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A Polish Winged Hussar

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Le Lancier, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Le Lancier Member

    Well, it has been a while since I've posted on this forum, longer yet since I've actually posted a completed project on my V Bench. Enjoy and Comments are more than welcome ;)

    54mm Polish Winged Hussar from Andrea:





  2. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Tres bien! He looks good. You get a good feel for why they wore the wings with this piece........very dramatic! Thanks for sharing!

    Jay h.
  3. Guy A Fixture

    Beautiful work Francis.
  4. Radek Active Member

    A great polish accent! That's nice. I love the painting.
  5. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Good to see you back Francis. If taking time off means you can paint more figures like this....take the time off! :lol: Just kidding. We're glad to have you back and this Winged Hussar looks fantastic! I have this figure as well but the banner (whichever you use) always scares me off. Not the case with you. GREAT JOB! (y)

    Jim Patrick
  6. Denis Member

    Well done Francis!!

    Très belle pièce! Elle est belle sur internet mais elle est mieux en vrai (y)


  7. dario966 New Member

    very nice painting job - trully, and nice that you have converted the royal flag into his individual pennant....

    but since this subject is so close to my heart allow me to, respectfully, point to you the few omissions or mistakes that have crept in this otherwise fabulous rendering of the Polish winged hussar commrade - towarzysz.

    ...then please note that Polish nobility at this time period generally wore yellow (kind of yellow ochre) leather riding boots, that these were a very expensive kind - and these warrior were the richest one of the nobility, above them there were only magates. They woudl not have been cought dead wearing boots of a colour as shown here

    Sabre scabard is painted as steel or polished iron ? perhaps silver? Unlikely, it would have been the same dieyed leather/silk covering as the koncerz -tuck - unless it was trully silver with gold ornaments and multitude of precious stones set along the whole lenght of this scabard - in the Turkish or Persian fashion.


    Polish winged hussars also used the white stork featheres for the wings, the white stork http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Stork and his threathened cusin, black stork, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Stork are still the stapple of Polish ,Lithuanian Bielarussian and Ukranian countryside.

    other problems with this figure have to do with the usual lack of competence on the part of Andrea in their quasi-historical research, that in my eyes will spoil many a final outcome as exemplified by your fine artwork here. M-Model winged husar is a much better rendeing of this subject matter http://www.m-model.pl/17wiek/32093tyl.jpg

    eg -
    The Koncerz - Tuck should have been under his knee, and not so low as shown here.
    Also the hussar lance -kopia - should have been much longer, between 4-6 metere -13' to 20 feet long than shown here etc...
    ... strange looking arangement for the horse cinch over the shabraque etc
    .... presence of a shield - a very strage one - where no shield shuld have been present
    .. .lack of zupan (zhupan)
    ... lance was never carried in this fashion, as too heavy and cumbersome, there was a special leather holster on the right side of the saddle, extending all the way to the right stirrup etc
  8. Le Lancier Member

    Thank you all for your comments, it's much appreciated.

    Dariusz, sorry mate for not being more thourough in my approach of this figure. I did notice a few drawings where the boots were tan, but I didn't think it was a generalized tendency on the part of these hussars. As for the feathers, indeed, from some paintings I've looked at, feathers were not completly black as on my figure, but white with black ends, I realised this a little late though, as the assembly was complete. :(

    Thanks for the info, although a little late, it's much appreciated.

  9. Excatlon Active Member

    great polish hussar
  10. dario966 New Member

    Bonjour Francis,
    I like your rendering, and just wanted to add some history to your fine display of skill and love for the subject matter, ie miniature figure painting.
    I am sure there will be more winged hussars this year - since Mr Brzezinski new Osprey is coming out - so perhaps these comments will help if you choose to paint another one.
    as per feathers - well, they actually used all sorts of feathers - eagle, hawk, peacock, perhaps even raven or ostrich etc, it depends on the period - they existed roughly from 1505-1776 in Kingdom of Poland and Dutchy of Lithuania - since 1569 AD generally known as Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
    ..so far nobody ever done a winged hussar from let's say 1510-1550, 1560-80, from 1590-1650 etc... almost all figures try to show second half of the 17th vcentury or even 18th century... perhaps that will change :)
    so again, nice figure and hope to see more of your fine work :)
    Happy Easter
  11. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Great work! I very like it.

  12. Le Lancier Member


    Believe me my friend when I say I appreciate your input, I do really. The problem with forums is it's sometimes hard to measure ones temperament when comments are exchanged. I'm always open to critisism, especially the ones oriented towards historical accuracy. God knows that they are sometimes difficult to pursue with certainty unless you have a full library of historical manuscripts of all periods and cultures, which, unless you own a museum, is less than likely. The problem is, most of the time, we expect the artists who sculpt the figures and those who sell them to be thorough and as seen with this figure, they are not. What I should have done, is to ask on this forum to people like you for details on the figure, lesson learned.

    So, happy Easter to you too Dario and to tell you the truth, the winged hussars are so fantastic in their accoutrements and overall aspect that I will most certainly paint another. You can be sure that I'll knock at your door for historical details ;)

  13. MikkoH Member

    Francis beautifully done Hussar indeed! :) Like very much!

    And thenks Dario for info abt hussars. Hussars colden age was indeed during 16th century and beginning of 17th so it would be nice to see that period hussar figs. :)

    Cheers Mikko
  14. megroot A Fixture


    Great painting on a lovely figure. So, if you find the time, do it again with the remarks that Dario put in.
    For now, i wish i could paint like you.

  15. Le Lancier Member

    Thx to all of you for your encouragements and appreciation. :)



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