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A Tale of Two Knights

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rej, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. rej Well-Known Member

    In about five or six 2hour bouts from my painting marathon were these two "Knights" painted by my two nephews William and Jeremy aged 11 and 8 respectively.

    It was an enjoyable experience for both of them and especially for me (there were times when I wanted to bang their stubborn heads against each other) I couldn't win Jeremy over Louis de Nevers' descarded helmet because he wanted that for his knight, and then there were the "colour schemes" and we kept deliberating over and over again, until we settled for a red&yellow and a red&white scheme respectively.............

    So what did they learn from this first figure? Ok construction was done by me as they're too young to handle tools such as electric mini drills, surgical knives & blades..........but all clean up with sand paper and steelwool was done by them and the final checkup for seams and flaws was double checked by two pairs of fresh, keen and young eyes.........it is to be pointed out that with their aircraft modelling orientated Dad, they do know their way around a good and sound construction excercise, something which is to be admired especially nowadays............

    I then sprayed both figures with car primer, and the splashing started :)

    We started from the metals and we learned how to paste with Oils and wipe off gently all the excess with a foam tipped stick to bring out the surface again........I didn't stress to "pick up" the edges with printers' ink at this point as enough was revealed by the gentle wipeing...........they had the first smell of linseed oil and they loved it :)))

    When I say "we" it means that I showed them how to do it and they did as shown........

    In the meantime that the metals were getting dry we made the terrain and it was really hard to control BOTH of them from ADDING all types of dirt and vegetation and making a mountain for the poor knights to stand on :) but they learned how to make some terrain as well..........

    So the time arrived to apply the "hard sought after" schemes :) and again we got familiar with highlights and shadows which was explained during the metal ordeal...........it just had a slight twist this time as we appllied a darker shade of colour other than that which will show in the final stage..........I think its better to learn "some" at a time while "understanding most" and then try to remember what you have learned and also try and apply some of what you have understood............does all this make sense, because I'm think in Maltese and have to translate my mind's thoughts :(? What I want to say is that I omitted the application of shade per se, but still instigated that the shade is there...........gotch it now :))? We applied the highlights, and stuck the figures on their respective base........Mig pigments were used for the terrain after they were given a light wash with Burnt Umber...............

    Ok, I had to correct some edges for them, BUT what you see is their entire work!!

    Obviously they want to tackle a faced figure next, but will see about that as school is round the corner and I'll have their Dad barking down my heel (the truth is that he's upset as they might "drift" awat from aircraft modelling :) )

    Either or, I will do my very best to introduce them to painting in OILS asa it is feasabley possible :))

    William's figure is the Red & Yellow "Crusader"

    Jeremy's figure is the Red & White "Castle Guard"

    Ray ;)

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  2. Guy A Fixture

    Excellent painting by both boys Ray. Glad to see you bring some younger painters into the fold.
  3. Sam Active Member

    Aaaa there they are.......Give them my Congratulations cause my FIRST figure wasn't as GOOD as that believe me :)

    Now i'm afraid to enter my figure in the competition :D:D

    GREAT Painting Well Done learn from your uncle and you will be great like HIM in Modelling Skills though :D:D:D

    Warmest Regards,

    Samwel Vella =]
  4. megroot A Fixture

    Tell the boys that i'm proud of them. I cannot get my boys to painting figures, you can and they listen to the master.
    They did some great work on this figure's and they must keep painting figures. In a next life they can go build an paint aircraft.
    These talented guys must be kept for the darkside of the modelling.

  5. John Bowery A Fixture

    Great start for the youngsters.
  6. darkeye Member

    yeh congrats to your boys, Figure painting is a great discipline, i learned more from it that ever i did in art class at school. 30 years later i still love it. lets hope a comendation is coming their way! i shall be at Euro to admire all the painted models!

    all the best --- tim:)
  7. Wendy Active Member

    Tell William and Jeremy that they did a great job. :)
  8. Marcel Active Member

    This two young boys did a great job, give them my compliments Ray!

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