Relief Force.

    g1.jpg g2.jpg

    Many other books are of course available but here are just a few of my favourites :

    book3.jpg book2.jpg book.jpg bbok2.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. megroot A Fixture

    What a great revieuw with such alot of background information.

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  4. Nap Moderator

    On now to the magic resin:

    Preparation for all of the pieces involved a simple matter of removing some small casting remnants on the undersides of the base and a tiny piece to simply sand off at the top of the back.

    It goes without saying that casting on all 3 is super smooth with no blemishes or air bubbles anywhere , all have been sculpted with the really nice flowing pedastal base , this really suits this V12 range .

    lover boys pics 046.jpg

    Starting with Probyn he is sculpted wearing the traditional Indian poshteen , together with a scarf and sash with a cross belt with chains , and of course the turban so often taken to be worn by english officers serving in the Indian continent .
    lover boys pics 047.jpg lover boys pics 049.jpg lover boys pics 048.jpg
    The turban is wonderfully detailed with an amazing amount of folds the ends hanging down at the back and onto his shoulder , undercuts are tight and sharp .

    There is a 2nd piece of the ends of the turban to add (included in box of course) this fits well and with no problem.
    lover boys pics 053.jpg
    Facial features are spot on looking at contempory pictures , the beard he sports is finely detailed , eyes and nose are good all will aid the enjoyment .
    lover boys pics 052.jpg
    His coat has a fur collar , much needed in the cold Indain nights , around his neck he has a lovely scarf , at his shoulders he has white metal chained epaulettes , finely detailed

    The pouchbelt is being worn close to the chest , again undercuts are lovely and tight , the chains abnd pickers on it ar finely done with the chains hanging naturally .
    lover boys pics 051.jpg
    Around his waist he has a sash with a leather belt over it ...both again well sculpted .
    lover boys pics 050.jpg

    This is a piece that the painter can go wild with the coat could have additional decoration , the sash and scarf and indeed the turban could be any colour as he is not wearing any actual uniform items apart from his pouchbelt ..this is a great option and I hope we see more variations .

    Continued in next post:

  5. Nap Moderator

    Now onto the 2nd from the Mutiny the 72nd

    The subject depicts an officer wering an undress javket and who has adapte dthe turban for wear as seen in many pictures available , this is a wonderfully simple piece and so full of character .
    lover boys pics 054.jpg lover boys pics 056.jpg lover boys pics 055.jpg lover boys pics 057.jpg
    The turban he wears is as with all well done , lovely undercuts , it has been tied at the back in a knot all superbly depicted , the ends hanging so naturally on the back of the shoulders at the centre .
    lover boys pics 061.jpg
    The face is a dream to look at and I congratulate Moz on sculpting this one he has I think a smile showing, no need to say that all details are great , he has a small goatee beard on the end of his chin , again finely sculpted .
    lover boys pics 060.jpg
    His undress jacket is worn "relaxed" with the collar opeb to reveal the undershirt , just have a look at these undercuts between these items of clothing ..breathtaking IMO , it is open to the centre of the chest where it blooms out the tension of this shows well on the button area resulting in nice folds , buttons are well defined and clean opposite these are the button holes again well defined , he has a sword belt at his waist with a "snake" style buckle .
    lover boys pics 058.jpg lover boys pics 059.jpg
    On his shoulders he wears the twisted cords , again well done , I have addd the centre one at the endready for my kolinsky brush .

    This is a cracking bust wonderfully sculpted and with an equal amount of skill in the casting , I really like its simplicity it is a true clasic which as you can see from the box art really comes to life when painted .

    Continued in next post:

  6. Nap Moderator

    Now to the last in this review the Guides Cavalry

    With this bust we move on another 40 years in Victoria's reign , we are on the Indian Frontier now , dusty and dangerous .

    The bust depicts a Sowar , a Trooper in EnglishRegiments , Indians were so proud to serve for the Queen Empress and in this piece his proudness seems to shine through .
    lover boys pics 037.jpg lover boys pics 039.jpg lover boys pics 038.jpg lover boys pics 040.jpg
    The turban is as with the other great , this time we have a mass of colours that will be needed to painted on providing a contrast with the other side being blue with the top being a red , folds are smoothly done and look right , this is a bigger turban than the others in this review , totally accurate , the end has tassels , all sitting correctly on the top .
    lover boys pics 044.jpg
    The facial features are one of a really proud soldier , with the eyes being well done , looking straight ahead as if to say "go on I dare you" , cheeks are prominant , nice nasal features , he has a cracking set of eyebrows together with a wondeful beard and moustache all carefully sculpted ,coiffered and presented by our Sowar , I see this fellow as a older trooper perhaps with a distinctive streak of grey showing .

    The uniform he wears is again well sculpted , fine prominant buttons , he has a pouch belt with a shield which holds the prickers and chains decorations which as with Probyn hangs well , across the other shoulder we have an equipt belt .
    lover boys pics 042.jpg lover boys pics 041.jpg
    At his waist there is a sash which is held in by a waist belt with an ammunition pouch on it , of particular note is the belt buckle , finely produced , the belt pulls the sash into the body correctly .

    Again this is a lovely bust the contarst of the turban and teh jackete colours provides a really nice result .

    Another winner .

    Continued in next post:

  7. Nap Moderator

    Hi folks ,

    My final thoughts on these ...they are all really well sculpted and prented carefully , the packing being well thought out , box art always adds to the pleasure and all 3 do this so well .

    Casting is virtually flawless , minimal prep needed , thesy look great when painted , a good variety of subjects within the V12 range from Stormtroopers .

    Very highly recommended these were a real pleasure to review for you all and for Stormtroopers , I do hope we will see more additions in this range from Stuarts casting talent .

    For more details why not get yourself over to the website ....and order one of these or indeed all ..they make a great set together

    Website details: www.stormtrooperminiatures.co.uk

    Or you could contact Stu via PF of course .

    While you are at Stormtroopers why not take a look at Grenadier Minaitures as well there is a link on the website that will take you there .

    Thanks to Stu for the review piece and to you all for looking in

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  8. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the review, these will look great in an Raj/Victorian bust collection.
  9. Don Well-Known Member

    Very good review of very nice busts. I got the Sowar at Euro. Lovely figure and the sculpting is superb.

    Correct me if I am wrong but was the Battle Honour "Assaye" with the Elephant not the battle honour of the HLI from the battle of Assaye where every officer in the Regt was killed! It was I believe presented by the then King.

  10. Nap Moderator


    Hi Don ,

    The battle honour was awarded initially to the 78th before amalgmation with the 72nd forming the Seforths in 1881 so the honour was carried on the colours as well as the HLI


    The regiments and battalions which were awarded the battle honour were:
    Thanks for the interest

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  11. Filipe Well-Known Member

    I already own two of these, i loved this new line of busts.

    And i agree with this for sure: top notch customer service is assurred .

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  12. Don Well-Known Member

    Hi Nap Very glad I mentioned "Correct me if I am wrong" . I had no idea the honours were awarded to so many regiments. Always thought of it with the HLI as that was the Glasgow Regiment while I grew up and I later knew some lads from the RHF one of whom had come over from the HLI.
    No mattter how many awards were issued, it must have been on hell of a Fight.

    I forgot to thank you for your review of the V 12 busts, very good indeed. I got the Sowar, its a cracker

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  13. Bob Orr Active Member

    Trust you to pick a highlander with no tartan!

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  14. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Great review Kevin.
    Many thanks for posting and for the research you put in to your 'pocket history'. I always enjoy your history lessons Mate.
    Allthe very best,
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  15. prhayes68 Active Member

    Hi Nap,

    The usual excellent job. It's great how you always publish your reference library along with the review. The Sowar in particular looks very tempting even though he's not a Guardsman. :)

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  16. Tommys War A Fixture

    These all look terrific, but I've got the Sowar and can attest that its a wonderfully sculpted and cast figure. An absolute joy that seems a shame for me to spoil by throwing paint at it! ;)

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